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SEGA is still not leaving the race after fruitful years in gaming scheme and now they are here to conquer once more the mobile gaming with their Super Monkey Ball Bounce. In this application that is available for both Android and iOS devices, you will enjoy the concept of playing pachinko machines. As a player you will experience playing with 119 puzzle levels through clearing pegs from the screen while rescuing six playable character. Along your way, you will encounter bosses wherein you need to do your best skills in overcoming it.

For every level, players are presented with a different layout of orbs and rectangles on the screen. Specifically page are keys pegs and must be removed before running out of shots. For each shot, players can tap and drag their cannon to aim at any peg located at your screen and this must be tap again to actually take the shot. When it come to boss levels, the goal change and as a player you need to hit a boss that is moving across the bottom of the screen.

As you complete the boss battle, you are able to unlock new playable characters with their own unique powers. For example, AiAi that come with expert in aiming trajectory mode, while you can see Baby’s power sees a few shots will turn into smaller and bouncier orbs that have potential to clear much pegs in your screen using a single shot. Excited to own these powers? There are special powers you can see in game and some of these powers are triggered by clearing and matching pegs in a stage while you will figure out that some should be purchased.

The game uses lives system wherein you are able to play the game without any limit as long as you can beat it. If ever that you fail the stage, you will lose life so as long as you can win the game, your life will stay and you can play as longer as you want. If you consume all your lives, you can wait for it over time as this will replenish automatically. Though when it comes in this kind of applications having a time management system, you can easily cheat it through time lapse glitch. As of now there is no confirmation yet regarding with the cheat but we are expecting that this will work same here in Super Monkey Ball Bounce. So don’t forget to bookmark our website so you can return here instantly for more updates regarding to the effective of this trick.

As you complete the stage, you will be rated based on your performance through three-star rating. Star is what you need to unlock your chance of getting new monkey costumes as well as bonuses through in-game slot machine. In addition, players can buy gold bars with real cash. Gold bars can let you purchase extra moves bonus or boosts in the game’s store. This will boost your character’s ability for instance the AiAi’s aiming trajectory line and let trigger a multi-ball bonus for extra  peg-clearing ability. You can also create a rocket that has the ability to clears any pegs within its crosshairs and lot more. This will be unlocked in your game once you reach a certain levels.

If you are not fan of spending cash or downloading Super Monkey Ball Bounce cheats, you can still have a chance to earn gold for free through watching video ads. This is a typical activities for those who are serious in playing games but they want to play it fairly and free from commercial content. You can also integrate your gameplay to Facebook so it will record your higher scores and compete it with your friends. To encourage you that you will participate in the social feature, the game will let you send and get free lives from other players.

The full version of Super Monkey Ball Bounce is free to download, just visit their official Google Play and iTunes page.

Gameplay 7
Graphics 7
Sound 6
Overall 7