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This the newest app from Naquatic after a massive success of their first release now they came back for the introduction of the sequel with Shooting Showdown 2 Pro. In this game you will experience shooting-gallery game which challenge your reflexes through first-person shooting game. In this app, you are either play with adventure mode or you can compete against other players to see who can hit more targets. Definitely the player with the most earned points wins. Below are some tips and tricks to dominate this game by playing it effectively.

1. Getting free gold. In this game you don’t need to download Shooting Showdown 2 Pro cheats to have free gold as you can see developer already gave you a way to get free gold daily. To claim your free gold, just go to in-app purchase store and just tap the claim button. You can get free gold here everyday. This is the premium currency in game that you can in more important things and the good thing to think about it is that the more days that you collect the prize consecutively, the more that the gold is worth so just always check the in-app purchase store for free gold.

2. Let other players use your friend code. This is not new to get freebies in game as other apps already released this kind of promotion and features. The system will gives you gold (premium currency) every time that other players use your friend code. So the trick here is to refer this game to other potential players and ask them if they can enter your promo code so both parties can get freebies especially you since you can do it corresponds on how many players you invited in game. If you don’t have much patience in inviting players, you can use the comment from below to drop your code and let other players see it so they can get free gold and also you. You can also use the App Store review page or even the Facebook fan page or group to let other players know your promo code and use them for both advantage.

3. Hit the farthest  target. For some shooting game on iOS and Android, it is good to aim those targets that are nearest to you since it can be the most threat to you from the closer distance. Well this time in Shooting Showdown 2 Pro it is better to aim for the farthest targets that you can reliably hit. Think about that the farther away it is, the more points you will earn hitting it successfully. To handle this easily, you can enable the zoom-in feature in your phone’s settings. This is perfect especially if you are playing using a small gadget.

4. Practice the quick reload motion. In this game, you can reload by holding the phone flat, facing up and swipe down on the icon that will appear underneath the bullet counter in your screen. You must practice on how you should execute it faster. Also it is good to consider keeping a track when you are shooting fast and this is to use the vibrations to track your bullets through the bullet counter.

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