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Recently we shared walkthrough tricks of playing Shadow Fight 2 but there are some players who missed to follow it because they are really lack of coins, gems and energy. So now we decided to share a guide of how can you get free coins, gems and energy easily. This is for those who don’t want to download Shadow Fight cheats for unlimited resources as we will share to you such tricks where you don’t need to use trainer tool.

First you need to understand these three resources: Coins stand as your primary resources that you need to spend with your equipment. Gems are premium currency that you will usually get from purchasing in official app store with your real cash. Energy is what you need to let you play the game, this is the major problem of serious players as they wish to play the game actively while energy limits this possibilities. Energy replenish automatically over time or you can spend gems to instantly replenish your energy. So this guide is about getting them all easily so you will never find running out of these resources as serious problem.

Getting Easy Coins

 Being the primary currency, this is the easiest to obtain. Basically you will get it from winning a battle. So if you are in need of coins, you need to farm it by repeatedly playing a match and beat it. The tricks in grinding is that you must consider the coin you will get from it and the time duration you consume in beating the level. You must also memorize everything so you can play it easily, the easier for you to take down the stage, the better when it comes to grinding. It is also good to consider using hard hitter style that will let you obtain bonus coins. In grinding, the challenge lies on getting more energy, of course you don’t want to spend another resources just to get extra energy, so you must learn how to get energy. Fortunately you can use energy cheat that we will share below so you can grind for more XP and coins infinitely.

You can also consider survival to earn more coins. Here the more rival ninja you defeat in one round, the more currency you will earn. As you acquire enough coins, you can use them to empower your equipment (helmet, armor and weapon), magic and ranged attacks so you can handle a fight easily as you make progress in game.

Unlimited Energy Cheat

Energy is very important in game, as this is what you need so you can grind for more coins. Luckily there is a glitch on Shadow Fight 2 where you can cheat the energy. Here you don’t need to download tool anymore. The only thing you need to do is to adjust the time of your gadget ahead once your energy runs out and then you can go back to Shadow Fight 2 and there you will see your energy bar refilled instantly. A single energy replenishes every five minutes so if you have zero energy, you can set the time ahead by half hour to make it full. After that you can set back to the original time and you will see that your energy will not return to zero. You can repeatedly do this trick every time your run out of energy. But again, this is part of game’s glitches  and so we can’t assure how long this cheat will work but as of today May 11, 2014 it still working so use it to the fullest.

Getting Free Gems

As we mentioned this is the most important currency of the game that you will get mostly from purchasing it with your real cash. This is the way for developer to earn profit as they encourage their players to buy gems as part of showing their support for the developer. While not all players can afford to spend cash for the sake of entertainment, most of them wished to download cheats that will give them unlimited gems for Shadow Fight 2. Actually that is not the only thing you can do to obtain free gems as the game prepare options to those who are not willing to spend cash.

First thing in getting free gems is by completing your achievements. This is challenging but you can get rewards from it. Just go to the main menu and then to the picture of the ninja where you can upgrade your skills and then go to the ribbon icon. There you will see the list of achievements you can accomplish to earn free gems as well as you can collect your rewards from those quest that already been completed.

The second thing where you can get free gem is every time you level up. Together with gems, you can also get free coins. To level up easily, you can also grind for XP. Actually there is no more problem in this part as you have unlimited energy to use in game. You need only patience for doing it again and again. But as we believe if you are serious in playing Shadow Fight 2, you will never find this tiresome to do.

And the third thing is to go to the store menu and locate the bottom menu where you will see a free gems logo. Go there and you will see two ways of getting free gems. This is by completing offers through Tapjoy or you can watch advertisement videos for free gems. From here you will say to yourself that developer wants to discourage you from downloading Shadow Fight 2 cheats for unlimited gems as they allow you to get free gems in brighter view.

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  306. kamil says:


  307. kamil says:


  308. pranay says:

    How to download????

  309. ashok says:

    Nice game

  310. poop says:

    Can someone dum it up

  311. akira says:

    Thank you

  312. najoeu says:

    Thankkk you

  313. Aniket says:

    Can anyone help to hack the game

    • Unknown says:

      I’ve also wanted to hack it but it doesn’t work…every time I click on the gems(because I have a hacked iPhone)it doesn’t work

  314. Aniket says:

    Can anyone tell how to hack the game

  315. kimberly yabut says:

    Tang Ina bulataw ampota– do naman gumana

  316. double d says:

    No help on android try with root browser to edit user.xml it says currupt data. Dont understand how it checks the orignal files. Need to understand the codings.

  317. pene says:

    No entiendo ni guea

  318. Anonymous says:

    Thank you very much for the unlimited energy cheat it is very helpful

  319. Anonymous says:

    What’s that glitch with the perfect win

  320. frijj says:

    Unlimited gems

  321. isnak says:

    for ios jb user you can edit the users.xml using ifile. but remgember before you edit turn airplane mode open the game and after the first video intro and load go to home screen open ifile and edit users,xml and save and go to the game again and the game will load data that you edit its worked for i hope it work for you.

  322. Khilfi says:

    I want unlimited gems

  323. mustafa says:

    hile istiyorum

  324. akey says:

    dude i downloded flipkart downlod ur rar file but thers nothing in dere plz help

  325. mr. RESTLESS says:

    Hey guys…I tried this glitch on my device and it worked:)
    Just start tapping punch icon repeatedly before fight starts and you will get PERFECT win…….. ;p!!!!!!!!!!

  326. Masta says:

    shadow fight 2 unlimited money

  327. Henry says:

    I asked how to fix it when it crashes when you trying to download the update dang

  328. A Stone. says:

    Thank you a lot for sharing this!

  329. Kuvindu premadasa says:

    Thank you dude!

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