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Sports based game on iOS is on streak after the release of World Soccer Striker and King of the Course and now we are able to play the Soccer Stars from Miniclip. The game is available to download for free to work with iOS powered device. Here you will experience crossing between soccer and air hockey. In your screen, you will see the five stars together with your goal wherein you need to score the required number of points before your opponent does. You can also join tournaments and play minigames where you can experience more twist from playing soccer and hockey at the same time. Below are some tips and tricks of playing Soccer Stars to ensure that you are able to dominate the game from the very beginning:

 1. Making one score with one shot. From the very beginning you can score one point using one shot by playing it with a perfect timing. This will also requires a chance and the right opponent formation to do it. Actually it is better to work it if you and your opponent have two different formations as this will create a gap from the middle. The trick here is to fire a ball right through the middle while hoping for  gap as an easy point. In the same way once you find it that you have gap while you are in defending position you must close it before anything else.

2. Closing gaps. As what the first strategy we deploy in the first tip, we should keep in mind that leaving a gap is a penetration of your weakness and a doorway for your opponent or for you to make  a score. Once you figured out a gap, you need to have some stars blocking off everything that’s in front of you. You can knock opponents’ stars out of position turning into spots where they can’t put a good shot on the ball.

 3. Getting free coins. Coin is the primary currency in game and even without downloading Soccer Stars cheats you can still get free coins. The trick here is to go back to the main menu and go to the button in the upper left hand corner of the screen where you will find “free coins” feature of the game. There you can watch different advertising video and let you earn coins. You can also connect your game to Facebook and play the game with your friends. Don’t forget that the more friends you have in social network the more chance for you to purchase free coins.

4. Unlocking more teams. To let you use additional teams such as Brazil, South Africa, Korea and Nigeria you must earn more experience levels. You can also unlock them earlier by paying gold coins, these coins are premium currency that you can purchase with your real cash. But as a recommendation it is better to grind for XP so you have a chance to earn silver coins too. Ensure that you are able to win the game to get the highest possible XP or else you will get the half of it from defeat. As you make progress you are able to unlock higher team/stadium and this will require you more winnings and wager.

5. Adding more friends. As we mentioned, you need to have lots of friends so you can maximize the compensation. If you don’t know who are willing to play Soccer Stars you can still add random friends by commenting in the form below requesting for someone to add. Just ensure that they are willing to play the game actively while sharing the favor with you. You can also visit the official app fan page of Soccer Stars and there you will find tons of players who are willing to add them as a friends so you can both play the game together.

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