Fear the Walking Dead: Dead Run Guides and Tricks

Now stop for puzzle and cooking game but let’s us enjoy this new tactical runner game that will puts you inside the apocalyptic fall of Los Angels from the popular AMC’s hit series Fear the Walking Dead. In this game you will play as restless fleeing across familiar Los Angels landscapes as the city is overrun by undead. Here you will see abandoned church, schools and local sports arena to take with. You are not only running but you can also shoot them but beware since this will slow you down.

In addition, you are going to enjoy exciting episode levels including 3 special show levels based from TV series. Here you are able to play as your favorite character from the show such as Madison, Daniel, Chris, Nick, and Travis. Every character has their own strengths and weakness and come with their own unique weapons.

1. Always go for headshots. Just like in typical shooting game, upon killing undead with headshot, you let you earn advantage. Just learn to headshot them as early as possible so it will give you an advantage in the long run. So for you to ensure headshot in this game, all you have to do is to tap their heads.

2. Don’t forget to play the episodes. Actually this is the most important part of the game. Here you will see a different gameplay from a typical running game of the Walking Dead. What you have to do is to play it and master it. The best thing with episode is that this can give you better rewards with new characters and a lot of coins so it is really worth playing. You can also select episodes instead of the regular running game from the main menu.

3. Use one character at a time. Yes you can select whatever character you want to use in game, but as you just started playing the game, it is better if you just find a character you like and then stick with it. So in this game there are several character with different weapons they have. But the best approach here is to find a character you like and stick to that single character. The advantage of having a single character only is that you can focus on single upgrade. This is essential since upgrade is expensive so it is better to do it one at a time. Now if you still don’t have a character to pick with, you can go on the start character you have since you don’t need to spend money to unlock him.

4. Take advantage with the environment. Keep in mind that the environment is highly destructible. Just look for stuff to shoot down that might help you stay alive for longer. When you get past gas stations for instance, you can shoot those to cause an explosion. Just shoot barrels, as well as shooting walkers attacking civilians. Since it takes time to shoot everything in game, you can take advantage the environment to eliminate them all in just a single blow.

5. Always keep distance between walkers. Keep in mind that if they come close, you will automatically switch tot he melle weapon but you will also lose a bit of health. Also don’t forget that if you get grabbed by two zombies at the same time, that is the end of your game. So always try to reload when you still have time and try to take out the zombies before they get near to you.

Stirfry Stunts Tips and Guides

The game will challenge you to use Ice Bear’s awesome cooking skills to serve up some delicious dishes. You will play as a worker on Teppanyaki restaurant and that is not as easy as that since you need to juggle ingredients and orders to satisfy hungry customers. But don’t worry since Ice Bear is there as the coolest chef around with a help and feed those hungry so everyone will be happy.

So as a chef you need to make magnificent meals. And as you continue making progress you are able to unlock new foods such as shrimp, scallops and lobster. You can also use more exotic ingredients to increase your reputation as a chef. Lots of things to do but don’t worry because you can get help from your bros. Just call on Grizz and Panda not to cook food with you but to distract your customers with a little song and dance and this will give you time to prepare your food. And as you play the game for hours, you can upgrade your grill and plats which will give you more room to work. Just pull out tricks like the classic onion volcano to boost your score sky high. And now for your ultimate advantage, you can read some tips and tricks below:

1. Prepare your food faster. As you an see the faster you serve a customer the more points and tips you are able to earn. Basically the less the circle is filled with red, the more you will get out of that customer when you server them. This is the reason why it is effective to serve as many and as fast as you can.

2. Always purchase the new food first. Upon completing your first run, you can now visit the shop and spend your money here you earned from serving people. You can buy different upgrades which will help you a lot including additional plats, bigger grill and different types of food that you can serve. But as for recommendation, it is better to buy food first. The unlockable food items have point multipliers on the them. Meaning to say that when a customer orders it, you will receive more points and tips. For the seafood, shrimp is x3, salmon is x4, scallops is x5 and ultimately the lobster is x6. In case that you can afford it, buying lobster is a great way to drastically the amount of tips you are able to get when they order it.

3. Always make sure you have at least one meat cooking. As you just started playing the game, you will only have access to two plates and four spots on the cooking grill. You will only be able to cook beef and chicken as well so the best thing you can do here is to always have one of each cooked and ready to go on the plats. Keep in mind that your customers will always order a meat on their dish, you can be prepared ahead of time while saving your precious seconds when the customers star going in in your restaurant.

