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Recently we shared to you the Contract Killer guides and tips and now we are here again for a new shooting game that you can download for free for your iOS powered device. Sniper 3D Assassin: Shoot to Kill is a new sniping game where you will experience a smooth and challenging action for your mobile device. In addition, you will experience more challenging feature when it comes to control since you will play with tilting system. Though it is difficult but to consider the new way to experience shooting game you can try this game for something new especially if you are tired in playing endless running game, role playing game and match-3 puzzle based apps, this time you will enjoy something new for your device. Don’t worry because you can play this game for free. And for you to maximize the output of playing Sniper 3D Assassin: Shoot to Kill we are here to share to you some cheats and guides. So let’s lock and load!

1. Take advantage with headshot. The same with Contract Killer, the best way to kill your opponent is through headshot. From that game you are able to acquire bonus points from making a headshot plus this is the most effective way of killing your opponent knowing that you can take them in just a single shot. In this game, it is better for you to focus on getting as many headshots as possible from extra coins. Yes you need to earn coins since most items in Sniper 3D Assassin: Shoot to Kill is expensive. The only thing you need to understand it is your skills in making a headshot. If your skills is not reliable in making a headshot yet, instead of pushing it hardly, you can go the way of just enjoying the game. But as you continue making progress it is better to work out your accuracy and play it with headshot.

2. Unlimited energy cheat. This game has energy system which limits players from playing the game. Just like with other games on iOS, Android and Facebook, energy refills automatically over time and what you need to do is to either wait for it or spend premium currency to instantly regenerate your energy. But here’s the good news we can instantly replenish our energy through time lapsed glitch so we can have unlimited energy. To start it, once you consumed all your energies, just quit the game and then go to time and date settings of your gadget and set it in advance corresponds to the number of minutes you need to wait. In our case we can set it up 60 minutes ahead. Once they go back to the game, we will see that we already have replenished energy and we can play the game again. You can do this Sniper 3D Assassin: Shoot to Kill cheats as often as you wish as long as this is still working. Yes, we are not closing our door for developers to fix the glitch so for this cheat won’t work in the future. Just enjoy what we have now and take advantage as long as this bug is still working.

3. Play the game on iPhone. If you have choices, you better play the game with iPhone considering the easier control as well as making a good aim and headshot. Actually just like what we mentioned, the main challenge in this game is the tilting control, so if you can manage it, you will never find the game too difficult to play. As for iPad since this is bigger, it will makes thing more complicated.

4. Being patient is the key. You are playing the game as a sniper and if you know what snipping really means, it is all about patience. If you want some inspiration you can watch Enemy at the Gates and see the role of being patient in snipping and so with this game. You need to wait patiently for the the right moment to shoot. Actually there are some missions that make things complicated for you by putting some civilians together with your target and that is really hard to reach perfect angles. The key here is to wait for the perfect moment to shoot. Definitely, what you need to do is to take advantage when civilian and your target is not closer with one another or there is a possibility for you to hit them too.

5. Do weapon upgrade and make it based on your mission. The key in this game is to practice a constant improvement with your weapon. This is your tool for beating the game and you don’t want to see it left behind from the current level you are facing. As for additional tips, whenever you upgrade your weapon, just ensure that you do it by upgrading the recommended areas. You will see that some missions will have specific requirements for your weapon in term of stats and the game automatically guides you to upgrade such weapon to meet those requirements. It is better to follow those guides so you can use your weapon’s full potential based on your current mission.

6. Grind on Wanted missions. If you get stuck on the same stage and after spending hours and still you can’t beat it, you can spend time in grinding through wanted missions. Actually it is better not to rush in game but to take time in grinding and so as many wanted missions as possible. In this feature, you are able to get lots of additional money that you can spend for upgrades. Actually it is better to start doing missions with your top weapon as possible and not only with minimum requirements as you can enjoy the game furthermore.

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733 Responses so far.

  1. Kf2017 says:

    I am stuck on bloody decent on spec ops on las alves anyone have some ideas to get past this?

  2. D Pepper says:

    Stuck on ‘a whole gang at once’ looks like I’m on target but I’m not hitting the shooters as I fly past, help please???

  3. Anonymous says:


  4. Batman says:

    What are the skull coins used for?

  5. Batman says:

    Does anyone know what you do with the skull coins? They have built up but what are they for?

  6. haris sajjad says:

    My rifile is not upgrading.what is MAXED OUT.Coins are not showing to purchase the rifile equipments.This MAXED OUT is showing at the place if coins.

    • Fahad says:

      Maxed out means thats the maximum capacity of the rifile u can upgrade with..If u want a better tool u have to purchase new refile

  7. Lewis says:

    How can i access to world ops?

  8. Dhstep says:

    In th Save Jim mission I shoot the two thugs in front of the building. Jim runs around the corner and two seconds later it says I killed an innocent but if I do not shoot one or both they shoot Jim what am I missing

  9. Connie Vornes says:

    I’d like to be knowing to follow blogs I like and have them appear on my website. Some suggestions on the right direction to follow on this. Any input would be helpful..


  10. Sniper says:

    In Stage 10 Oliver Spring I struc Not Able to shoot Tank Please Help me If Possible

  11. Mike O says:

    Take the two out on the left first then aim carefully head shot the two on the right should be able to kill both with one shot

  12. Dinesh Singh says:

    Hi everyone,

    I’m stuck on in level 19/40 private security. I’m trying to killing everytime in different order bit still I’m getting message that kill from front to back.

    Can you help me to clear this.

  13. Jim says:

    Help stuck in martinville sunset of love shoot in head but still says I failed

  14. Commando5 says:

    Stuck on Jandsburg Mission #19 Delayed Revenge. Hostage taker is hiding behind a tree with a gun to the hostage and being confronted by two cops. Help says to aim and shoot at the head but the criminal is hidden by leaves and branches. Any ideas/suggestions? Thank you.

    • Sam says:

      Did you manage to get through?? I am also stuck here

    • Tam says:

      I’m stuck on this one too! Ugh! He’s behind the trees. Even when I shoot him, the hostage still gets shot! What am I supposed to do?

      • Terby says:

        Just try to imagine the position of his head behind the leaves and mind wond and distance. Takes a few shots but it works.

      • Tam says:

        Now I’m stuck on This Gust in Gabes Crossing. 🙁
        This game is awesome! Can’t-stop-playing

    • Armo1 says:

      Hi, I just used the rest of the thieve’s body that you can see as a guide. Yes, as you said is a problem with the leaves and branches but it’s a “guess shot” haha. I’ve tried like 10 times before I got it! Good luck!

