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Sniper X with Jason Statham is the full title of this game wherein you will play as the one and only Sniper X which will be teamed up with action start Jason Statham to become the world’s ultimate weapon against the evil forces. As part of Statham personal team, SPEAR, you will work him side by side to eliminate terrorist that known conventional forces can’t deal with. So as the popular Jason Statham, you will also become the ultimate sniper as you study the art of the kill under SPEAR’s guidance and commander which is actually a voiced by Jason Statham. You will stand as Sniper X so you should take on hundreds of military missions in incredible 3D environments.

Developer also included lots of features to ensure that you are to enjoy this game for hours such as weapon upgrade system. There are also sets of military missions which will let you experience incredible 3D environments in game. Basically from playing this game, you will be rewarded upon doing some awesome shot. As a sniper you have lots of sniper rifles to choose from. Ultimately, you can join special events monthly and acquire unique weapons. Now if you are ready to play this game, you should check some tips and tricks below to ensure that you are going to play this game with a better jumpstart.

1. Avail the suppression upgrade. This upgrade will let you do the silent shots. The system will tell you on how you will get based on how many upgrade points you put into the suppression tier. This is very essential especially when you are doing a mission on snipping. In suppression shots, this will allow you to take out a target without alerting the whole area. One thing you need to do that this won’t have any effect if you take out a target’s standing right next to another one.

2. Getting lots of cash easier. If you need some additional cash, all you have to do is to take advantage with side missions. This come as green target missions are fixed missions that go towards the chapter’s completion. Just go on side missions where you need to use secondary weapons since this repeatable missions and you can play this as much as you can and earn lots of coins from it. This is a test of patient so as long as you have time to spend with, you will never find cash a really problem at all. You can also ask someone to play the game for you and earn cash without a limit.

3. Spend your gold wisely. For you to earn gold you need to do a perfect shot or when your character rank up. The good thing with gold is that you can purchase most powerful guns in game using it. You can also spend by means of upgrading your guns but that is not recommended since you can spend it in higher tier guns. And for the case of getting a gold easier, you must always go for perfect shots. Go for the headshot and this will let you earn additional cash bonuses. You can focus to slow down the time and keep your reticle inside the red barriers. From here you will notice a tiny little white crosshair in the middle of the head. By just shooting exactly on this mark, you will get a perfect shot that will result for free gold or premium currency. Most players want to download Sniper X cheats so they can have unlimited gold but actually don’t need to do that since you can claim it for free by just doing the simple trick we mentioned above.

4. Take advantage with the red barrels in game. The same concept with other shooting game, where there are barrels that you can shoot and ignite massive explosion. As a sniper you can’t take out hordes of enemies at once but thanks to red barrels lying around waiting to be utilized since you can do explosion that can take out nearby enemies instantly.

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