4. Let your friends entertain your customer. Upon purchasing a couple food items, you might want to invest in the entertainment items including boombox and microphone. Upon having these items, you will see that Grizz and Panda will ease your customer for a moment and this will slow down the rate at which their circle fills up. These are perfect items especially when everything gets busy.

5. Always prioritize the customer who has waited long. The flow of this game, after you get up to speed and you’ve served enough customers, the entrance rate for customers who shoot through the roof and you will be constantly booked. In this game you will see that there are four slots for customers so get used to seeing all four taken. When it starts getting really busy, you need to know how to micromanage. Just look at the red circles next to every customer – you will see it they will start out empty, but slowly fill up with red. Upon seeing the circle is filled completely, the customer will leave and you will lose your life with it. In case that you get a rush of customers, just try to serve the one who is about to leave your place.

PKTBALL Guides and Tricks

Brace yourselves with this newly released smashing based game, PKTBALL. This game is a bout a hyper-charged arcade smash sport created to test your skills as well as reflexes in to ultimate challenge. Just fight your way through the leaderboard and become a PKTBALL master. You can also collect dozens of cool PKTBUDDIES including DotBoy the retro console, Mixtape the vintage cassette, Brains the zombie and lot more. Every PKTBUDDY comes complete with a new court and unique soundtrack as well as special guest PKTBUDDIES including PUK, ALONE, and HOPIKO.

To ensure that you are going to play this game every day, they including daily challenges wherein you can collect coins and try your luck on the PKTGRABBER mini-game. Just find your perfect PKTBUDDY and break through to the top of the leaderboard. That will be your challenge as you want to keep ahead of your friends and check your ranks on the global leaderboard or you can challenged them to a head-to-head local multiplayer game. Now for your edge of playing this game, you can read some tip and tricks for playing this game effectively.

1. Just keep your score going. This is very important as soon as you score against your opponent, you will see that a bar will shows double points on the left side of your screen. If you can manage to score again, you get two points and the number increases to 3. As for multiplier, you will get 4 as the maximum number but i you can keep on going at 4, you will score lot of points so just try to keep it going and be fast on taking advantage with your score multiplier. Well for you to maximize your multiplier, it is better for you to focus on a single side of the field that will work as sending all your balls to the right side. IN additional you should manage to confuse the AI and you will get more points against using this way. Just try to find a strategy that works for you and just do it over and over again.

2. Understand how the direction works. For you to properly hit the ball and send it exactly where you want to, you should practice a lot on the directions and how to hit the ball that will go on prefer direction. To give you some hint, if you hit the ball while swiping left it will actually go right, and if you hit it while swiping right, it will go left. You can control the angle and speed by means of going at it faster or slower and by coming from an angle or narrowing the angle from where you hit it. If you just started playing the game, you will say that it is very difficult to master but then after hours of playing it and knowing the concept of the game, you can master it and perform better as you go progress.

3. Don’t forget to collect power-ups. Aside from Banana ball which can actually do backfire and cost you a life, there are other power ups that will appear on the game which is very essential so don’t forget to collect them as soon as they appear since they don’t stay for too long. Aside from power ups, you will find extra lives too which is really come in handy so once you see them all you have to do is to send the ball through them.

Kingdom Hearts Unchained X Guides and Tips

Now with the adventure across Disney’s magical worlds come with Kingdom Hearts series with this newest iOS and Android game, Kingdom Hearts Unchained X. series. In this game you will become a hero at a very beginning of the Kingdom Hearts sotry in the era of the Lost Masters. So here is about gathering LUX known as mysterious form of light and fight the Hearthless as you explore Disney’s worlds. As you are playing Kingdom Hearts and Disney, expect that you are able to meet familiar faces and strengthen yourself as well as your Keyblades. Yes you are going play with Legendary Keyblade and that you are going to use to battle against the Heartless.

The game is very simple, you need only to tap so your character will attack while swiping will let you hit multiple enemies and then flick medals to unleash your special abilities. As you continue making progress, you are able to collect and evolve hundreds of character medals that contains power of popular characters from Final Fantasy and Disney both protagonist and antagonist.

The game endorse depth strategy to defeat enemies that will turns to use special attacks and finding the good balance between power, magic and speed medals that you can use in battle. You can also team up with your friends and take down heartless as well as raiding bosses which will give you greater rewards. And for your ultimate challenge, you can play on Olympus Coliseum where the strongest heroes can brave additional bosses and unlock more medals.