  15. rfdacm02 says:

    One few tip/trick I’ve learned:

    Use a shotgun (best you can afford) for anything in the air (helicopters, building to building lines, and paratroops). Even when the “power” is not up to par, the shotgun will work best, sometimes a few shots. Also, a shotgun seems best in the gold level World Missions.

  16. Ash says:

    Hi, I’m stuck on Jandsburg mission 18, School Invasion. Can’t take out all 6 shooters without being seen? It,s also different scene from the one posted on YouTube? Any help appreciated. Thanks

  17. Atif says:

    How do I kill tanks. Help says to shoot at scaffoldings. Not sure what to do

  18. SniperMC DonnyD says:

    Please help to complete level andy shores special ops. All weapons maximum upgraded, still requesting 12tier weapon….help

  19. rfdacm02 says:

    Stuck on Kertzville Spec Ops 2/5 “Deadly Fly-by”. Can’t seem to get the closest targets fast enough? Have a maxed out M200 that meets all the mission criteria? Also, I haven’t ever seen an option to “buy” slow motion or a spotter?

  20. DeLoss says:

    Martiniville primary mission 19 of 40
    I am behind the bad guys when I start . In the tube videos it has the sniper on a rooftop but I am ground level and on the opposite side .
    How do I complete this mission !?
    Please ,Help ,Anyone !?

  21. tap2 says:

    how do you kill the 2 jet ski guys in adami island special ops 1, takes a sniper rifle but every time I hit one it says I killed the hostage. been shut for weeks & can’t move on, and the general says to use a pistol but it won`t let me—–help please !

  22. Frank says:

    It says offline on energy bar and it doesn’t fill up at all…tried changing date and time no use can’t fill up…what would be wrong ?

  23. Robjack says:

    I have updated my gun for spec ops
    But what is Max Tier 11 ?
    How can I upgrade it?

    • Gman says:

      Go to weapons arsenal and just below the rifle name you will see
      a weapon tier. You need to buy a weapon with tier 11

    • Bo Ahmad ( B7R ) says:

      Every gun have a kind of tier rank ,,, so my advice do not buy very strong gun like sniper level ( tier 13 ) and u r in low level ( max tier 10 ) that’s mean your gun not except in round which u reached …!

  24. Qwesi King says:

    For Almost a week now My energy won’t refill because anytime I open the game, it tells me I’m playing in offline mode. But I have connected to the Internet though. What should I do?

  25. Chuck says:

    Stuck in Vintorez- need max tier 10… wtf is that????

  26. Terry says:

    I cant find the sniper in 10-35 and the videos i watch shows me a different place for the body gaurd scene in porter heights

  27. Nav says:

    My game is showing energy level zero and it is still zero after a day …..big prblm …plz solve it

  28. Ianzkie says:

    Olryt ..

  29. Amii6666 says:

    How to adjust gun for front to back kill in 19/40 primary martinville? Please anybody help, I’m using android

  30. Licthersnatch says:

    How do you get enough range to do spec opps in Andy Shores I’m using a OrsisT5000 I can’t get but 2490

  31. kevin says:

    how do i take out the guy at the window in small valleys Kidnapper 30/40

  32. Prasadcvn says:

    When im trying to click on the Spec Ops mission, its showing few requirements in which Max Tire option is with a Red Exclamatory mark (!)
    Not able to go through it., can anyone explain how can i go through this

    • ManaMyKneeBlej says:

      Dude have you figured it out what is that Max Tier?

    • Ammar says:

      Update your gam, Go to your Arsenal, below each weapon you will see the max tier of it. Choose the sniper rifle with the tier that matches the max tier mentioned in your spec operations of the game.

  33. Carlos Ibanez says:

    Hey everybody!
    Anyone know when the next level/levels after Andy Shores will appear in the game?
    I’ve reached the last level and I’d like to know when the “Coming Soon” sign will disappear.


  34. Robrunner says:

    On the upper side Of the screen appears Disconnected and it doesntn charge Energy, so I cant play.

  35. Mick says:

    I just changed my phone and can’t get my game history to update – have lost all beaten levels, coins, weapons and purchases, but do have my achievements. I am able to log into “Google Play Games” but that isn’t updating my game status. Anyone know how to fix or do I have to start game from scratch and kiss my previous purchases goodbye?

  36. Dan says:

    I`m stuck on Al Vahdeko,Spec ops,Everybody hates Jim.
    Can’t see anyone on this level. You can’t shoot what you can’t find..

  37. SniperNoSwiping says:

    Which weapon/gun have you maxed out the most and what are its current numbers?

  38. Paul says:

    Oliver Springs Slippery Attack. I have all the guns Coins can buy but I don’t have stability. I have Tier 11 Zbroyar rifle??

  39. win pin says:

    I can’t find the sniper in 39/40 janisberg. Please help!!!!

    • SniperNoSwiping says:

      Me too ! Did you ever spot him. It says “He’s in the bldg!” But I’ve zoomed both floors of the bldg 100 times and see nothing but the shot. Please help! I am wasting all my energy packs for three days.

  40. Kriskiller says:

    CRAZY taxi driver in Oliver springs. I have tried 100 times to hit the driver, what am i doing wrong

  41. J.T. Barnes says:

    I’m stuck on nighttime plz help me

  42. Elena says:

    I don’t find the guy James manley in #162

  43. DeepS says:

    I am stuck at kertzville spec ops 3 as none of my rifles suffice the criteria. I have tier 10 rifle and all others that can be bought by coins and yet none fits !! This looks like a scam to make me shell out money !!

    • Ben there says:

      Go back to sniper rifles look at tier 8 riffle has the right numbers good luck

    • rfdacm02 says:

      I’m trying to get to that one. How did you get by Kertzville Spec Ops 2/5 Deadly Fly By? I also have all the weapons that can be bought with coins, and a maxed out M200, but can’t act fast enough to shoot the closest targets in 2/5?

  44. Supes says:

    Since updated version of snipper game, killer parade, the shooters are in different positions and the president comes down a different route, I can see two of the shooters but by the time I’m shooting at them they said an innocent has died, HELP PLEASE

  45. Sahil shayk says:

    Stuck on Oliver springs Spec Ops Mission 4/5 :when bullets aren’t enough.
    i am unable to deal with the Tanks.Help?anyone

  46. Todd says:

    How do you beat Martinsville daily mission 72? I shoot barrels on both rooftops but someone is shooting from below that I can’t see. Help please

  47. Dan says:

    I’ve completed region 9, and couldn’t get to region 10, it says coming soon, does anyone have an idea about this?

