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In this game you are going to run, jump, dash, rush, and parkour your way through more than 100 different levels so you are able to free all the captive smurfs and defeat Gargamel’s minions. As you take the rush of your adventure you are able to discover a gorgeous and magical world directly inspired from the original Smurf comic-books which is highly recommended for those who love the toons. Aside from the magical world of Smurf you can also experience playing with your favorite Smurfs character including Brainy smurf, Handy Smurf, Papa Smurf and lot more which will make your world interesting and fun. But that is not easy since you will be challenged to unlocked them first because before you can use them you need to free each Smurf so you can use their unique epic powers including magnet, double jump, stomp and dash which will surely help you in your journey. Aside from skills, one feature that will makes everyone to enjoy this game to the fullest is that you can customie your Smurfs with cute companiions, magic rings, and artifacts which can give you a decent bonus. Now if you are ready to play the game, you should check some tips and tricks below first.

1. Always complete the given challenges in game. By simply tapping the Papa Smurf icon located at the top right corner of your screen it will bring down the challenges screen. These work as optional objectives that you can complete during the game. It actually worth of your time to go after these as they offer big coin rewards. So you will start having two static challenges but the third one is a limited challenge which means you only have a certain amount of time to complete these missions before it changes to something else. Just try to do this one first as they are usually can give you free gems so you don’t need to download Smurfs Epic Run cheats anymore.

2. Always go for the dangerous route. Upon running in game, you may encounter a sign post that points in two separate directions. One of them will guide you to a normal route while the other having a ominous red will guide you in difficult path. Though this is challenging, you are able to earn enough coins and trapped smurfs on it.

3. Never lose any smurfs. This is actually one of the start requirements in game and this is for you to rescue all of the smurfs on the level. Meaning to say, you need to escort them in safe place. If the smurfs are off screen for even just a second, they will be lost to the evil fog and you really don’t need to download cheats anymore.

4. Equip your Poet Smurf the best gear as possible. The first Smurf with an ability you unlock is poet Smurf. And the best thing about him is his ability to allows him to glide in the air which slows his descent. So this skill is actually very useful especially in tricky platforming and reaching high up goodies. As a matter of fact, any Smurf with the glide ability is perfect to have and we actually suggest sticking with them for the time being.

5. Find those shmieering sparkles. As you can see on the level select screen, there are times you might see a faint yellow glowing somewhere on the map. If you tap it, you will earn a bunch of coins for having a good sharp eye. Just look for this secret yellow sparkles.

6. Don’t hesitate to catch the flying key. There are times that you will see a key hovering above a level you already completed in the past, IF you try to run on the same level again, you will get to chase the key as it flies away. If you able to catch it, you will be yours but you need to be very careful since these levels are really dark and only coins can help you find the way.

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  1. Yamigirl says:

    How do you trigger a big blue bumper?

    • Simon says:

      I was trying this in the tournament. I think what you need to do because it did it by accident… relay one of the Smurfs with you and there’s this thing with the floor drops down. When I did that it said blue bumper activated.

    • Simon says:

      Scratch that. Have one Smurfs with you when you’re on the big blue bumper that you’re coming up to.

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