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We recently shared Farms & Castle as a newest puzzle game that you can download for both iOS and Android platforms. In this game you will play as the Sustainability Augmentation Model or also known as SAM, on your quest to save the Chroma civilization. To perform your purpose, you need to travel from planet to planet to utilize natural energy and restore the power of Chroma building. We mentioned about exploration and yes developer is serious on letting their player explore the universe as a matter of fact you can travel in 20 stunning world and solve brainstorming puzzles in game. Each world is unique from one another – from frozen planets encased in ice and snow to massive geode planets dotted with a very unique crystallizations.

Without spoiling a game under touch screen technology, you are able to play this game even using only one finger and this is able to manipulate a beautiful 3D planets and guide SAM along on their epic journey. And your primary key to make your exploration possible is through the help of clean energy technologies that you can use to save the planets from the harmful impacts of climate change. From solar and wind power to waste-to-energy technology. Now to bring you edge in playing it especially for every beginners who wish to take the path of Luma and save the worlds from destruction, we decided to share some guides and tricks for playing it effectively.

1. Get helped from hints. To see the hints available in game, you need only to tap the house buttons and this will show you the different Chroma buildings that need to be powered. If ever that you stuck in game, just try to tap on these hints which will let you check your buildings and look around if there is anything that needs to be powered. You can also consider searching around the buildings themselves can leave some good hints.

2. Always place your battery carefully. You will see those batteries can charge certain mechanisms which are inside of blue boxes. But before you can make that possible, you must charge them first through solar staff in the sun. Just be careful in playing this part since if you place a battery and then remove it from a socket, it will lose its charge and you must recharge it. This is critical, so ensure that you might place you batteries down before you actually do it.

3. Follow your objectives. When you are in the middle of exploration, there are times wherein you will lose your track of SAM and feel disoriented. But don’t worry, just tap the buttons located at the top right and you will see that the magnifying will center the camera on SAM. You can also go for multiple house buttons which will show you where the Chroma builings are.

4. Just keep stuff with you as much as possible. In this game, as you play SAM, you can carry two objects with him at once: a sun staff and battery. Most of the time, not the puzzles in this game require you to move these two objects around a lot, so if you know you are completed in one area, just move on and take everything with you as long as they are not powering something you need to move from your current task.

5. Try to look around for planet often. As we mentioned above, you are able to tackle 70 different worlds in game but first you need to find it in universe. As you progress through the game, you are able to explore more and more crowded with gizmos and gadgets. And if ever that you stuck, just try to look around your objectives and then just find the entire planet on it. You can do new perspective on this to get helped.

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