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This is game which is resemblance of a experience when you ever had something strange happen in your life and that you can’t explain it. Well here you can say that Yo-kai was responsible for it. So be ready and join Whisper, the Yo-kai butler as he guides you through the world of Yo-kai Watch. In this game you will discover the world of Yo-kai as well as watching in the yo-kai watch land app. You can also explore Yo-kai character bios through Wiki just bring the Yo-kai characters to life on your mobile device. Now if you are ready to play this game, installed everything and so, you should check some guides and tricks below for playing Yo-kai Watch Land.

1. Take advantage with the power-ups. As you destroy buildings, you are able to see different powers that you can get. These are very come in handy especially those power ups that you can get from simply spending coins, they will give you incredible powers. Also one of the most important in this game is the extra time together with invincibility power-power which will. allows your vehicle to go through the buildings and destroy them.

2. Just war into different dimension. As soon as you made enough destruction in a region, you can warp to another dimension. You will see it when this is possible since there will be an arrow that will appear in front of your car so just follow it and warp but don’t forget that you don’t have to as long as you still have buildings to destroy. So from here you can easily stay in the current dimension even though the new one will give you additional opportunity to boost your score so just keep on playing.

3. You can run in circles. This is a good strategy and you will see that this is the best approach when it comes to mass destruction. Just run in circles and adjusting the direction of your car slightly and aiming for the areas with most buildings first. When you decide to run in circles, your risk of hitting the buildings decreases and gets lower as you master this technique in the future. You can also consider getting all power-ups and destroy everything around.

4. Rule: Larger cars are still the best. This comes the way you control your cars. Larger cars are easier to control in game while with better control, you can maximize your damage output.

5. Just ignore the time. I know that you are racing with the clock but as you can see, if you just focus on the game and perform well you will be rewarded with lots of additional timer power-ups which will solve the issue of running out of time. So the trick is to don’t rush things and take it slowly as you can see you will never find time as a big problem.

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