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Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII

The legends told, banisher of darkness… bringing of light… redeemer’s of souls. The world is ending there is no way for any of us to stop it. It is time you need to know who we are, what we are. It taken more lives more than I can count. If I have any humanity left, I would be crushed by the guilt right now. Do I look crushed to you? I’m going to fight as long as it takes give whatever it takes even it is my humanity. It was us we destroyed the world.

There are lots of chaos ruining rounded here. There must be so many millions of souls and you feel all their pain? That can’t be. Please save chaos. So you are here as a savior. It’s for your sake, the chaos here need to be brought under control. If you wish to have my soul… you must take it by force. Chaos is any of us is a step our soul made of. For 500 years I was too rough  followed chaos. What the hell are you?