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Because we are expecting a lot from this application, we made our part of reviewing Tiny Tower Vegas and promote this game to those who love playing the popular title series. I believe this is part of long-awaited sequel for NimbleBit’s Tiny Tower. The game is about bringing back the Bitizens into pixelated graphics with new features and content to enjoy under Vegas-style fashion. With a touch of humor this made the game even more fun to play. It comes to their character wherein you will see Elvis impersonators in themed hotel rooms and casinos. Excited to play this game as ever, below are some cheats and guides that you can do for you to dominate the game even without spending real cash for it.

1. Assign employees based on their color code. Just like with other Tiny Tower series, you are able to pick employees that you can assign to work for you. Though you can assign anyone you want, it is better to follow the color coding based on the shop. You will see rating and it happens that nine is the highest possible score. Definitely the higher their number is, the shorter the time it will be until you can restock. There is also a combo boost from placing three 9s in a single shop as this can activate the 25% off on all restocking purchases.

2. Speed up cheat (Unlimited coins and bux). We mentioned about time especially when you are restocking. Actually there is no such worry in this part since you can do Tiny Tower Vegas cheat here through time lapse glitch. Just like with other Tiny Tower series selling an item or complete construction of a new floor will require you hours before completion. The same cheat before, you can instantly complete them all by advancing the time of your gadget into require hours you need to comply. So if you need to wait for 5 hours for completion, you can go to the time and date settings of your gadget and advance the time for 5 hours and after that you will see that you already completed the task. Just don’t forget to set back your time to the exact hours after completing the wait through cheat. Since you can do this to any time-related content of the game, you can do it in coin and bux collection that can gives you almost unlmited coins and bux in Tiny Tower Vegas. Since this will affect the entire challenge of the game, we encourage everyone to use this cheat with their own risk. The fact is, it is better to play this game without using any modification.

3. Leave room for VIPs. You will never know when these VIPs will show up in game to give you big rewards including bux. But when it happens ensure that you have extra rooms in your elevator to accommodate these VIPs. It is also a good tricks to keep out leaving people sitting in the elevator for too long as this will let you miss out on this rewards as this will block VIPs from showing up.

4. Play the minigame. Every floor in game is not there for nothing. Actually this will bring twist in game as you are able to play various minigames from casino floors. You can play the game with other players and compete with them through leadboards ranking as well as for the sake of rewards.

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  1. Gigi says:

    Please add me 5VF67 🙂

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  3. Vitani says:

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  4. Eggshell says:

    I use 2 all the time it is fine you just have to do it correctly. Make sure all of your stock is full.
    Then exit the game and go into your settings.
    Change the time forward one day.
    Then go back into Tiny Tower Vegas (you may have to exit settings).
    Rake in the money and then WITHOUT restocking go back to settings and change the time back.
    When you go back into Vegas it will then say a time travel blah blah blah but it won’t apply because you didn’t restock before you changed the time back, and you still keep the money from before.
    Hope this kinda helped lol – Alice

  5. Sam says:

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    • Rodrigo says:

      Hey Sharon! I’m 42N29,thanks for playing on my tower. Do you have a club? Maybe you would like to participate on mine: #JUVSCLUB . Thank you!

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    Add me 45MH4

  12. Jurgen says:

    add me 3YDW7

  13. 3TTYM says:

    We can move around floors and get a chip every time a customer shows up e.g. High Noon Poker on Floor 2.
    Has anybody got any other floors right?

  14. ndin says:

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    Add me 3GY8W 😉

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    Add me 3CN4Q.

  19. Anoying says:

    no 2 don’t work it just come up with a time traveling thief stole All your stock

  20. Noah says:

    Are there only 3 mini games?


  21. shadowy says:

    #2 works perfectly on iOS. Don’t kill the app, just switch the time/date then come back to TTV. Once things you move forward in time and tasks are complete make sure to clear out the icons (collect your stock, checkout your guests, etc) otherwise when you reset the time everything will revert back to the original time.

  22. broden says:

    Number 2 does not work is there anymore cheats

  23. Just tried number 2 says:

    It worked but as I set back the date all my stock was gone which is more of a loss than what it did good

  24. cheese says:


  25. dragua says:

    You didn’t say if there is any benefit besides a token to having a bit put in their dream job.

  26. dahl says:

    Add me please 29QFM

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  28. Vegas says:

    It works all of

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    Awesome I love this

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    Very good , very swag I like it

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