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Deadman’s Cross

Deadman's Cross

We started to review this game and we never thought that many players will appreciate this game. Knowing that the game already reached million downloads SquareEnix announced the 300 premium rewards until February 28. This is different from Deadman’s Cross Invite/Promo codes where you can get free legendary Cleopatra.

After reaching a large numbers of download, we also released tips and guides for effective gameplay as we considered different strategy and walkthrough that beginners can follow so they are able to make it with advantage.

Below is the official trailer of Deadman’s Cross to those who are still in dilemma if they will play this game or not. Actually the game is free to download. Just visit their official iTunes page if you wish to play it with iOS or through Google Play for Android powered gadgets. As of now there is no news for PC version or through Facebook but we are not closing our door for SquareEnix launched this game for more gaming platform just like how Dead Trigger 2 is now available on social network after couples of month enjoying as one of top application in iOS and Android.

For more concern or suggestion about Deadman’s Cross you can visit our page dedicated for this game and read more of related post for this game.