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The game will challenge you to use Ice Bear’s awesome cooking skills to serve up some delicious dishes. You will play as a worker on Teppanyaki restaurant and that is not as easy as that since you need to juggle ingredients and orders to satisfy hungry customers. But don’t worry since Ice Bear is there as the coolest chef around with a help and feed those hungry so everyone will be happy.

So as a chef you need to make magnificent meals. And as you continue making progress you are able to unlock new foods such as shrimp, scallops and lobster. You can also use more exotic ingredients to increase your reputation as a chef. Lots of things to do but don’t worry because you can get help from your bros. Just call on Grizz and Panda not to cook food with you but to distract your customers with a little song and dance and this will give you time to prepare your food. And as you play the game for hours, you can upgrade your grill and plats which will give you more room to work. Just pull out tricks like the classic onion volcano to boost your score sky high. And now for your ultimate advantage, you can read some tips and tricks below:

1. Prepare your food faster. As you an see the faster you serve a customer the more points and tips you are able to earn. Basically the less the circle is filled with red, the more you will get out of that customer when you server them. This is the reason why it is effective to serve as many and as fast as you can.

2. Always purchase the new food first. Upon completing your first run, you can now visit the shop and spend your money here you earned from serving people. You can buy different upgrades which will help you a lot including additional plats, bigger grill and different types of food that you can serve. But as for recommendation, it is better to buy food first. The unlockable food items have point multipliers on the them. Meaning to say that when a customer orders it, you will receive more points and tips. For the seafood, shrimp is x3, salmon is x4, scallops is x5 and ultimately the lobster is x6. In case that you can afford it, buying lobster is a great way to drastically the amount of tips you are able to get when they order it.

3. Always make sure you have at least one meat cooking. As you just started playing the game, you will only have access to two plates and four spots on the cooking grill. You will only be able to cook beef and chicken as well so the best thing you can do here is to always have one of each cooked and ready to go on the plats. Keep in mind that your customers will always order a meat on their dish, you can be prepared ahead of time while saving your precious seconds when the customers star going in in your restaurant.

4. Let your friends entertain your customer. Upon purchasing a couple food items, you might want to invest in the entertainment items including boombox and microphone. Upon having these items, you will see that Grizz and Panda will ease your customer for a moment and this will slow down the rate at which their circle fills up. These are perfect items especially when everything gets busy.

5. Always prioritize the customer who has waited long. The flow of this game, after you get up to speed and you’ve served enough customers, the entrance rate for customers who shoot through the roof and you will be constantly booked. In this game you will see that there are four slots for customers so get used to seeing all four taken. When it starts getting really busy, you need to know how to micromanage. Just look at the red circles next to every customer – you will see it they will start out empty, but slowly fill up with red. Upon seeing the circle is filled completely, the customer will leave and you will lose your life with it. In case that you get a rush of customers, just try to serve the one who is about to leave your place.

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