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From Locojoy and Firefly games together, they released a new app entitled, Rush of Heroes as an excellent role playing game. Technically this is the ultimate parody of action RPG experience  under 3D visual effects. In this game you will command a self-aware team of heroes on their quest in fighting monsters and epic bosses for the sake of awesome treasure. In Rush of Heroes you can unlock and explore hundreds of new quest lands, forming congregation and fight monsters and challenging battle through PvP arena. To ensure that you will spend time in playing this game, developer included almost 150+ different quest zones and battles areas to explore together with more than 40 fully upgradable heroes in game.

If you are asking for any reason why you should play this game, well we can say that this is a major revolution of role playing game into mobile platform. We never thought that we are able to play such game on our mobile device that we usually play on other gaming platforms. As a matter of fact you can enjoy over thousands of weapons and armor pieces which you can acquire you will become powerful in game and help you eliminate your enemies easily. You can also bind gems to your gear to get an edge over your opponents. Aside from weapons and armor, you can also enjoy hundreds of skills and abilities while you unlock over 40 heroes and each of it has their own strengths that you can use as your advantage in game. You can play as tank, mage, healer, rogue or hunter and let you evolve your skills to unleash a very powerful abilities.

And the most challenging and interesting part of this game, the PvP feature of the game through Arena PvP and Dungeon Rushes. In this feature, attacking your enemies is an exhilarating opportunity to loot their items as well as their gear. As you continue beating your opponent, you will earn a good rank in the arena which will allow you to receive massive daily rewards. Just think about you have what it takes to compete in Frostland. Take down consecutive PvP enemies and you acquire ultimate rewards. Now to help you compete in this game, we want to share some tips and tricks for playing this game effectively.

1. Always upgrade your weapon as possible. In this game you will see that the method of upgrading your weapon is pretty similar to what is in the Heroes Charge and other role playing game except that all of your characters come with a specific set of equipment. So you have to first upgrade every piece of equipment first from one color level to the next,. For instance, on your first upgrade, it will go from black to green and then you can upgrade your character who will then become far stronger than they were before.

2. Getting easy experience points, coins and upgrading items. This is your primary resources in game and you will wish to get it easier for more progress. Well for you to ensure that you can acquire it easily, you can go to the last level that you have beaten and grind on it. Thanks to auto-battle it will speed up everything in game. Though manually playing the battle is still better than auto-battle mode, considering that you are playing on those level that you already defeated, this will bring ease to you without bothering that you will be defeated on this mode.

3. Unlocking all new game modes. We mentioned about getting more experience points so you will gain level up since this is very important as increasing your level let you unlock all kinds of new game modes such as the Arena and Shops where you can buy items to inlay into equipment that you can use for upgrading purposes. In addition, you can upgrade the experience level of each of your fighters to equal your player level but no higher until the player level increases. So when it happens that you skyrocket your player level using raid and grinding, you can use experience salves and other items to boost up your fighters for a huge strength boost.

4. Don’t forget to upgrade all the skills of your characters too. Most of the time, this will be the deciding point if you are going to win the game or not and when it comes in upgrading your skills, you need to have lots of coins for it. You can upgrade the skill level as high as your character’s level while your character’s level can be as high as your player’s level.

5. Take advantage with free items that you can get from chests. The coins chest in game will be open multiple times a day for free. The gems chest will be free once every 48 hours and it has a good chance for you to earn an entire new character as well as equipment.


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