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Just like in Hello Hero and Deadman’s Cross you will get compensation from using promo codes or commonly known as referral codes. These are codes that you can use where both users and referrer get the rewards. As a new player of Rage of the Immortals, you have only one chance to get freebies from typing codes and after inserting […]

We enlisted here almost all possible ways to dominate Chaos Fighters and now as many players asking where they can get exchange codes, reputation and vouchers, here is the answer to let them acquire it pretty simple. In addition to the main currency of Chaos Fighters, there are reputation and vouchers that can be exchange in the secret for actually […]

We believe that we should included this in our Zombies At My Pizza walkthrough guides but after knowing that this is for limited time only, we need to emphasize it using new post to share to all players of the game that they are fortunate enough to claim newbie pack using promo codes. Now what you need to do is […]

Square Enix extend the fun from their Guardian’s Cross to Deadman’s Cross as the newest card battling game on iOS. As we mentioned in our walkthrough guides, don’t forget to claim your special rewards by typing your invitation promo codes from your referral. But some players don’t have referral or any friends they knew who are currently playing the game […]

Lucky for those first batch players who can accommodate this Hello Hero Free Carat by typing the promotional code in the beginning of the game since we don’t know until when this freebie available. If you can play the game today (February 14, 2014) it is still working and you can get free 10 pcs of carat but for those […]