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Garena is generous enough to bring us compensation in League of Legends (PH) through Garena Gas mobile app. Here you are able to acquire free IP, Skins, Champions and even Riot Points (RP). Gas is designed for mobile platform such as iOS (iPhone/iPad/Mac) and Android powered device. This is very easy, all you have to do is to install the Gas app on your device and you will have free spin to win the said freebies randomly for every 8 hours. Now the question is how about those who don’t have such gadget to be used to accumulate this compensation.

Well actually there is a away and the concept is like how we can play Android games through our PC (Windows) using emulator or specifically with Bluestacks. Bluestacks will let you install and play Android games through your PC and you can also use this to install Gas and spin using your PC. So if you are ready to spin your luck, just follow these few steps:

1. Download and install Nox.

2. Download Gas App APK version.

3. Install Gas. Click the downloaded file as shown here:


4. Log in with your Garena Account.













5. Spin.















If you have question regarding with this guide, just drop your comment below. Don’t forget to share this to your friends. Enjoy!

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    sa mga pilipino na hindi ito gets and kailangan mong gawin i download mo nox search mo lang sa google pagkatapos download mo ang garena gas apk pag na set up na ang nox double click mo apk ng garena gas at mag dodownload na sa nox

    Tbh sa mga di naka intindi siguro wala kau PC kaya wag nyo nalang gamitin ang method na to 😛

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    can you give me the exact link.

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    Nice thnks used it on pc

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    How can I downoad the nox?

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    Tang INA

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    LOL says in step 1 – download install nox but in the images says bluestacks LOL noobs

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