    • Glenn G says:

      Me too, I’ve been waiting for almost a month since I finished region 9 to get the region 10. And not only that… Once you reached the amount of coins of 99,998,888. It stops adding coins.

    • remulo says:

      Tambem estou com o mesmo problema, a fase coming soon da região 10 fala que irá liberar em breve e não libera. alguém teria uma solução?

  48. Dan says:

    Couldn’t get the 10th region. It says coming soon. Anyone have an idea?

  49. Espen says:

    How do i access my achievement? I heard you’d get more coins if you complete achievements.

    Hope someone van answer me😜

    • SniperNoSwiping says:

      How does one open achievements? I bet achievements means just using using your credit card to buy coins and diamonds.

  50. Bubbles says:

    Who knows how to beat level 24 in Martinville gang elimination the gang leader never shows up?

  51. Mie says:

    how is actually to get proper distance marker?

  52. Ank_ur00 says:

    I M on level 3 and I have level 4 sniper, but it is not upgrading to complete main missions in level 3, what should I do…

  53. Matt s says:

    I am almost done with Martinville. But stuck on primary mission 24/40. The dealer never gets dropped off at his apt. And normally if you miss him and he gets away the mission fails. The car just never comes. I can still beat Martinville with just headshot missions. It primaries are what make the game worth playing. Has this ever happened to anyone else and if so can you tell me what’s wrong. Thanks

  54. Gurjeet says:

    In porter primary mission it shows shoot the sniper when on correct distance marker, couldn’t understand that

  55. Gurjeet says:

    In porter primary mission it shows shoot the sniper when on correct distance market

  56. Anonymous says:

    Which rifle have i to use for the martinville specops? Thanks

  57. Cj says:

    Which weapon is recommended for “Bank invasion” on Jandsburg?

  58. Muxie says:

    I`m stuck on Al Vahdeko,Spec ops,Everybody hates Jim.
    After Jim runs in the building I can`t see any targets.Help please.

  59. Bryan says:

    I’m stuck on warehouse #348. There is a guy on a lower ledge that I cannot get the rifle to lower its aim to shoot him. Is it a glitch because if so I’m done. It will not let me skip this scenario.

    • sexton says:

      waiting for the same response..bug maybe there.

    • Anonymous says:

      Just done an update and now won’t load, anyone else?

    • Dave says:

      For some reason I have a problem beating the spec ops mission 4 bank invasion. I have seen walk through videos on people shoot the robbers on the rooftop before they get on the zip line but apparently I am positioned too low on the building lower than it and can’t see that high is there an easier way to get these guys I can’t seem to hit more than 2 going down the zip line. Any help out there? Suggestions?

  60. loneranger says:

    I’m in multikillbriefs on daily mission says 1 target remaining but I wait and no target comes what am I doing wrong and what needs to be done

    • Anonymous says:

      Try using your spotter. It can see through walls. You may have to shoot a body part that is just outside the wall

    • Anonymous says:

      I’m stuck on same level. It’s says one target left but I don’t see it. I’ve been stuck for days!

    • Anonymous says:

      U have to kill them as they try run past u and
      Run out of shot if u shoot them right as u start
      to see them their will always b 1 or 2 kills left
      Took me about 5-10 minutes to work out.

    • amor says:

      Try shooting any barrels left on the screen, it has worked for me on various levels before, good luck.

      • Wollie says:

        I see only 1 barrel and shooting it doesn’t matter, it explodes and nothing else happened…
        I have 1 victim left, but can’t find him, start to think it is a bug…

    • Anonymous says:

      I too an stuck on Jandsburg daily mission 6. I tried waiting till they were in front of me, also tried shooting them early. Always 1 (or 2) left. Tried shooting the fruit stands (hiding spot?)… Nada… Tried shooting the edge of bricks in case he is just out of view… No luck there either. Stuck I am.

  61. Prabha says:

    30th level how to finish

  62. Gwhizzy78 says:

    Help me with Speed on Spec Ops, I kill the first two guys on their jeeps easy, then the 3rd always gets me …. Help anyone ?

  63. Gwhizzy78 says:

    Can’t get through Spec Op Speed (porter)the third guy is all over the place. Help me get through this stage someone!!!

  64. Cool says:

    Jandsberg wanted criminal # 36 ends in less than 10 seconds. Where is he positioned?

  65. Big A says:

    Any idea where is celowanie holder in mission hello bomb, in Al Valhedo?

  66. Kevin says:

    Anyone know how to beat gabes crossing spec oops protect the police

    • Batrayan says:

      I too have the same question, anyone advice how to shoot the guys in helicopter, as it was showing “I killed on innocent”, but i never did it and believe may the missing shots are considered like this. also the distance of +800ft is not correct and there might be a wind, since every time the bullets is going out of control.
      by the way am trying to shoot at the back rotor, but this also failed and heli is not blasting.

      someone have to fix this urgently, since i love this game as a real shooter.. 🙂

    • Avijeet says:

      The martinville shooting range is not available . Anybody know the resolution please help .

  67. Hamisu Daya says:

    From where is the snipper shooting the bank manager.

  68. Smokey says:

    How long do i have to wair for “coming soon” level.

  69. Nathan says:

    How do you swich from slider zoom to toggel zoom

  70. Smurf says:

    How do you beat porter heights spec ops mission territorial wars

  71. Anonymous says:

    I’m stuck at the big sabotage, kill 10 bad guys. I can only find 9. Please help

  72. Ashton says:

    If ever there was a sale offered to me in the past and I wasn’t able to avail that one, will they repeat the sale of that certain item?

  73. Jerre says:

    Eerloze I receiveds Some special features like ‘slow motion’. But how can i use or activate them?

  74. shawn says:

    Where is the enemies on the 5th daily mission at small valleys?

  75. shawn says:

    At smallvalleys, where are the enemies on the 5th daily mission?

  76. abhishek says:

    How to adjust distance marker and wind marker together in prison break, I am not able to take the aim.I miss my aim every time

  77. Kingsahil says:

    Where is cheat

  78. Kingsahil says:

    where is the cheats??

  79. Crazy says:

    I’m stuck in Jandsburg- deadly parade.
    I have to protect the president. I can shoot 1 sniper on the roof, but there is another shooter. I can’t find him fast enough.
    Someone please help!?

    • YaMaN says:

      Next to him on the roof to the left there will be 2 snipers more and the last one will be in the street.He will be that lat person to the left he will walk to shoot president you have to shoot him fast

    • Anonymous says:

      He’s in the windows to the left hand side got to be quick though

  80. Anonymous says:

    So am at zip line stage.. Unable to cross.. I have a compatible sniper rifle.. Please help me to clear this stage.

