Rage of the Immortals: Post Your Referral and Invite Codes Here!

Just like in Hello Hero and Deadman’s Cross you will get compensation from using promo codes or commonly known as referral codes. These are codes that you can use where both users and referrer get the rewards. As a new player of Rage of the Immortals, you have only one chance to get freebies from typing codes and after inserting it, the next thing you need to do to get advantage from it is to refer this game to your friends and get rewards. Some players refer it in formal way especially as they believe that this game is worthy to play while some want to abuse it by spamming their referral code to different community page, forums and website for those newbie players who don’t know where to get such codes.

Well to fix this problem of seeing those codes cluttered in different pages that it shouldn’t be there, we created this page where you can place your promo codes. This is an effective way as we have readers here who also looking forward for such invitation as we also acknowledge this game as worthy to play and to share for our readers. Now, you don’t need to go in different website to spam, just make a list here and convince other players alike why they should add you as allies using your referral. This is effective as we already did in the mentioned game above as we found hundreds of comments and players enlisted their code. Hope this works the same with Rage of the Immortals.

As you are waiting for other players to use your Invite Codes, you can read tips and tricks of playing or if you just started playing the game, you can start with walkthrough. Don’t forget to bookmark this website so you can return here instantly for more updates. Also we expect you to follow our rules before posting.


  • Do not spam. One request is enough
  • Username is case sensitive. Type the specific character (caps or small) of your username.
  • You can post your request between 24 hours in case that your request has been already buried.

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Chaos Fighters: Getting Vouchers, Reputation and Exchange Codes

We enlisted here almost all possible ways to dominate Chaos Fighters and now as many players asking where they can get exchange codes, reputation and vouchers, here is the answer to let them acquire it pretty simple. In addition to the main currency of Chaos Fighters, there are reputation and vouchers that can be exchange in the secret for actually the rarest items available in game. If you are thinking of downloading Chaos Fighters cheats for unlimited diamonds, maybe you should think twice because Reputation and Vouchers come to be more precious than diamonds as a matter of fact you can’t purchase it even with real money unlike with diamonds. While exchange codes are also can let you exchange for big rewards. Now with this guide let us share to you the possible way to claim these three special currency in game.


Let us start with reputation as this is easiest to find. Just go to arena and fight all those fifteen competitors in the row. Definitely you will get reputation from winning alone. Though it is easy to get if you got power to dominate the Arena. Well for beginners, you should go back for more tips and feed some tricks in game to be strong. Reputation stands literally as it is, and like in real world, reputation go with powers.

Now if you will say that you are beginner and don’t have much to cater with arena, you can still earn reputation through meditation. You can also interrupt other players in meditation to acquire reputation. And lastly the biggest reward when it comes to reputation is the World Tournament where you can win 500 reputation .


This is not actually common in game, but you can also earn through world tournament. If you can manage to win the first round you will get 50 and for quarter finals they will give you 100 vouchers. If you are strong enough and can win semifinal and be the champion you will get 150 vouchers and 200 vouchers respectively. There is also possibility to earn vouchers through quest rewards from the beginning. It is a good alternative especially if tournament is not your first choice.

Exchange Codes

Lastly the exchange codes that you can claim through social media. You can also check the developer website together with their official Facebook and Google Play page. Exchange codes works as promo codes that only few players can compensated. We believe that exchange codes system will be implemented later on where players can use one another codes to claim free items. Most games nowadays already had this kind of feature such as Hello Hero, Deadman’s Cross, Zombies Ate My Pizza and lot more.

 You can bookmark this website by pressing CTRL+D so you can return here for more method of getting easy vouchers, reputation and exchange codes.

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Zombie Ate My Pizza Starter Pack Promo and Gift Codes

We believe that we should included this in our Zombies At My Pizza walkthrough guides but after knowing that this is for limited time only, we need to emphasize it using new post to share to all players of the game that they are fortunate enough to claim newbie pack using promo codes. Now what you need to do is to follow the step by step screenshot below:

As created your account in R2Games, you can visit your profile to view the complete details of your account. Since the game are using one account each player to use for all their games, you can use their code in any game as long it is available, but since this post is dedicated for Zombies Ate My Pizza, our subject is on that game and fortunately the promo code is still working as we have 3 months from now to claim it.

