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If you are first timer to read such guide for Star Wars: Assault Team, you better read first some keyword and term guidelines through wiki as the basic step of understanding the game and of how you should play the game and then after that you can move to walkthrough guides where you can read other experience of dominating the game and giving everyone a good jumpstart.

Now we want to share to you tips and tricks when it comes to hero training and promoting. Well the trick here is to modify your team continuously until you find a great set. To empower this feature, you can do it through training and promoting your troops so here’s the guide we want to share to play this part to the fullest.

To give you a full background for training, let start it with a basic of how can you train your troops. You can do it by sacrificing any of your cards to boost their experience points for one of your team members. So when you say sacrifice there are always need to be vanished before getting new stats for troop you selected. The trick here is to ensure the right matching between the training cards and right hero to let you compensate with double XP boost.

Now the basic explanation with promoted is where your hero reach the level 10, your next option for its breakthrough is to be promoted. Just like the training feature of the game, you need also to sacrifice hero . In doing any sacrifice, you should pick top tier card for sacrifice since this can give you more experience. Always remember that once sacrificed there is no way to undo your decision. Another thing to think about on promoting is to save your promotional items until your hero reach the level 10 which nothing you can do aside from to enrich its limit.

Since we already mentioned training items, you might ask yourself where to farm training item so you can always train your troops. The trick here is to match the type of mission corresponds with the type of character that you wish to train and earn training items. For instance, if you wish to observe edge on  the R2D2 training items, you should go to Mechanical Training Missions.

Compare to Hello Hero promotion is far easier here in Star Wars: Assault Team as a matter of fact they encourage their players to do multiple promotion all the way up to tier 4 or 5 based on your card limitation. You can also browse on the dark tier bars, to see how high the maximum promotion of a particular hero would.

You can also get more promotion materials by going to the promotion mission located under the special mission tab. Here you can browser through special limited time mission.

If you are going to ask a typical players they wish to hear is a trick or cheats to get promotion materials since this is very difficult to find. The trick here is to keep on playing the game in higher difficulty as you are able to get better promotional items. For instance, you decided to upgrade Han Solo from tier 3 and 4, you rewards are definitely the same on what they promised you can get this time. But technically, you need to very strict on everything.

Technically speaking, your level will automatically go back to 1 as you promote your character but there’s nothing to worry about because your hardworks wouldn’t be in vain as you will later realize that promoting your character by means of promotional materials (obcourse) is very worth it as you perform your next training.  It is also expected that you will be needing to gather a miniscule amount of experience in-order to step forward into another level, knowing that you back down to level one. Basically you should go on some particular training items mission which includes smuggling training items missions for Han Solo. You can play one or two of them and go back to the training screen for your newly promoted character afterwards. Utilize a small amount of those items and their level along with stats will jump rapidly as easy as 1-2-3.

Having quicker stat boosts right after promoting a character is definitely the best part here, so expect that your stats will turned into Skyrocket right after you do the first run at training your newly promoted character. But remember that this can only happen every single time that you promote a character so don’t forget to feel the fun. However if you want to be someone who will be known as the one then you might consider taking a character who’s tier 1 wherein you can try to promote them all the way to tier 5. Sounds fun!  But mind you that it can turn into a worthless character into a force to be reckoned with not saying that it will also take a lot of training materials, plus it requires a lot of hunting promotional materials.

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    Make sure you also play the daily missions eg. Weapon Wednesday or force Friday so you can get all the stuff from tier 4 to 5. Great game

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    You guys did not say how to get tier 4 promotion items.

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