  81. Anonymous says:

    Am watching videos to gain bonuses but not able to collect them even after it says that I have got them!!!
    Any advise ??

    • Anonymous says:

      I am same, must have lots of specials to use but don’t know where to claim or use them. In other games there are buttons for slow mo etc when you are in sniper mode

  82. farukhsyab says:

    At notification it shows your energy is full but when i open the game it shows offline(that you have consume all your energy)…plllz anyone help it stucks….

  83. ayun says:

    How can I shoot the terrorist by wind meter.??

  84. Anonymous says:

    Estoy en el nivel gavws crisis y ya pase todas las misiones y no paso a ultimo nivel ayudaaaa

  85. wew says:


  86. Nawaz Danish says:

    how to comlete the jandsburg spec opa mission 4 plz tell me anayone?

  87. Nawaz Danish says:

    anyone tell me how to comlete that mission bank robery by zip?

  88. Anonymous says:

    Has anyone got a bug in Jandsburg Mission 21? I am not able to move the pointer.

  89. Hussein says:

    Hello i have finished all levels till martinville. Please what is next martinville.they always say coming soon

  90. Francisco says:

    Alguien sabe como hago o que requisitos debo cumplir para jugar el nivel 6?

  91. ricom says:

    Stuck with president martin. Cant see the street shooter. Need help

  92. Frank Andrade says:

    Cheguei no meu iPhone na fase Goming soon , mas não consigo jogar. As missões não abrem. Como devo proceder??? Alguém pode me ajudar?

  93. aimran says:

    the energy time glitch doesnt work for me

  94. Cheech says:

    Why did I lose the mil dot numbers go on my scope.

  95. Frans says:

    Police operations how many helicopters do i have to shoot down

  96. Danny1989 says:

    Please anyone tell me that after playing a few levels, my gun is not staying stable. I am trying to pull the gun to the direction in which the terrorists are but the gun is tilting in other directions forcefully and against my will. It’s just not staying stable and allowing me to play.

    I have also upgraded the weapon but the gun is going hey-wy and not allowing me to play the game.

    Please help.

  97. Anonymous says:

    im stuck on the 5 guys with knives, what’s the technique? HELP

  98. Anonymous says:

    I completed Martinville and the next level still reads- “coming soon” its been over 3 weeks. Does anyone have any feedback?

  99. stephen says:

    Having problems with the jeeps in special oops second stage how do I beat them?? Please tell me.

    • Anonymous says:

      swing/follow your iphone/ipad to the direction the jeep moves

    • Anonymous says:

      Stay facing the right way…you’ll get it, just anticipate the turns of the jeep and shoot accurately, kill the driver too, and reload if you’re getting low and you have some time between turns.

      • John says:

        If you kinda tilt down a little you can follow the movement of your jeep. You will see your jeeps windshield Just lean into that

      • Anonymous says:

        Graphics are screwed up on my Android version at this level. Jeeps are driving through buildings and guys aren’t visible when the jeep stops.

    • Anonymous says:

      Shoot the driver it will roll the jeep and kill the snyper

  100. Ben says:

    The distance marker on my scope isnt showing any numbers. Is there a way to fix it?

  101. Rico says:

    I’m tryn 2 find out wer all da snipers r at n Deadly Parade..Can sumbodi help me

    • Rico says:

      Nevamind, I smokd all 4 snipers dat wuz tryn 2 kill da President wit my last 2 energy bars lol

    • Anonymous says:

      There are 3 on the roof. 1 straight in front of you, the next one building to the left, a 3rd slightly to the left of that then a guy in the street

  102. mihai says:

    i completed martinville and on next level it says “coming soon” ? what should i do to continue this level?

  103. Cteven says:

    i’m in Jandsburg and wanter #46 …and suddenly my sniper scope’s wind and distance bar number are gone and now i have to guess where’s 600ft or wind +40

    anyone face the same issue?

  104. Tom says:

    Thnx guys just managed it but not sure how

  105. Tom says:

    How do you shoot the three paratroopers

  106. Anonymous says:

    Can somebody say how can i shoot using wind meter and distance marker

    • Rico says:

      Ur distance marker iz on da bottom n ur wind meter iz on ur right..u need2get ur distance 1st n ur wind 2nd..lletz say ur distance is 400..N ur wind iz +40..u get ur target at those digits..

      • Anonymous says:

        i need to shoot a guy, where the distance is 800ft, not able to shoot him, it says choose the right distance marker…how to choose that and how will i know which is the right distance ..please help me out

    • Anonymous says:

      I cant figure this out either

    • Anonymous says:

      Take an imaginary line down from the relevant wind speed marker and then match it up to the relevant distance marker. Where they would intersect that’s your target point. Difficult for a head shot but easier for a body shot

  107. Tom says:

    Guys how do you shoot the three paratroopers in porter heights really stuck

  108. lsparky78 says:

    Ok when you’re protecting the girl with the brefcase on the bodyguard leave the shots that take her out come from no where. Who do i shoot?

  109. Rico says:

    How do I shoot da zip line n Special Ops..Wat top are dey talkn bout aim for..

  110. alwidz says:

    Aku daa lepas semua Level cuma Coming Soon jew tak buka lagi
    Muak daa aku main game Sniper Shoot to Kill ni Coming Soon tak buka2 lagi “Damn” Bodoh” baik main game.. let’s Play game in PC “Blackshot” my ID : alwidz98

  111. alwidz says:

    Aku daa lepas semua Level cuma Coming Soon jew tak buka lagi
    Muak daa aku main game Sniper Shoot to Kill ni Coming Soon tak buka2 lagi “Damn” Bodoh” baik main game.. let’s Play game in PC “Blackshot” my ID : alwidz98

  112. alwidz says:

    Aku daa lepas semua Level cuma Coming Soon jew tak buka lagi
    Muak daa aku main game Sniper Shoot to Kill ni Coming Soon tak buka2 lagi “Damn” Bodoh” baik main game.. let’s Play game in PC “Blackshot” my ID : alwidz98

  113. mike says:

    How do u shoot the helicopter down I hit but nothing happens I’ve done everything else’s but can’t kill the helicopter

    • Avon says:

      You just need to wait for the helicopter to be steady. If i’m not mistaken, you need to shoot 5 men, right? The copter automatically takes you to those men, one by one. Once it went steady, just aim, then shoot.

    • Anonymous says:

      OK I just done this one you have to shoot down the pilot don’t worry about the men. Because when the helicopter crashes it kills the men. But you have to kill the pilot before it takes off.

