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Right now this game already reached 2 million active players on Facebook. No doubt as this game is another saga series from Match-3 puzzle game still on trends because there are lots of developers join the league of bringing their version of this game in the contrary of made their way on the top. To expand their sovereignty, recently they released new title to keep the challenge going with a new story under same entertainment factors. For more information about the game, you can read our review of Diamond Digger Saga. In this post, you will learn some strategy guides for effective gameplay for this game without spending cash for edge. To make it simpler we sorted it in the form of list:

1. Take advantage with your color burst. Don’t forget to use it to fill up your power-up gauge as you make matches. Upon filling this meter, the color burst can clear away all gems out of your selected color. The trick here is to use it as soon as you activate this feature and there you will see that the sooner you set it off the quicker it will begin charging.

2. Extra moves will be granted from moving downward. Think about every time you move on screen downward will let you gain an extra two moves. These two moves is very essential as most of the time, this is gap between completion and stage failure.

3. Move a rocket first before igniting it. This will give you a better rewards as rockets will fly away when you match them with two or more gems. So the trick here is to be not in rush in igniting rockets but to match gems below to drop the rocket and use it to the fullest. Example, for using rocket to crash the rock instead of plain sand.

4. Rocks will require you to make match more than once. We already mentioned rock, well this can be considered as your challenge in playing Diamond Digger Saga as you need to do more than one match-up to remove them in the board. You can also use rocket to instantly eliminate them.

5. Gems on water will not give you points. The same with gems on empty ground, this will not rewards you points when you clear them away. Though you can use this for further combo in the future, but as possible you should focus on other gems that will give you lots of points.

6. Be aware with exclamation mark. In game you will see toys or fireflies will be marked with an exclamation mark. This is to give you sign that you are not allowed to continue on the next screen until you free these particular object in the board. If you insist to leave them behind, you will automatically lose a life.

7. Start digging from the button. Most of the time, when a level’s water flow is interrupted by obstacles (rock, sand etc.) you may lack from the correct gems to clear a path. From here you need to start digging upwards from the screen’s drain and let the gems causing the interruption may re-arrange themselves based on your favorable position.

8. Get points from gold-streaked sand. Not only with gems but you can also gain points from sand and rock that streaked with gold ribbons. This is perfect if you are seeking for three-star rating.

9. Make match near a challenged piece. If you are dealing with pocked sand, the solution here is to clear it by making a match near this obstacle. Remember that sand with craters in it can only be eliminated by an adjacent match. Though there are some that will require you to match twice before it will remove from your board. You can also do this in clearing ice blocks and other obstacles.

10. Gold blocks for higher score. If you are aiming for highest score, you might consider gold blocks as this contains the highest point in. Make a combination of it as many as possible to acquire highest score.

If you are serious in playing Diamond Digger Saga on Facebook, you might like to bookmark this website by pressing CTRL+D so you can return here instantly. We are sure that like other’s saga series, this game will reach millions of players around the world  in the future thus we will actively post updates and more tips and tricks regarding with this game until that day. So don’t forget to get connected with us.

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  1. Mo says:

    Adjust time date to one day further, while game running , free 5 lives, for ipad and iphone

  2. me says:

    wait until you have no lives, then go to your mail box and accept them then. you can only have 5 lives at once so if you have 5 lives accepting lives doesn’t do any good

  3. Diann Roland says:

    I need to know how we get out extra lives that someone gives to us. I click on them to accept and send back, but I never get the extra lives to use. How do I get them?

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