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Now if you want to see a new slash n’ dash arcade-based game to the next level, you better check out Samurai Blitz that you can download for free. In this game you will dash your way through 6 beautiful pixel-drawn environments while you do slicing and dicing towards your enemies and kills as many enemies as possible. But this not about random tapping since you need to chain your combos to inflict more damage against your opponent and earn more rewards as you slay your enemies. Just like what we mentioned that this is not about randomly tapping since you need to watch out for the projectiles coming towards you. Keep in mind that the further you run, the harder it will become but as the challenge comes around, there will be more rewards you will acquire from executing larger combos and that is what you need to keep you alive in game. For every level that you completed, you will encounter a different boss based on unique environment. Just take down the boss before it has a chance to flee the battle for you to acquire coins with some rare drops which will help you on your journey. The game also offers simple tap feature wherein you need only  to tap the left side of the screen to jump and the right portion to attack. You can also do double jump for you to gain more height save yourself from pits. Now if you ready to play this game, you better start it with some tips and tricks that we learned from other players alike. Hope you will find it effective too based on your gameplay.

1. Earning more coins. If you wish to earn more coins in game especially if you don’t have Samurai Blitz cheats for unlimited coins, you can consider sticking close to the ground hitting as many jars as possible or you can hit the jars that are suspended from parachutes. If ever you see a pink jar, just hit that and you will get the golden cat. By doing this trick, you are able to earn one random prize at the end of the level and you are able to get the gold cat and most of the time you are able to get more coins.

2. It is all about how you tap. In this game, you can jump by simply tapping the left side of the screen or slash by tapping the right side of your screen. The height of your jump technically based on how long your hold down on the screen. And the cool thing here is no matter how high you jump, you can still execute a double jump. For the second jump, the same rules applies for how long you tap the screen for.

3. Fight bosses based on pattern. As a beginner, you will find it hard to fight with bosses but as you memorize the pattern, you will say that it is easy to take them down. The key here is don’t let yourself get hit by the green projectiles. Just try to avoid then then when the boss head flies at you, just avoid that or you can slash it quickly. When it happens that the giant mask head floats in front of you, just slash it over and over until it moves again. Just repeat the same pattern until you defeat the boss entirely.

4. Spend your scroll wisely. In this game, you can spend your coins that you collected in your run through different stuff while most of them are only form of cosmetic such as katana, cloak upgrades and etc. But if you are practical enough and you want to spend it in more useful things, you can spend it through scrolls that come useful in game. For attack scrolls, just save them until you reach the boss levels and let this scroll aid you in battle. Compare to other challenges, boss battles comes tough to beat and using scroll you can get your advantage from beating them.




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