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Tower Knights is about an epic battle in defending your tower against massive hordes of nasty goblins and orcs. On your way of defending your tower, you need to destroy your enemies with different varieties of weapons and spells. In this game you will find yourself swiping your knight’s sword to wipe out evil barons. Aside from knight, you can also use princess’ magic to build new weapon-filled tower floors as well as summoning the fire-breathing dragon as one of the most effective way to eliminate enemies. So the game is about mastering your strategy and earn power ups so you can boost your fighting skills and reclaim your throne. Now if you ready to deploy in your adventure you can start with some tips and tricks below:

1. Be aware with your essence. By means of spending your essence on the right tings at the right time, this can be your advantage in game. If you’ve got enemies pushed up half way through your castle, that is the time that you might consider summoning some units which will assist you to fight them directly. And in case you got a big space cleared out, you can keep upgrading the towers to keep it that way. Just analyze the situation and spend your essence effectively.

2. Start placing your Booby Trap. As you can see the booby trap towers will drop  a sandbag on an enemy which walks underneath it. Actually this is capable of killing a single enemy instantly and also afterwards, the sandbag will remain in place for a more seconds. That is perfect since it prevents any other enemies from advancing. Definitely you can use this to your advantage by putting the booby trap at the bottom level and then putting attacking towers above it. You can set a fireball tower to maximize your defense system. So what will happen is that you can thin out the enemy forces while also holding them at bay.

3. Use your two free additional lives. Don’t forget that once your main character fall , you still have a chance to revive it for free. But first you need to watch a short 15 or 30 second advertisement in game. Technically we recommend this option as your free source of chance. But also don’t forget that once you use this twice you cannot revive for free anymore understand the same level else you need to pay up gems for it.

4. Always strategize the placement of your towers. You can do it by placing your towers in the optimal positions. You need to make sure that you are getting the most out of your towers and this is done by proper placement. For instance, the rocket tower is unlocked after the fireball and booby trap towers. So the logic here is that this tower fires powerful rockets but can only target distant enemies so the perfect strategy for it is to place it somewhere near the bottom of your castle.

5. Retreat if this is necessary. If you are wounded, don’t hesitate to back off as you can see your hero will regenerate their health slowly over time. Meaning to say if you’ve taken too much of a beaten back off for a moment and let your towers do their work. If you have essence with you, you can also summon a unit for back up until you rested enough to jump back into the fray.

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