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This is a follow up post for Ruzzle Adventure as we found potential in this game from hitting the top app chart. Recently we shared cheats and guides where you can have unlimited lives and play the game limitless. Now, for those who want to play the game in fair, we are here to share to you a decent way of dominating the game without any modification or cheat download. So let’s get it on!

Go for complicated word. Those word having high rated letters such as X, Y, Z, Q etc. From here you will say to yourself that the length of a word is not always that matter. The important thing is how many point you can gain by matching rare letters as well as working this out through multiplier.

Do not repeat words. Because you have limited moves to initiate in game you should use this to the fullest to gain the highest score as possible. One thing of not wasting your move is by repeating it until the next level. Definitely once you spell a word, you can’t spell it again unless you reach the next stage. Making a match with repeated word will also cost you move so definitely this is a big waste of action.

Work with plural or singular noun. Yes you can’t repeat a word but you can change it to plural or make it singular to count this as new word. You can easily add “s” on it to make changes.

You can use indecent our foul word in game. This is a word puzzle and there is no word such malicious so here you can use any word as long as this is valid as word even those belong to foul words. Maybe you know what I mean there is nothing to explain further.

There is no room for wrong spelling. Compare to other word puzzle game where you can slightly guess a word by randomly try to match letters. If you already played Popcap’s Bookworm I guess you already did that technique there. But here in Ruzzle Adventure you need to double-check the spelling of your word before trying to confirm submitting it. Don’t forget to look at the top of your screen so view words you’re building up. Once you submit wrong spelling word this is totally waste of move.

Consider using wood tiles twice before it will break. As you make progress in game, you will encounter letter-printed wood tiles that you need to used twice in your word before it will crack. It is really important to remember using this wooden tiles in your match.

Use more than one stone tile for every word. It is a good practice in making a match for a word because you really need to use it several times before you can break it. If you will use this once for every word, it will consume all your allotted moves before you can break it. So the trick is to prioritize those letters having stone tiles with your matches.

Considering making matches with speed and not points. This works on well-climbing levels where you need to play it as faster as you can be. Here water fills the screen and you need to spell it quickly in order to stay ahead with your position. Definitely you will like to make matches out of short words so you can keep on moving.

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  1. Ingeborg says:

    Help, i cant find the alien in 191, months and months?? Please please

  2. Anonymous says:

    So how do I find the aliens???

  3. james says:

    I can’t find the alien in 191 either. Wiped out everything else, but still no alien

  4. Cheryl M says:

    Level 191, impressive! I can’t even beat Pam to get past level 50!

  5. Annet says:

    can’t find him either, grrrr

  6. Annette says:

    How do you find the aliens in level 191?? I explode everything but there are no aliens!!

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