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This is the result and proof for the massive success of Tribal Wars 2, InnoGames successfully released Tribal Wars 2 as a browser game for open beta. This strategy game will challenge their players to work with small village into a powerful empire that can fight and defend their sovereignty from other players. From closed beta testing, the game already earned 300,000 players and that is a good reason to make an article/research for this game so we can share cheats, guides and updates for Tribal Wars 2.

As a player you will start with a single village with your objective of completing series of task using different resources such as iron, wood and clay. Just with other massively multiplayer online real time strategy game, users can upgrade their structure to improve their overall arsenal. You will find different structures in game such as military barracks, farms, timber camp that will bring correspondent addition to your empire. For instance, building timber camp and clay pit will produce base resources and for warehouse stores, this will expand the numbers of resources you can hold. You can also build barracks that will let you train both defense and offensive units as part of your military system. You will start with just defensive spearmen while upgrading your barracks will let you unlock additional units such as archers, swordsmen, rams, catapults.

Now for the gameplay, you are able to send units to attack through PvP or Player vs AI with Barbarian villages. Since this is strategy game, expect that you need to use your mind in planning on which unit you need to send as well as their quantities. Once you deploy them in game, they will fight automatically and from here you will realize that you really need to plan it ahead from their position, preferred target and enemy’s defensive units. . As you just started playing the game, the game will not ask you to do more effort with your strategy as a matter of fact you can easily win the game by sending massive numbers of units but as you continue playing it for hours or days, you really need to be very strategic in selecting units to deploy as well as the number of units to use in game. Always consider that lesser number of units to deploy is better as long as you can win the game. Meaning to say you are doing a good strategy even without an advantage in number.

The game also has a quest system guides to bring margin for players in making progress. With this guidelines you will find out that this game is easy to play as well as you can easily diagnose if you are playing the game effectively. The quests ask players to build certain structures or upgrade a certain buildings that will bring them additional arsenal. Every action will ask you to spend hours but you can instantly complete using premium currency. When it comes to premium currency you will find out boosters that may reduce the build costs of buildings in a given percentage as well as production capabilities of a certain building for a week. There is also boosters that can increase the storage limit for protected resources and lot more.

Right now, the game is free-to-play on browsers while InnoGames are planning to release this game on iOS and Android this year.

Gameplay 9
Graphics 8
Sound 9
Overall 9