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If you enjoy the original Stick Squad and want to extend the challenge, you will also like Stick Squad 2: Shooting Elite as the sequel of this app wherein players will be challenged to deal with 20 new sniping missions as well as 60 shooting objectives to follow the story of two anti-heroes. Yes you will play the villain part as the adaptation of the original Stick Squad. So you will clear missions by shooting at stick figures on the screen. When you are under sniping mode, you need to slide your finger around the screen to aim and tap a button to shoot. You have also access to different weapon such as handguns, assault rifles and etc which will be based on your mission. For every mission there are three objectives that you need to comply. And each objective there are three levels of difficulty which you will given a rank based on your performance. You can earn up to three stars as the top rating, meaning to say you got an ace with accuracy and speed of completion. At the end of each mission, you will receive cash that you can spend for the improvement of your weapon or you can purchase a brand new weapon for your additional collection.

The game also empowered with social features as a matter of fact, you can earn more coins by sharing your progress as well as your achievements to social media or you can use Facebook to challenge your friends through shooting range. So you are not playing this game alone but with a twist of social features where you can take your advantage through in-game compensation.

If you are ready to play the game now, you can download the full version of Stick Squad 2: Shooting Elite for free on Google Play for Android powered device while for iOS, the game is scheduled to release on the first quarter of 2015. So don’t forget to bookmark our website so you can return here for more updates regarding with iOS release of this app.

Gameplay 7
Graphics 8
Sound 8
Overall 8