Aside from good combat system you can also customize your hero changing your avatar’s outfits to match your style of fashion. Just be on the lookout for outfits based on upon the popular characters from Kingdom Hearts, Final Fantasy and Disney. And now for guide, we you can check out below some tips and tricks for playing Kingdom Hearts Unchained X.

1. Take advantage with the weapon flows. Keep in mind that every medal has a type such as red for Power and this is strong against speed while speed colored by green is strong against magic and ultimately for magic with blue color is strong against power. So this works as scissor-paper-rock wherein every single medal has their own advantage and disadvantage. Just use the effective type against the right enemy and you will see that an increment with your damage. The best thing here is to bring emdals build around the heartless you are going to face.

2. Go with the storyline. As you continue making progress through the story you will get reward chest that contain lots of jewels. You are able to collect these chests every time you complete five quest. Just don’t forget that this is not counting quests that you have already completed while you must be completing new one for it to count towards your chest reward. With that, in case that you’ve exhausted your other methods of getting jewels, just play through some story quests and you will get rewards.

3. Log-in in game daily. In this game, every time you log in you will get 50 jewels. Meaning to say you can log in every day for this bonus for the rest of the newcomer campaign which is a good boost for those who are playing the game on the rest of the week. You can also claim your daily log-in bonus that is separate from the newcomer campaign. So on the first two days, you will receive 50 jewels which is come in handy if you just started playing the game. And for three or four days you will get 100 jewels. And ultimately for fifth and final day you are able to earn 200 jewels. The best thing here is that this bonus resets once you’ve completed it so ensure to check-in at least once everyday.

4. Don’t forget to complete your objectives. Every quest there are three objectives which you can complete. Just try to do all of them if you can but don’t worry too much if you failed on it since you replay the quest. Keep in mind that the last of the objectives will give you with crafting materials but on the first two reward, you can get with special currency or the avatar coins. This is the most important currency in game which is what you need to improve your character so don’t skip out the objectives available in game.

5. Always bring the right keyblade for your mission. This is when you are selecting a quest, you will see one of the type icons listed next to it. This symbol actually represents what type you are going to be facing the most in your quest. With this information you will never find this game really difficult to play as you can prepare ahead and bring the right medals as mentioned above. You can also try bringing different keyblades if you notice, the top medal slot for the starting keyblade Starlight is shining blue meaning that magic medals placed in this slow will receive a small power boost. Upon receiving the next keyblade Treasure Trove as it has a power slot located on the bottom. Just try to match the keyblade with your medals.

6. You can create or join a party. With this system you can play co-operative with your friends. Upon joining or creating your first party, you will receive a nice 100 jewel bonus for doing so. If you don’t want to create your own party, you can join a party as soon as possible. Aside from getting jewel bonus, you are also able to use your party member’s medals during battle which is a good advantage of having a party.

7. Don’t forget to level up your avatar board. The question here is where do you spend these avatar coins? Actually you can use it for avatar board as you wills see sets of different kinds of clothes for your avatar. Upon closer analysis, every set has a board. These boards contain nodes which must be powered up with avatar coins. This can give you permanent boos to your character’s stats and making them stronger. You can also unlock a new clothing parts here. BY means of completing as many avatar boards as you can, you will see that you will becomes stronger. So now you know why the objectives are so important so you can unleash the potential of your character further more.

8. Improve your medals. If you are looking for the way you can you improve your arsenal, this can be down by powering up your medals. These can be leveled up by sacrificing lower tier medals. So if you use same-type medals in the process, you will earn additional experience for your base medal. So for instance, you get the triple ducks, such as Louie, Dewey, and Huey, level up your favorite medals with these guys. These worth lots of experience and they are actually not even usable in battle so there is now way to hesitate not doing it.

9. Always go for 1-turn triumph. This is actually your ultimate goal in every battle. Beating all heartless in a battle without letting them take a turn that will result for 1-turn triumph. Here you will gain bonus lux and special orbs from doing so which usually guarantees one full bar of your special gauge. Now the trick for getting these triumphs is to use the right type of medals as well as known when to group attack and single attack and using special abilities. Keep in mind that group attacking hits all heartless in the battle but at reduced power while single hitting do normal damage. If you have the special to spare, consider use your special abilities as well. Most of the time, quest objectives will be to get a 1-turn triump on every battle in the so try to get the hang of it.