    • Sidney ainsworth JR says:

      OK you have to shoot the pilot the person flying it. You don’t have to worry about the men. Because when it crashes the explosion kills the men. But you have to kill the pilot before take off.

    • Anonymous says:

      Shoot for the rear propeller of the chopper.

    • Brandon says:

      Need help with the paratrooper mission in the second city. Special ops mission number 2. Absolutely cannot beat it. Help me out here fellas!!

  114. Afthon Villa says:

    in save president mission,where sniper position?

  115. Jamal says:

    how to go through jandsburg laying down mission…6/40

  116. molly says:

    Okay so im in Porter Height in the primary missions #7 (last words) and i cant get past it, every time i shoot the captor, it kills the hostage in the process even tho i shot him in the head, what do i do?

    • bantu says:

      you may need to take into account wind speed (there will be a number like +20 or -40 on either side of the scope’s bull’s eye) as well as the distsnce which will be anumber like 400 or 600 displayed at the bottom of the scope.

  117. jeff says:

    Porter heights special opp 5 how do I complete this.
    Can not focus on target, jeep all over the place.

  118. Shale1992 says:

    Can someone please help me! Im stuck on a daily challenge mission where you have to take 5 headshots using the single shot rifle only but it reloads slow and when i fire the guys on the rooftop notice and then they start shooting at me and i die everytime, please help!!

  119. Joseph says:

    I went through and did all most all the upgrades for my sniper rifle. I’m in porter heights. My gun is tier 4, I can’t go in to the last mission 5/5 cause my range for my gun is 2 points off for the range. What do I do?

  120. Johnny macaroni says:

    The cheat for your energy filled up doesnt work van you help me?

  121. Dennis Dougherty says:

    How many wanted criminal levels are there on the first city…..because I’m on 52 Now just wondering great game

  122. Diego says:

    I’m in jandsburg-Bank invasion. I need a long distance weapon but i don’t want to pay with Diamonds. Which one could i use, that could by bought with game dollars?

  123. SC says:

    Jandsburg primary mission, 39/40, what building is the guy in? I see the shot streak across the screen, but can not locate the origin. Thanks

  124. yuben says:

    How do I fix the graphics cause some of them are black specially my rifle.

  125. papp says:

    it came across screen to turn on night vision to do missions in the dark. how do you turn on night vision?

  126. abcde says:

    ich komm nicht in “coming soon” was muss ich tun

  127. ACAB says:

    ich komm nich in coming soon was muss ich tun

  128. Koko says:

    Just finished the game 🙂

  129. Clint says:

    I’ve gotten pretty far in the game but I had to get a new phone. Anyone have any ideas as to how I can keep my progress thus far? I don’t want to have start all over again.

  130. lian says:

    Guyz some one can help me i cant find who got the brief case in primary mission’NOT SO CYBER ATTACK’ some one can help me

    • Anonymous says:

      Lian, when the guy with the briefcase disappears against the wall, you will see another guy coming from the top right of your screen. He also disappears behind the wall. Just keep your eye on the wall because he eventually runs towards the left where the original guy with the briefcase came from.

  131. JoshD9570 says:

    In porter heights , how do you kill the 3 Paratroopers? If you aim straight at them the shot moves off to the left or right. I tried to lead but it doesn’t work. Also the mission with the food critic is going to blow up the restaurant with his cell phone, he is only 800 feet away and it says to lead the shot but nothing seems to work, tried dead center on sights and also leading to the right, as soon as you shoot and miss he runs and you can’t get a second shot , need help please!!??!!?

  132. gamer says:

    Plz any1 can tell me in Martinville spec ops mission wich gun i have to use plz any1 can help me out….

    • Anonymous says:

      Buy the best sniper rifle you can buy without spending real money. It’s a 50 cal. It has to be maxed out with all upgrades.

  133. Don says:

    Help.. How to kill the captor stage 5 on porter village, everytime i do a headshot the hostage was being killed too. Cant aim for the green dot

  134. ToMoney says:

    What does the “RESTORE WEAPONS” options do??

  135. Parth Patel says:

    No new updatesupdates is coming i have completed till Martinvilee full..! Now what to Do.?

  136. Tom says:

    I’m stuck on martinville 4/40, i kill the 5 men but i’m clearly not fast cause the police men also died, some who can help?

  137. Anonymous says:

    I accidently hit recalibrate rifle and now the way I tilt is messed up. How do i set it back to normal?

  138. Harry says:

    I’m Stuck on the Martinsville spec op air to air, what weapon to use

  139. Jeff says:

    When is the next level coming out ater Martinville?

  140. Freako says:

    Anyone knows when the next level after martinsville will be available? Is there actually someone further developing this game?

    • Anonymous says:

      I don’t know. I’ve built up bout 2million in cash. I figure gonna need it for the new weapons for the new cities. Keep shooting and building up cash

  141. Anonymous says:

    can not be purely play in the last level ( COMING SOON) it ! ‘ve all voreusstezungen it! or I must have something or do something else ?

  142. freakes out says:

    Anyone know how to stop helicopter from mob boss in porter heights? Special ops mission 2… tnx

  143. Ryan says:

    How to shot

  144. Anonymous says:

    kann nicht in das letzte level ( COMING SOON ) rein um es zu spielen!habe alle voreusstezungen dafür!oder muß ich noch was anderes haben oder machen?

  145. Wasim says:

    I am stuck at one point whr it says, the target is very far, shot at the right distance marker. can someone guide me how do i perform this task

  146. villis says:

    where is wanted 46 in tonkaaaa????

  147. Naveen says:

    How to fill energy bar… Give me some trick

  148. Jay says:

    How do i use the distant marker?

    • Anonymous says:

      It’s ligning the distance marker and say the wind marker as your new fire point. i.e. If wind is say 40+ then you need to sight your target at 40+ not your normal sight. So your red lines will be not on your target when you fire.
      Also same as distance seek your target but move your rifle up so the distance you require is on the target, not the red sight line, that line maybe above target but don’t worry 🙂

    • Anonymous says:


  149. Name says:

    Can someone reply me fast. Is it just me or after martinville it says “coming soon” what does that mean? It’s not the end right? Please someone reply! Thank you

  150. Anuj says:

    of no use are tricking us

  151. George says:

    I wondered how I can refill my energy because I followed the instructions above and it doesn’t work by me. Can someone help please? I did everything that the instruction said I setted my time 60 ahead but still doesn’t work. One thing what notified me was the game’s icon on the top I have android so, and then I clicked on it but there was no energy.