Now to redeem the code you must select server first and click the redeem code button and a sets of alphanumeric characters will reveal to you. You can use that in the specific event center in Zombies Ate My Pizza.

Here you can type/input your promo code and start to collect your freebies.

Finally just collect the newbie pack including 100,000 Gold, 5000 Souls, level 1 Ruby and level 1 Sapphire. You can also start here in claiming your free items http://zombies.r2games.com/code

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Deadman’s Cross Referral and Invite Promo Codes

Square Enix extend the fun from their Guardian’s Cross to Deadman’s Cross as the newest card battling game on iOS. As we mentioned in our walkthrough guides, don’t forget to claim your special rewards by typing your invitation promo codes from your referral. But some players don’t have referral or any friends they knew who are currently playing the game or they don’t know where they can find this promotional codes. This article will teach you and give you opportunity to post your own promo codes here.

The system works for two, special rewards to inviter and invitee (just give and take). Those players who are great in encouraging their friends to play Deadman’s Cross have the opportunity to claim more rewards. Well our site is willing to stand as portal to those who wish to use their invite codes and to those who need invite codes.

For those who are in search of promo codes you can scroll down lower and there you will see list of codes you can type and claim your free rewards. Just don’t forget to share this post or follow our website to gain more advantage from using our portal (just asking a favor in return). Also the more people do visit this portal the highest possibility for your code to be used and participate in our system.

Cleopatra Deadman's Cross

For those who wish to place their codes here your first thing to do is to know where to your personal code. While in game just directly go to info tab that works as news window and there you will see the code together with social options such as tweet or share on Facebook. You can copy that and paste to the comment form  below so other players might see it and hopefully they will use it so you can claim your rewards.

The best thing in this free items is when you reach successfully referred this game into 10 people using your promo code, you will instantly win the free legendary Cleopatra.

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Hello Hero Promo Codes For Free Carat

Lucky for those first batch players who can accommodate this Hello Hero Free Carat by typing the promotional code in the beginning of the game since we don’t know until when this freebie available. If you can play the game today (February 14, 2014) it is still working and you can get free 10 pcs of carat but for those who already played the game before it launched on Facebook they have the opportunity to claim free 100 pcs fo carat. Very handy for a good jumpstart!

The system of this reward is through referral. So it means you can not only get your 10 pcs of carat through the reward system but also you can get additional 5 pcs of carat for every referral you make. If you will invite your friends to play Hello Hero either on Facebook, Android, iOS and let him/her to type your name as promotional code (referral) your friend will claim 10 Carats and you will get 5 Carats in return. The trick is to invite as many friends as you can and tell them to write your name as a promo code and they will get 10 pcs of Carats. You can claim up to 150 pcs of Carats or equivalent for 30 friends recruitment (maximum.)

If you have patience, this will be the easiest way to earn free carats without using any Hello Hero cheats or hacking tool. Actually there are lots of ways to earn premium currency in game only this is what we recommend for beginners as you can assess it even you are newcomer and don’t have much experience in game. Also having lots of friends playing this game will give you another advantage through buddy rewards. Almost all Facebook games (also adopted by other social games in different platform) are willing to give rewards by socializing with friends. In Hello Hero, you can send and claim honor points by interacting with your friends that you can also use to purchase premium content in game.

If you don’t have friends who are already playing the game or don’t know what promo codes to use you can type:


This is very efficient as a matter of fact, those players who missed this reward decided to delete their account and restart playing it from the very beginning to accommodate the said freebie. If you will purchase carat with your real cash, it will cost you $9.99 for every 110 pcs of carats so by doing this trick you can earn up to 160 pcs carats by just referring the game with your friends. Even more for those who already playing the game before the official release in Facebook, they can earn up to 260 carats through promotional starter pack.

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