10. Use your jewels wisely. Unfortunately, in this game, there aren’t several ways to earn jewels as of now so what you need to do is to ensure that you are spending them wisely. As for recommendation, the only thing you should be using them on are medal draws that will come in to different perspectives such as:

You can spend 600 jewels to get three medals. This is actually a temporary offer in game and you can only do it once a day. Probably the best option as of now if you are looking to get some more medals. You can spend 3000 jewels to earn 10 medals. This is obviously incredible steep, but definitely will guaranteed at least one 5-star medal.

League of War: Mercenaries Strategy Guides and Tricks

If you are looking for war strategy game that you can play on both iOS and Android, you should check League of War: Mercenaries as an exciting war strategy game. In this game you can make choices that have real impact and outcomes. Just immerse in this 3D war game wherein you can build your own base, form your army and lead them to victory. You will play here as a mercenary commanding powerful armies for your league and fight for lucrative contracts and collaborate with your Alliance to win the battlefield.

Now in building a fighting force with impact you need to consider different strategies. To keep you playing the game for hours, they including hundreds of missions or compete with fellow Mercenaries to and dominate the entire game using war strategy and set up.So if you are now ready to play the game, you should consider tips and tricks for playing League of War: Mercenaries Strategy to play it effectively.

1. Take advantage with enemy weaknesses. In your campaign levels, you have the advantage of being abel to see what units the enemy has before initiating a fight. And here you should consider the manufacturer triangle as this is very essential in winning battle.

2. Don’t forget to complete the assignments. You must understand your daily stuff here and this is by completing your assignments are these are very rewarding. Upon completing objective you will earn rewards. This must be in your list especially since you can only have one construction happening at once. So the best way to spend your time is to build things as soon as they are ready in game. So in case that you really don’t know what to do you can use assignment as your guidelines and see what you haven’t done yet.

3. Do research as often as possible. The trick in this game is to always have research queued up. By doing some research you can unlock new abilities provides passive bonuses to all your units that are always in effect. Basically the more features you unlock the better your army will be. Here you can acquire bonuses such as critical chance increase, ability improvements and lot more., Just keep on researching in game.

4. Just use low cost units at the start. In game like this, you will notice that an early advantage in a match often leads to victory so the key on winning battle is to rush your opponent at the beginning. Meaning to say , sending out as many cheap units as possible while still maintaining the push on your opponent will do the job. Keep in mind that the resource generation is low at the beginning of a match and it is harder for your opponent to fight back once you get the upper hand. This is a good strategy on winning matches on early phase of the game.

5. Don’t forget to open the chests in the officer’s club. Here you can open up a free chest every couple of hours and so on. The good thing here is that these chests usually contain a new unit from 1 star to 2 stars. Just don’t skip on it and take it as your advantage. Keep in mind that you need different units from each manufacturer to ensure that your army stays flexible. So for your to make sure that you are able to collect chests as often as possible it is better if you are gong to enable notifications for this game so that you know when you can open your next free chest. Also if you are going to play on and completing campaigns, it will gives you a campaign keys and once you have 10 of them, you are able to open a campaign chests wherein you will get 3-star units.

6. Just wait for counter attack. Aside from blitzing you can also use counter attack strategy wherein you need only to wait at the very beginning of a match. Just wait until your foe deploys there first unit and then deploy your own unit but make sure it is stronger against the deployed opponent unit.

Hammer Bomb Guides and Tricks

If you are ready to enter now the dark mazes and dungeons, you should check Hammer Bomb wherein you will venture dungeons full of monster hordes and treasure. In this game you will help Sir Hammer Bomb rescue all of his captured soldiers. This is a game for those who love to play a new twist on dungeon style arcade games. A new game with an easy controls for most players but technically the game is really difficult to master. So in this game, you will drop bombs to open secret areas to find treasures. There are also quests which will ask you to look for different types of junk food. In this game, you can use different weapons such as bows, swords and hammer. Just use them to beat Bosses in every of the biomes. Now if you are ready to play this game, you should check some tips and tricks below:

1. Don’t forget the radar upgrades. In between every floor of the dungeon, you can buy upgrades from the shop. These improvement persist between deaths so don’t hesitate to spend your coins. But then we recommend to buy the Radar I upgrade first. It will ask you to pay 150 coins and it ,ale enemies show up as red squares on the mini-map when you are closer to them. From how it works, you will realize that this come in handy since without it you are going to take a lot of cheap shots by taking corners without thinking there are enemies closer to you.

