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Basically what you are going to enjoy this sports-based game is the easy one-touch controls wherein you can tap to swing and watch home runs fly out of the park. Just a simple controls and short gameplay sessions which will let you enjoy the game anywhere and anytime. Because this is team based game you can build your team with real players as you collect your favorite major league players, manage your roster and reach out your standings. Once you have you have your perfect team you can now compete for daily events and challenges. But that is not easy as the game requires you strategy and decision if you are going to steal bases, bunt, pinch-hit or just bring in a reliever. So this about beating your opponent using effective strategy. If you feel that your team is not enough, you can trade for superstar players just use the new tap sports trading block to acquire world-class players. You can trade in 3 players from your roster to get a legendary player. Now if you ready to start playing this game, we decided to share some tips and tricks for playing this game effectively.

1. Strategize your team. For you to ensure that you have an effective strategy you must understand that stats of every player. Well in this game there are batters and pitchers. Now for batters, hitting affects how accurate your batter is and this will makes it easier for them to hit the ball. There are also power that scales your player on how far balls will go when the batter hits. You must also consider speed which determines how fast he can run the bases and bunt that affects the effectiveness of the batter’s bunts.

And aside from Batters there are also Pitchers that have different stats such as Arm this is equivalent of the batter’s power rating and it affects how hard they throw. Also there is control which determines accuracy when pitching and finally the Stuff which is based on how tricky the pitcher’s throws are and how hard they are to hit it. Upon knowing this stats you can strategize your team to make it effective.

2. Always change your gameplan. If you notice when you have runners on the bases, you will get additional options when batting? These are advanced strategies and playing them out at the right moments can lead you to victory. The chance you get to use these strategies are based on your players an the circumstances, but you can also add influence yourself. Just check your team menu and you can go to gameplay to change how frequent/infrequent these opportunities come up. The key here is to swtich it up to fit your playstyle.

3. Be patience until you get a good pitch. Actually this is one of the first things the game teaches you and the most important things you can do in this game is to wait for the perfect pitch so you can do a perfect hit. Just keep your yes on the pitcher and watch for when he’s winding up, then get ready to strike. Just don’t jump the gun through and let him pitch and watch the ball carefully but be prepared to react within a split second. In case that the ball curve towards your batter it might be a ball and if the case it is too low, just let it go. Keep in mind that as long as you don’t swing and the ball is thrown at an awkwar enough angle, the score will be yours.

4. Do some upgrades. If you think that your line up is lacking a certain stat, but you don’t have nay other players to fill in, you must do some upgrades. This will improves your characters within specific stats permanently. By upgrading you need to spend cash and it is really worth especially if you need some improvement. For every individual upgrade you will see small improvement percentage but actually that will help a lot for your entire team.

5. Swap for some players. If you are low in gold, you can earn new players by means of trading. In the trades menu you can offer up three players in return for a new player. The players you can get from trades are usually better around 3+ star range. For you to make a successful trade, you must acquire the offer players first. You can tap on every one to check where you can get them. Just ensure that the trade is worth it. And also don’t be discouraged as the fact, you won’t be getting the best players all the time.

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