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Because many players appreciate Star Wars: Assault Team on their first week release we want to elaborate our walkthrough guides by posting simple wiki and tricks. Today we want to share to you some of basic terms and elements of the game as we believe that knowing them thoroughly will give you hint of playing the game effectively. To complete this list, especially for first time player of Star Wars: Assault Team we want to start it again from the very beginning including the introduction.

Well Assault Team is a card battling game created by LucasArts where you need to collect and train different Star Wars heroes to battle against the empire in the form of card. When you heard the term card battling, well it is for us to learn more about the game as there are lots of features that this game to offer that will ask your strategy.


You don’t have any problem to download and play the full version of Star Wars: Assault Team since it is free and no survey required to sign up. Just visit their official iTunes page if you are using iPhone or iPad and for Android, just directly visit their official Google Play app store. As for the first time you installed and play the game, they will ask you if you wish to get further notification about the game. Definitely for beginner, you better turn this on so you will be updated on what is happening on the game.


These are what you will commonly see in your screen while you are playing Star Wars: Assault Team. Though as you come to play you will gradually remember everything and their function, we want to take a lead in giving you what you need to understand in playing game. So here let start it from the top-left of your screen to the right and then finally down:

Rank – This serves as your level, for every rank up, you will unlock extra space on your inventory as well as your maximum energy and access to additional in-game features like the Arena.

Credits – Commonly called as your resources and serve as your soft currency in game that you can easily obtain by playing games and grinding through battle. In every training or purchasing additional card packs, they will ask you to use credits.

Gems – works as your premium currency, more and more players are downloading Star Wars: Assault Team cheats to modify the game and give them unlimited gems to work most advantage in game. Gems are use to buy premium card packs, also a last resort if your party failed the battle in the middle of your mission and lastly to instantly recover your energy. Though gems are tend to purchase using your real cash, you can still earn gems through mission rewards.

Energy – The same as how it works with most games you can play on Facebook, Android and iOS, Star Wars: Assault Team also uses energy system. Upon entering missions, you need to pay energy as each mission requires a set amount of energy disregarding the difficulty you wish to tackle. Energy automatically regenerates over time with a rate of 1 energy for every four minutes.

Missions – In game you will play under six available areas and these areas have several missions you need to complete for you to gain progress in the story. Missions is under linear system, meaning to say you need to complete what comes first to unlock the next mission but then you can always go back from completed mission to collect more credits and rewards through grinding.

Special Missions – This is actually outside in the game as they are not part of story but definitely they are good way to earn rare cards or credits from farming. Definitely it is special and what we should do with special missions, of course get something special. Under special are promotion mission that are separated by category such as Armor, Smuggler etc. Under special mission, there are also training missions where you will earn training items for leveling up.

Buy Hero Crates – Just like how we mentioned you can directly purchase hero by spending Credits or Gems in trade for crates. Every crate will let you get one hero card and two item cards with a rarity based on the crate you opened. So from Bronze crate you can get tier 1 or 2, from silver you can get tier 3 and so on.

Edit Team – Here you can manage your heroes to take with your mission. You can also view your item in inventory with this tab together with Train, Promote and etc. You can easily manage your line up by dragging and dropping a hero from your Reserves into your Mission Team window. If you are not sure with your hero you can check their details by tapping on it to view their level, flavortext, abilities, health and attack power.

Arena – If you feel that you are stronger enough, this might be your favorite area to spend your time with. Not only for ego-building fight but also you can get rewards as well as Bounty Points that you need to let you buy Arena Hero Crates. If you are not fan of using real cash for gems, you might love collecting Bounty Points all the way. What you need to remember is that Arena battle is much more difficult than campaign/story mode since here you will fight against real time players.

Help & Options – If you don’t like the current settings of your battle speed, volume or you wish to connect to the game center and Facebook, you can directly go to this tab and adjust some numbers or connecting your game.

Tips and Tricks

Do not gamble your money with Crates. Yes it is cool to try your luck with Crates by purchasing it with credits but definitely there are more important things to consider than hoping for great cards from Crates. Training is more worthy to spend your credits so you need to save money for it. If you are fun of getting Crates why not get it from Arena using Bounty Points.

Save Promotion Item. Because you can sell it in higher amount and boosting your experience, some players are tempted to throw it away on shop. Sometimes you can consider that especially if you are great in need of money but as possible you should save Promotion Item as you team get their maximum Tier levels and they need to raise their cap. You really need that as you go in higher tier, there are multiple Promotion Item requirements but definitely this will boost your entire card’s performance more than any credits can give.

More Training, More Power. If you are tired to do training, you should not play Star Wars: Assault Team as this game is all about training and grinding. At the first phase of the game, you will never find the challenge as you can easily win the battle but after moving to the next area your newbie team will be shaken as they are asking for new sets of cards you must have in your hand. To work with it, you can grind for XP to max-out your team’s level  but in doing this you should not ever use any gems.

Don’t get in touch with Arena unless you know what you are doing. We believe that we are writing this guide for beginners and as for beginners, it is not recommended for them to enter Arena. As this can take you to a spotlight of getting a match even you don’t want too. Instead of battle, you should focus on training first. Don’t forget that Arena also consume energy that might be use in something more important especially in grinding.

Plan your move. Because this is card battling and card battling always require strategy you should always plan your action. In addition, the game works with linear turn order. Meaning to say while the turn is in your opponent you don’t have any chance to interfere or do any action. The trick here is to always anticipate the moves of your opponent even this is not happening yet. Because you are always in advance with your turn before they can do action with their turn you should always consider their turn and prepare your set up to do a counter on it. Example if you have disabled hero in your turn don’t hesitate to heal it as in your opponent turn they can easily eliminate this hero. Don’t base your move through your luck unless you are pretty sure about it.

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