    • harry146 says:

      u just need to disconnect your internet before making any change in time,then close the app and change the time by 2 hours then u just need to open and exit the game once.then open the game next time the bar is up..enjoy unlimited power but don’t turn the Internet on otherwise the game will automatically picks up the right time and the cheat won’t work….

  152. The game without a next level says:

    Its getting bored at level 28 $2.279.973 and 42 daimonds later.
    On multikill if done 274 and the other 127…
    Now its more like one of those toiletgames whitch never
    Get a update

  153. Swaroop says:

    Hii.. not able to complete spec ops lvl 5 blood city tour… the wepon tilts all d time.. not able to hold it properly while in helicopter.. not able to do it getting frustrated

    • VJack1 says:

      How do you get to lvl 5? I’m stuck in Martinville with all areas cleared. I’m getting bored doing multikill or wanted. Is there a dollar amount or weapon required to move on?

    • Runningbear says:

      Just Keep Level and don’t tilt with Helicopter…its an illusion…stay still and wait for the Helicopter to level out. Peace out.

  154. John says:

    how do i take advantage of the gang shootout and eliminate gang members in porter heights 4/5

  155. GERKOS says:

    level 25,multi kill 177,wanted 143, 1.583.201$, still waiting for the new stage

    • Anonymous says:

      Many of you need to stop playing games and hit the books. I can’t believe how many illiterate people are out there..I thought my son was falling behind IMO, now I know why

  156. taffy pete says:

    I the AW50 PDR maxed out on Porter heights and it won’t let me do final special op mission 5 speed as I need more distance. Can’t buy any other rifle as there is none apart from one worth 1000 diamonds. Help please

  157. RockRheino says:

    Where is the yellow briefcase guy in Porter Heights, wanted #10? Tia!

  158. marty says:

    Im on the zipline mission. Cannot hit all the guys. Im maxed out on the rifle any hints. TIA

    • Anonymous says:

      Dont let them get near the zipline shoot them when they are running to it

      • Batrayan says:

        hi,,.. yeah am trying to shoot them before they reach zipline, but in the scope there is no distance and wind directions, so its just take its own shoot place. could u pls help out in this situation. also the time frame to start the mission is very less, before we targetting/aim the top of roof they started claiming the zipline.. AM WAITING..!!1

  159. sniper says:

    Como ou quando abre a fase coming soon alguem pode responder

  160. Javed says:

    i was on 3rd level suddenly my game reset and i have to start again from starting, all my weapons and are also lost. can anyone guide

    • d-man says:

      This just happened to me too. Did you ever figure out how to restore? I was a level 14 and boom! Back to level 1 suddenly!?

  161. Sparky1970 says:

    Any body know when next mission out or if there even going be one … Great game

  162. Anonymous says:

    How do I earn diamonds? Please help.

  163. JayJay says:

    I’m progressed to the second city but I’ve found I have to hit every target TWICE. This is infuriating, especially combined with the ‘gravity-affected’ leading aiming I have to do now.

    Is this a bug?

  164. Anonymous says:

    Ive just finished the game the last mission is really challenging.. sniper vs sniper on hellicopter…

    • Krish says:

      Hi, Can you help me how to finish the Porter Heights leave- Spec Cop Speed 5 stage… enemy are in the Geep car. How to get the shoot the kidnapper head in the Primary – Failed Negotiation…

    • Anonymous says:

      How do I get to the next level after martainville it says coming soon but I’ve been waitin a month

  165. SeanyB81 says:

    The time thing says my energy is full on the notification, but then when I click to open the game it’s empty and still counting Down the minutes for the next bar. Any ideas??

  166. Scuba Steve says:

    Martinville 16/40 sunset of love, can’t get past it- every time I shoot perp, victim dies! What do I do?

    • SeanyB81 says:

      Make sure you are accounting for the “wind” can appear to be affixed on the perp, but may actually be aimed at the victim.

  167. Ephraim says:

    Hey guys I’m at jandsburg, deadly parade, I can kill the two guys on the roof on the left side, but where are the others?

  168. Argelo says:

    How to open the next level coming soon any idea bout this level

  169. Nuno says:

    I am stuck at 30/35 primary porter heights. Can anyone help me?

  170. Nuno says:

    How to past porter heights level 30?

  171. Ed says:

    When or how do I get to the next city I just completed Martinsville. Please help this is a great game but starting to get a little bored with multi kill and wanted persons.

  172. Outdoorsyguy1 says:

    I have completed all levels. No my next mission/city shows the helicopter and says coming soon. When is soon? OR am I missing something?

  173. Mdabigt says:

    I’m fairly far along in the game but my device keeps rebooting once enemies set up to shoot at me. Anyone have this issue?

  174. ravi says:

    is there any cheat codes where I can get unlimited coins and diamonds and how can I get pls tell me

  175. ask says:

    Stuck on Jandsburg 4/5 Bank Invasion. I have bought the best sniper rifle there is with coins but i am still low on range and i have maxed out. I can’t get on this level without a better gun. I need diamonds and the only way is to pay. Is there a way around this issue? Many thanks,

  176. sniper says:

    coming soon WHEN Enough?

  177. Anonymous says:

    The time thing dosnt work

  178. Anonymous says:

    When is the coming soon going to show up? Any leads?

  179. xyz says:

    How to solve that helicopter one mission. I need some hint

  180. Anonymous says:

    Stuck on prison break in Jandsburg. Always run out of time on the last group of shooters, 3 on foot and 2 in cars. Any hints?

    • Anonymous says:

      Yes, I just beat it, finally. The key for me was to kill them as quickly as possible and not worry about shot placement. Reload after each group. For the final group, slide your scope as little as possible while you wait for the bad guys to approach from the top right. After you pick a bad guy, then zoom in as much as you can. Start with the guy on the furthest top right and proceed counter clockwise. Have as large a magazine (improperly called clip in the game) as possible so you don’t have to reload during the final group. Shoot quickly but don’t miss!

  181. Brock says:

    I’ve gone as far as I can and am waiting for the new level to come! I’m collecting coins in the meantime, but how can I pick up diamonds at a faster pace without buying them?

  182. phil j says:

    What is the best weapon for special opps 5 porter heights

  183. hamza says:

    very good

  184. Shane says:

    Just found this game. Lots of great tips! I’m stuck on the bodyguard mission on level 2. It looks like the shots are coming from beneath me. Any help?

  185. ash says:

    Porter field city, mission primary 30, i am shooting on his head since 2 days. But everytime hostage got killed. What should i do??

    • Anonymous says:

      Shoot at the right mildot for the distance your target is at. At full zoom on 20x, first mil dot below the cross hairs is where your target’s head should be.

