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We believe that we should included this in our Zombies At My Pizza walkthrough guides but after knowing that this is for limited time only, we need to emphasize it using new post to share to all players of the game that they are fortunate enough to claim newbie pack using promo codes. Now what you need to do is to follow the step by step screenshot below:

As created your account in R2Games, you can visit your profile to view the complete details of your account. Since the game are using one account each player to use for all their games, you can use their code in any game as long it is available, but since this post is dedicated for Zombies Ate My Pizza, our subject is on that game and fortunately the promo code is still working as we have 3 months from now to claim it.

Now to redeem the code you must select server first and click the redeem code button and a sets of alphanumeric characters will reveal to you. You can use that in the specific event center in Zombies Ate My Pizza.

Here you can type/input your promo code and start to collect your freebies.

Finally just collect the newbie pack including 100,000 Gold, 5000 Souls, level 1 Ruby and level 1 Sapphire. You can also start here in claiming your free items

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