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If you are looking for Honorbound like game, you better check this game as you will play a role playing game with your iOS and Android gadget and be challenged through different in-game features such as card battling, character collecting sort into different rarities and ability to evolve both your weapons and characters that not present in Hello Hero. Due to the big scope of this game, we advice to read some tricks and guides of playing Summon Masters so you will have a good start.

Every round completion, there is a chance to find a character that you can add to your team. Upon adding new members in your party you will find it tedious in the beginning since you have lots of choice. So to make this task easier for you, you can manage your troop through auto formation button. This will prioritize your strongest characters in your hand to put in party.

Compare to Hello Hero, in this game you can unequipped stronger weapons from your character. This feature also  prone from some mistakes as player pull out character in a party without transferring the stronger weapon in their hand. Ensure to unequipped those weapon and transfer it to new stronger character.

Don’t forget that you can combine weapons to empower their attack power. This is actually the fastest way to improve your weapon especially if you will gonna work it with three star and above tier. In combining weapons, it is not advisable to work with two stars anymore as you will change it sooner once you get three stars. Just look forward how you will get rarer weapons from hard stages and hell versions.

Aside from combining weapons, also you can do evolution in this game where you will find an easy way to get the super class for troops and weapons (noted with rainbow stars) is through evolution. First you need to get all the required materials that happen to be cards of at least four stars. From here you can earn your rainbow star troop and weapon. In evolution it is not recommended to sacrifice your main party members just to get rainbow star class. Never risk your primary cards in hand but instead just hunt for four-star character to be sacrifice in evolution.

Choosing a leader card is very important as you will get soul points for everyone uses your leader card in battle. So the trick is to boost your leader card definitely the rarest class in your hand and increase the level of it as possible so players will use this as their helper. If you really in need of soul points, you can cheat Summon Masters through creating multiple account and use your leader cards in battle for you to get soul points.

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22 Responses so far.

  1. Poiizon says:

    Which one of your units from your guild do people use when they use you as a helper? Your strongest character? Or the one you have set as your leader..

  2. Anonymous says:

    What do you do with the gems

  3. anonymouss says:

    What is the boosting of weapons/units for?

  4. David says:

    How to level class A character to level 60 (possible)?

  5. Anonymous says:

    How to change account using a bicore account?

  6. Anonymous says:

    How to change account in this game using sony xperia z.

    • Anonymous says:

      If u want to change acc…
      Go to google+…
      Open it…
      And click ur acc ur using….
      And there should be a app using Google+ sign in in the bottom..
      Open it…
      And open summon master…
      And then disconnect..

  7. Anonymous says:

    when i stregthen my characters and weapons what are the chances that they will have a boost? thanks

  8. Anonymous says:

    This game is trash.. Slow and laggy, and kicks me out every 30 minutes.

  9. ... says:

    I hate this game. It always kicked me out of the game saying that my internet connection is unstable. What’s wrong? All other game is working except for this.
    It become annoying…

  10. Anonymous says:

    How to expand yr inventory?

  11. blade241 says:

    Why can’t I arrange same class player in all slots. I can’t arrange more than 4 players of same class, whereas bicore had announced reward of 10 premium cards as an acheivment by having any single class unit in inventory.

    • teny says:

      it doesnt mean same class it means the names should be different but the same class

      • orlie says:

        what do you mean by names should be different but the same class? for example, i can arrange all warriors with different names in one troop set and have the 10 premium cards?

  12. player says:

    how do you change the account that you are using in your android phone???

    • anony says:

      you have to go to config. google in the main menu of android phone, and there you will see the app that you have connected in your account. You just have to click there, and then disconnect.

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