  186. Steve says:

    All the guns I’m offered do not offer the distance needed to start Parashoot. Any ideas?

  187. Mark says:

    Is there anything after Martinville? I finished it up a few months ago but nothing new has shown up.

  188. Mike says:

    I’m stuck on “not so cyber attack” and I can’t figure out who has the briefcase? Please help, I’ve shot everyone in the area!

  189. Cosmo kramer says:

    I have been stuck on special obs ‘fear of the dark’ for ages (the one with the four guys under the lamp post). I follow the instruction and shoot the lamp out but I fail to kill even one before I’m spotted. Any tips? Thanks

  190. Anonymous says:

    I am stuck at the “Not so cyber attack” mission (Porter Heights, 31/35)

    I have to shoot the person which will pick the suitcase, but the guy who carries the suitcase goes behind the wall. I can’t see anyone picking the suitcase.

    Any hint?


  191. Ria says:

    Who or what are we shooting at on the Bad Broker primary mission in Jandsburg?

  192. jaywant says:


  193. ernesto says:

    Me ayudan por favor en la misión “Bad Broker” no se que hacer

  194. Steve says:

    Stuck on Jandsburg 4/5 Bank Invasion. I have bought the best sniper rifle there is with coins but i am still low on range and i have maxed out. I can’t get on this level without a better gun. I need diamonds and the only way is to pay. Is there a way around this issue? Many thanks, Steve

  195. dickerchemboi says:


  196. dickerchemboi says:

    how we can to the city i have finished specs of martinville..

  197. dan says:

    Hey guys help me, i have finished the last city Martinville and i don’t have further any new city. I am confused, is it the game finished?!!

  198. jteezer says:

    Martinville 3/5, I kill the first eight guys but then as soon as I shoot the first one in the 3rd set it says cops still die, am I missing something?

  199. Nadia Milling says:

    I’ve finished with Martinville and was wondering when the new city was coming out. I’ve just been doing multi-kill and most wanted to upgrade weapons until then.

    • Ewin F says:

      Coming soon ready!? I also shoot some multikills to be upgraded. Starts to be bored a little (as you close de app and change the time on your phone you get new energy! )

  200. peace says:

    How to complete 34/40 Martinville. After killing four guys, the cop still dies anyway

    • Anonymous says:

      I used the OW-PDW pistol with max upgrades. Shoot the one on the right first. Aim for the head firing fast as you can. Shoot the ones grouped together next firing fast as you can. Shoot the one on the far left last the same way. End of mission.

  201. A.G. says:

    This zip line level is ridiculous. I have loved this game up to this level. I am trying to shoot them at the top and slowing it down as suggested. It might work for one, but not all. I like a challenge, but this seems like I’ll just have to get lucky.

  202. Michael says:

    How do I beat the deadly take off mission. It says to shoot the helicopter so I do sound nothing happens

  203. Anonymous says:

    It won’t let me play spec ops Habsburg even though I have maxed out the aw50 rifle?

  204. ruffeemaster says:

    how do i beat the port heights spec op mission, territorial wars? It always tells me to take advantage of the shooting.

  205. laze says:

    Guys, my mission is to kill the robbers that is zip lining on the roof but I cant shoot at them :// what can I do?

  206. Ali says:

    I’m on tier 3 , mission 5 where they shoot the president but for the love of God I can’t find the guy that shoots the president.. I need help

  207. john says:

    Can’t see the dis-gruntled bomber ‘leaving the restaurant’…..any clues where to look…

  208. John says:

    What’s the next level after Jandsburg and what missions or what to do to advance, because I completed the spec ops and the 40/40 so what’s next?

  209. Jason says:

    Jandsberg 39 of 40. I cannot for the life of me find the sniper across the street. I see where the shots are coming and the himy tells me to aim at that building, but I cant aim that far over nor see him. Any help?

  210. Jason says:

    on Jandsberg the 38th of 40 on Primary I kill the 4 guys shooting at the cops from behind their cars but it says I lost… Am I missing someone??


    • John says:

      Kill first two near the cars on right side of screen, then look up on roof for sniper. Be quick and finish next two I used Asualt weapon not sniper rifle.

  211. GERKOS says:

    where is the guy with the green backpack in jandsburg wanted #49????i cannot find him anywhere

  212. tim says:

    anyone help with sniper martinville 34/40? i kill the 4 guys at the front but then the cops die and i cant find anyone else to kill?? –

    • Anonymous says:

      I just figured it out. Before you start the mission and you can see the street. Look to the far right there’s a guy there and he runs away when you start shooting the other guys. Shoot him first

  213. Anonymous says:

    What can I do about the lagging? My phone lags in spec ops 5/5 porter heights. it makes me crazy.

  214. Anonymous says:

    I can’t figure out the last words mission the double tap thing isn’t working

  215. Anonymous says:

    Sikimin bawi

  216. Help says:

    Where’s the person I have to kill on level 10 special ops The final count down?

  217. Commander Rats says:

    Can’t figure out what to aim at in the 4/5 jandsburg spec ops. The one with the zip line. I keep losing them. Help anyone?

  218. John says:

    Stuck on Jansdburg mission where President is in Parade!! Sniper is at Billboard then what???

    • Bo says:

      Snipers first arrive on the roof on the building to the right of the billboard, then take out the one at the billboard followed by one more to the left. Then the one on the street.

      • ben says:

        Yea but where on the street is he in respect to the president?

        • ben says:

          Figured it out. Forgot about third shooter. Just shoot easily across rooftops killing three guys then wait by front of president to shoot guy running into street.(4 total guys) Ur gun Shud be good enough to kill them on Amy body shot as well….and then game is over : (

  219. Jay says:

    what happens if u use a tier 4 gun in jandsburg in sniper 3d

  220. Skinny 74 says:

    I’m stuck 39/40 jandsburg… Sniper coming from the building ?? I can’t see/shoot … As he is in the building and can’t get the angle to see ….. HELP PLEASE !

  221. Bellerbe says:

    How to beat last words mission?

  222. Anonymous says:

    I actually found a forum that is up to date! Anyways I am trying to get thru spec ops with the zip line.. Can anyone recommend a gun that is the best for this mission? I currently have a gun that meets the level, but I can not zoom in far enough. I get the red dot on them and shoot but can not hit. I have tried on other tips on here and other places. I’m thinking I need a better gun with better scope? Any help would be awesome! Thank you

    • 8igKill3r says:

      I’m stuck on the same “Bank Invasion” spec ops (4/5) at Jandsburg :(. I’m using sniper rifle APR308, Tier 3, maxed muzzle, ammo level 5, maxed body, grip level 5, maxed scope and maxed clip. I’ll try again once I max out everything on the weapon, if you get a tip somewhere else please share.

