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This game is about a creative hybrid platformer and business management game. You will play as two aliens who have installed their shop on Earth to sell juices made from zombies. Sounds yucky but who knows that undead could be delicious too. So as for your main ingredients, you need to hunt more zombies through side scrolling set up. To hunt a zombie, you need to use brains as bait and then you need to come up with harpoon to catch them and make juice. As you play the game, you will encounter currency that you can collect such as plutonium and coins. Actually it is a big thanks to A.J. and Bud as the Earth already infested with zombie invasion, still these intergalactic businessmen want to help us by eliminating zombies to use as the primary ingredients on their business. Together they will catch all zombies and make Earth a better a place again to live. And yes we are here to help you do your task using Zombie Catchers cheats and guides.

1. Follow your objectives. This will lead you in your progress within the game. So if you don’t know what you need to do next in game, you can view your mission and follow it. This will help you show the next best course of action to do. You can also tap on the mission so it will take you directly on what you need to do. This is also a good basis on how you should play the game. If you can comply with your objectives easily you are playing the game right, otherwise you need to do more practice.

2. Try to keep zombies away from green bushes. You will see that at the ends of each hunting area there are green bushes and when zombies successfully reaches this point, he will be home free, so you want to keep them away from it. When you are luring out zombies from the swap, you must try to leave the brain bait in the direction away from the closes escape point. For instance, as you first start out, you are usually close to the left side and if there’s a swamp nearby, you need to put the brain on the right side so you can lure them out from that direction. When you jump out at them, the zombies will start running towards the right giving you the most time to chase zombies.

3. Instantly complete zombie juice cheats. In game once you collected the ingredients to make a zombie juice, you need to wait a certain amount of time to complete making the juice. From here you can consider playing on a stage again so it can kill the wait for the processing time. Well here’s the trick using Zombie Catchers cheats through time lapsed glitch. To start it, you need to go to date and time setting of your gadget and then from there, just set the time in advance based on how many minutes you need to wait to complete it. So for instance, you need to wait for 90 minutes to complete your recipe, just adjust the time of your gadget 90 minutes ahead and then verify it by logging-in in the game and see if you already completed the juice and after that don’t forget to bring back the time of your gadget into exact hour so this will give you mess in the future. You can use this cheat, as often as you want but you must take the risk. Also this is part of glitch so we are not closing our door for developer to make some fixes that will let this cheat not to work but until that day, you can take advantage by completing all your juices instantly.

4. Start taking out little critters. You will see during the hunting segments those creepy crawlies that are roaming around like bats and snakes. They are not in game for nothing, as upon touching them, they will temporarily stun you giving time for zombies to escape. So the trick here is to eliminate them first using your harpoon so you are free to do anything while you are chasing with zombies. Plus they are worth 10 coins that is enough for your bullet and time.

5. Take advantage with charged shot. This is perfect especially before releasing your first shot. In this stage, zombies are not aware in your presence and you have time to charge your shot before firing at the very first zombie. This is important thing to do especially on any swap with more one zombie as you can hit them with your harpoon more than on zombie at the same time with charged shot. Plus if you have encounter against armored zombie, they will receive more damage from a charged shot. But of course when it comes in charging your shot, you need to wait for it before you are able to release a shot that is the reason it is perfect with your first shot.

6. Take advantage with jetpack. You can use jetpack to gain advantage in ground. At first look, you will say that jetpack seems nonsense but as you continue making progress you are able to experience slightly moving faster in the air when you are boosting. So if you are running towards zombies to catch them, you can utilize the jetpack to catch up with zombies faster than running after them.

7. Learn to use your sub weapons. There are sub weapons you can equip with your harpoon and this is pretty useful in some cases and that is your key, to know that right cases for you to use your sub weapons. You have net gun as your sub weapon that is able to fire a wide net which can capture multiple zombies easily in just one shot. To maximize the usage of your net gun you need to lined them correctly. There is also tranquilizer as a fire-and-forget type of deal wherein a tranquilized zombie will eventually be captured. Just keep in mind that this sub weapon is not effective against armored zombies.

8. Be aware on green zombie’s projectiles. Compare to blue and yellow zombies, green zombies are clever and when they spot you, they will immediately toss whatever they are holding. If they successfully hit you, you will get stunned. So you need to watch out for the green zombie’s projectiles as well as their alert meter. Upon exclamation mark fills up, you need to make a dodge.

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