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Couples of days ago we published about a celebrity based game with Lindsay Lohan as a response with the popularity of Kim Kardashian: Hollywood, now we are able to play Tiffany Alvord Dream World for both Android and iOS. For those who don’t know who Tiffany Alvord is, she is a singer-songwriter who made her fame on Youtube after her songs uploaded on video for sharing wayback in 2008. Now Tiffany already made a success after reaching 2.2 million subscriber which they can experience a world of both fashion and music as they will strive to become a star under different circumstances.

The game was built using the Star engine which is owned by Complete Star Limited known as joint venture of Crosby Capital Limited and Animoca. So expect that it will pays in an almost identical fashion to games in which franchise such as Star Girl: Beauty Queen as an example. As you play the game, you can complete quest by dressing your avatar in the latest fashions and completing jobs in the recording studio and lot more.

In some simulation games like this, you will see that they are focus on romance and time management but now you will see a more like Kim Kardashian: Hollywood. So if you enjoy that game you will also like this Tiffany Avord based game the only thing that you need to work to become a popular singer by recruiting bandmates. As a player, you have in your hand the decision making of accumulating your charm points as your character is able to dress a better pieces of clothing as well using those charm points to access different field of the cafe where you can recruit bandmates for additional gifts.

As you keep on playing the game, you can try few mini-games to earn prizes such as yoga challenge wherein you should identify the odd an out in a line up of yoga poses as well as game where users need to quickly pick out a piece of clothing to match a model on the screen. And lastly, players can try a music mini-game that includes snippets from Alvord’s songs.

Now if you are ready to put Tiffany Alvord Dream World to your Android and iOS powered device, you can get it to their official iTunes and Google play page. Don’t forget to bookmark our website so you can return here for more updates in the future.

Gameplay 9
Graphics 8
Sound 10
Overall 9