      • Milkshake says:

        I will try to shoot the zip line off. I tried three times now, and without the red dot and no windcalcutor its more then luck to hit on of them..

        • Matt says:

          Got it! I ended up firing at their heads as soon as the robbers stopped running just before they jump to get on the zip line. When I did this, I ended up hitting them in the stomach by the time the bullet got to them. The keys are to a) figure out the spot from which they jump and b) keep your gun as steady as possible. Once I figured out this out I completed the mission on the second try.

  223. Jason in VA says:

    Jandsburg Prison Break – Spec Ops 3
    I kill all people along the route but te bus still exploded as it makes final left turn…any help?

    • 8igKill3r says:

      On the final left turn there are two guys in front of the bus and right after that there are other 2 that appear behind the bus on 2 cars, maybe you’re missing the last 2 cars behind.

      • ratchet98 says:

        I can’t for the life of me find the guys that hit the bus during the last left turn. They seem to be coming out from behind a building but i cannot find them.

        help please…


  224. big E says:

    Where does #46 come from on the most wanted section. It goes real quick and I can’t find this guy

  225. hash says:

    I am stuck at 21/40 primary mission of martinville. Can anyone tell me where the sniper is?

    • Anonymous says:

      21/40 The sniper is on the corner of the rooftop of the high building to the right of you, but to the left of the antenna.

  226. Anonymous says:

    Why work is wa

  227. Anonymous users says:

    Porter Heights spec ops 1/5 how do u stop helicopter

  228. steve says:

    how do i kill the taxi driver in tonka bay 29/30??? i keep shooting the window but noting….

  229. Darwin says:

    I already completed spec ops in martinville city and I also completed primary mission but the next city say “coming soon” I’ve been waiting for a while now does anyone else have this problem?

  230. melissa says:

    How do I perform a double kill?

  231. Anthony says:

    please, will someone tell me how can I do bank invasion?

  232. Anonymous says:

    How can I do bank invasion mission?

  233. Jose says:

    Im stuck in Jandsburg, 27/40, moving stash.
    I have to kill both with same shoot where i aim?

  234. Skip says:

    I am also stuck on parachute level. Help?

  235. 641 says:

    Martinville – Primary 11/40. Which pair to shoot, far left, or close to center aim

  236. Claire says:

    I can’t get past globalization because I can’t figure out where the Russian sniper is!

  237. Skip says:

    I also cannot get past parachute spec ops in the bay. Plz help

  238. Jakarta says:

    The zip line mission. Before or at the time the target reach the zip, the key is hold your right thumb (time will be run slower, so they move slower) after you sure aiming the right target then you can release you right thumb (if youre not left-handed). Good luck

    • Anonymous says:

      Thank you. I’ve done it. It’s funny how I spent like 20+ tries for this mission meanwhile I made the last one in second try. Now I’m waiting for new city with lots and lots of coins 🙂

      • Dan says:

        On the new city it’s very easy to complete you get new weapons I just finished the new city already very simple good luck

  239. Jakarta says:

    The zip line mission.

    Before or at the time the target reach the zip, the key is hold your right thumb (time will be run slower, so they move slower) after you sure aiming the right target then you can release you right thumb (if youre not left-handed).
    Good luck

  240. Matchek says:

    which type of gun do you use? its the first mission which makes me some problems to complete

  241. Matchek says:

    I have problem with the zip line mission. I tried it 30 times but i can’t shot the persons. Any tipps for me?

  242. Strider says:

    Hi. I have finished Jandsburg. Have accumulated 223000 coins as well. However, it just says that the next level is coming soon. But I am tired of waiting. I have been taking out the criminals on wanted list and I am already at 89#. I don’t have any diamonds though. Please help or advice dear friend….what do I do now? I’ve been waiting for 4 days now!!!

  243. Dylan says:

    How do I beat the last spec ops level for jandsburg? I can only find one sniper.

  244. Joana says:

    Jandsburg mission 11/40 – Self Protection, I can’t find the sniper… Please help!

  245. Anonymous says:

    stuck on the spec opc 5 of 2nd stage (porter height)
    cannot aim and shoot while both me and target are on vehicle. any one help me pls

    • Cale says:

      Just continue looking forward. Keep your gun stable and aimed properly at the other person. Also, wait until your vehicle has fully turned.

      • Anonymous says:

        I kill the first two guys easy, but then can’t get the third guy, when you’re driving around the circle he turns all over the place, I have to keep zooming in and out to keep finding him, by that time I’m in the red and dead… Any other tips??

  246. Macario says:

    I can’t find the sniper in Jandsburg 39#40. What i have to do?

  247. DIZZLE says:

    Stuck on helicopter one any suggestions

  248. Ethan says:

    Anybody done Jandsburg: Bad Broker?? I can’t find anyone to kill!

  249. Dee says:

    Last words im stuck on . I shoot the kidnapper in the head but the hostage still dies . So confused !

  250. Mike says:

    Anyone figured out how to get past the zip line bank robbery mission?

  251. hooli says:

    I’m stuck in last spec ops mission in Jandsburg. I find 3 snipers but I can’t find the fourth and that one always kill the persident

  252. Anonymous says:

    Jundsburg 11/40.. I can’t find the sniper

  253. Ahmad says:

    i installed sniper cheat but how to use in iphone.
    i installed in my pc but in the last moment of installation error msg is coming what to do

  254. Sam says:

    How do I beat primary 20/30 globalization???

  255. Ben says:

    How do you take down helicopter

  256. BigBoy says:

    Anyone stuck on level: globalization? Can’t seem to to find the bastard

  257. Beak monster says:

    I have a 3 round clip but it only lets me shot 1 time then reloads. What’s up?

    • Anonymous says:

      You are probably clicking the reload button on the bottom right, to shoot just tap the screen. I used to tap the reload button and I lost about almost every mission. You should see if that’s what’s up

    • Thinley says:

      Upgrade you game from playstore . I had the same problem but fixed after the upgrade.

  258. ian says:

    Anyone stook on spec ops area 1 mission 3 ‘parashoot’

    • Anonymous says:

      Just aim for the guys in the parachutes. No need to lead your shots.

    • biggie says:

      I’m still stuck on Parashoot. I think I’m hittin the paratroopers but nothing seems to happen? Can anyone share?

      • SniperNoSwiping says:

        Take your wind and distance axis on the scope into the consideration of your trajectory. In other words, look at the numbers around your sight/view and adjust accordingly.

  259. Mike says:

    How do i download?

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