2. Explore everything in game. As a first time player this is very essential. So the key here is not to leave the dungeon until you’ve explored it thoroughly. If you just rush on the exit, yu might miss out on secret quest, soldiers to rescue, chests and lot more. Don’t forget that the more things you accomplish on a dungeon, the more experience you will get a that end of the floor.

3. Just kill all enemies. Upon eliminating enemies, you will earn additional experience points at the end of the level. The good thing here is that the dungeons offer enough chests and weapons so that you an take out all the enemies of the floor. You must take advantage on it but you should be careful not to waste weapons. But then if you pick up a different class of weapon, your current weapon will be wasted. Just try to use up all of your weapons before picking up new ones.

4. Don’t stop practicing. On your first attempt, i believe that you are not going to make it very far. It’s OK that is a part of the game. And once you miss your run, you have to start all the way back at the first level, but you keep any coins and upgrades you’ve bought. Just keep on playing through the game and then you will see that you will have enough upgrades to get you through on improving your gameplay.

5. Avoid enemies. You can dance in place to dodge enemies. In case that you ever find yourself stuck between an enemy and a hard place without a weapon. If they are come in your way, what you need to do is t dance in place until they leave the immediate area. You can simply dance by just swiping down rapidly . And upon doing a down swipe is the quick turn around move, and if you do this fast enough you will just keep spinning in place. It is very essential if you need to wait a little bit since there is no actually stop command in this game.

Doomsday Clicker Tips and Guides

In Doomsday Clicker you will see yourself who spent years in developing the technology  that will do total mass destruction of the earth’s surface and expecting Doomsday survivors will have not chance but to turn to you as their leader. As a tap touch game, here you can build underground shelter and then tap some more to expand it with luxurious rooms and upgrade. Here you will notice that the bigger your bunker, the more people you old and the more coins you can make. Just keep tapping and watch as your profits grow to greater and more outrageous extremes. In this game you can enjoy collecting bonuses when unwanted visitors come knocking at your bunker’s door. You can also discover endless quirky surprises while feeling the satisfaction as numbers tick ever higher. Now for your guide, you can check some tips below.

1. Unleash the apocalypse. Once you have lots see that you have more mutants than your previous playthrough, it is time to hit the red button and start over from scratch but with a massive bonus from the mutants that you have. It is actually a good way to reset everything since you will progress a lot fater after each reset but this is only if you reset with more mutants than your previously had. So don’t hesitate to do it when it is ready but ensure that you have some time afterwards as well as building all the room and get back the flow.

2. Just unlock everything first and then upgrade. As you can see the game has very simple concept, you need only to build rooms in your bunker to make money and then upgrade them to make even more money as well as building rooms. As you can see upgrading costs a lot so the first things you should do is to focus on unlocking all the rooms, and only afterwards that is the time you are going to upgrade them to get additional stars.

3. Getting more humans and mutants. In this game you need humans to bring bonuses after each new Doomsday you trigger and you get them by unlocking additional rooms. You can also consider tapping the animals at the top level for you to get new mutants. This will let your bonuses increase as you play . Most of the time there are other methods to boost the number of humans that you get and this is by upgrading your rooms to certain levels.

4. Don’t forget to buy the room perks. You will start on the room perks as not totally useful but don’t worry until you have all rooms or most of them to level 25. And as your rooms’ levels grow, you will see that bonuses from room perks are getting bigger and that is why we recommend to start investing in perks. You can consider buying a few perks every time you get back to the game after a long break and then just spend all the remaining resources on upgrading your rooms.

5. Take advantage with the wheel. In game you can spin the wheel so you can get bonus to your profits. And for you to do it, you need to watch videos. The key here is to watch videos so we can maximize the profits. Just make sure that you have the bonuses active when you are not logged in to the game so you can make more money .

6. Play in balance. Basically you get a room to level 25 before being able to unlock the next room but also keep in mind that this changes drastically as you make progress in game you get the mutant bonuses activated. But before having that, you should focus on unlocking all the rooms and then upgrade them. Just go with getting as many as you can to level 25 and then after that you can work on the more expensive ones at the same time as you work on the cheap ones to get them to level 50 and so on. Whatever you do find the right way to spend your money and this is using your money to make more money.