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Strategy based game will never be the after after Gameloft released their newest game, Siegefall as a brand new game that you are able to play with your iPad and iPhone. The game is tend to compete with the most popular game on mobile when it comes to strategy gaming. In this game you will smash the castle gates and leave but an aftermath of war. The game will challenge your strategy and city management set up when it comes in building as well as destroying other castles. The story will let start your journey to a real where great battles are fought over kingdoms and crowns. And to be the best you need to beat the best and challenging millions of players around the world into a tactical combat game where you will take direct control of your forces to win the war. This is not actually easy since you really need to ensure that you have enough forces to take in battles. There are lots of things you can do in this game not only battling but also city management game which is the core of the game. You will get in touch with legions specialized in a certain field such as sneaky rogues, vicious trolls and even heavy fisted knights. As the foundation of your arsenal you need to master magical cards that will let you enhance your strategy. You can consider freezing enemies, launch destructive boulders and the most interesting part is when you are about to conjure dragons into different cards which will help you win the game. Now if you are ready to play the game and want to consider some tips and tricks for playing Siegefall effectively.

1. Don’t forget to complete all challenges. Here you will be thought on how to play the game effectively. Though the game has an open-ended set up, meaning to say you can do whatever you wish but then if you want to know how to play the game properly or how developers want you to play their game, you better complete all the given challenges. Aside from that, in challenges you are not using your real troops in battle but still you can get lots of goodies and treasures aside from useful information in game. This is also a good margin to know if you are playing the game effectively or not. If you can complete your challenges easily, meaning to say you are in the right path of playing it. But if you are getting problem to complete your challenges, perhaps you need to improve your strategy and gameplay.

2. Consider other players strategy. The fact in any competition, is that you need to open your mind to accept different ideas which is technically from your competitors. You must admit that you don’t know everything and it is better for you to learn things from other minds. So to implement this idea in this game, you better see what others are doing when it comes in base design, placement of buildings and battle strategy which seems effective for you and apply this to your base. If you encounter opponent which made a big problem to you and challenge your offensive measure, you can think that this certain opponent is playing effective defense system. So the key here is to learn from them by means of getting his ideas and apply it to your base. Analyze is the key here and I believe in any strategy based game, analysis plays a great role.

3. Take advantage with multiplayer campaign. The game offers two different mode, single player and multiplayer. And if you want to remain effective in game, you should only fight in Single player campaign missions for a while and only if you think that  the game is getting difficult and you need to grind for more resources. But if you think that you are playing the game right and you want to make progress as faster as you can be, you should stay to multiplayer battles wherein there is a possibility for you to earn more resources by invading other players territory. In multiplayer, there is also a way for you opponent to take revenge on you and take back what you ransacked to them, so you need to have upgraded base which can defender different intruders as you play the game aggressively through multiplayer mode. Yes you should always play the multiplayer campaign but also you should complete the full single player chapters. In this game, you need to complete them so you are able to unlock new heroes.

4. Use your cards wisely. Always keep a hold of your cards and never use them unless this is really necessary and worth spending. Keep in mind that the two cards cost you 400 coins or even the special dust so ensure that the resources you are getting in return are worth it or else you are only lose your resources which is the biggest downfall in this game. Always keep in mind that you are playing to gain more and not waste something. The interesting part here is that there are lots of cards available and the key here is to have as many different ones as possible through your deck. You should unlock more slots by means of upgrading your card keeper. The best thing you can do here is to always have a wall-breaker and healer with you and use it as part of your strategy.

5. Play your hero in battle manually. Hero is the only unit that you can control in battle so you should take this as your advantage. Most of the time this is make a decision upon winning or defeating and the key here is a proper control with your hero based on how you deployed your units will let you win the game. Also consider your hero in your strategy and to empower your entire troops using it by performing a huge adjustment. Just keep an eye on the Hero you need also to protect them in terms of danger as well as making the biggest damage output using it.

6. Try to plan the battle ahead. The good thing in this game is that you can scout first your opponent before engaging them so you can prepare youself and decide whether you can beat them or not. Actually from scouting, this will cost nothing and also you can relate your strategy based the defensive system of your target. You can also have an idea on how many resources your opponent has and this will be the reason for you to attack them or not to attack them. Definitely you will always go for higher resources to ransack and also a difficulty to make it possible. Also as a beginner, you better aim for resources first and totally ignore the medal system.

7. Bait your attackers using unnecessary buildings. In Siegefall not all buildings are important as a matter of fact there are not so needed buildings that you can use as a bait such as barracks and card crafters. You can play these  buildings behind the walls as a bait so that the enemy soldiers especially archers will spend time on destructing them first before reaching those important buildings on your territory.

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    a game tip while the card crafter is in upgrade you can still craft cards by clicking the (+) tab at the top right of your page… General of Pandemic guild

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