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Who said that Zynga already drowned by King? Well that is for Facebook but with iOS and Android mobile game industry they are not giving up as they released new application with NFL Showdown. In this app, you will be allowed to manage your own NFL team under the ultimate goal of winning the Super Bowl. The most exciting content of this game is their inclusion of real NFL players through their partnership with official NFL Players Inc. So expect that you are able to encounter athlete names in game.

You will start in choosing the team you wish to manage and from there you can start work it out through one million dollar as your starting money to build the best team possible. From here you can purchase free agents from other players through live auction house, or you can purchase other players’ characters in game. For every player you will find different stats while you can swap them if you don’t like to see in team or if you can’t build a proper chemistry from them. As you continue playing, you will see that players’ contract will ask you for renewal while it is included to your management the tracking of your players’ salaries for a better progress. As you keep on playing you will see along the way an Advisors Checklist that features task to complete. Upon complying this set of task you will get rewards.

So we mentioned about the contract, so here’s the system: Players which included in a league can be play in game every day over a season that lasts 21 days. These 32-team leagues will bring players into head-to-head match up with real players. Upon making the current league, you will be taken in advancement until you reach the top. The interesting part here is that the game observe real-world scheduled time, so you need to come back to the game to watch for your progress. In the end, you will be rated with your overall performance with player confidence that impacts team success while you can use premium currencies in game to buy confidence boost.

When you are not on matches, you can do practice events to train your players. These will let you train through running drills, weightlifting, scrimmages etc that will take time to complete. While in training you will see that this will drain some of your players’ energy. Yes there is an energy system in game that will limit the team’s players to play and this will be asked to you when you are in training. But here’s the catch, since this is mobile app, we are expecting that we can do NFL Showdown cheats through time lapse glitch that will let us modify the time and instantly replenish our players’ energy. Though as of now there is no confirmation regarding with that cheat so you better stand by with us. Anyway you can wait for this energy to recharge or you can purchase energy boost in their official in-app purchase store.

That is for team manage and when it comes to strategy, you can change your overall strategy between games wherein you can decides how many interceptions to allow before benching their quarterback for example. These team strategy management will also let you choose between base offense or defensive strategies base on the advantage of a team’s players. Don’t worry since the game may suggest itself a good strategy that will work for you or you can focus on plays that capitalize on great tight ends.

The game is free to download for both Android and iOS just visit directly their official Google Play and iTunes page respectively.

Gameplay 7
Graphics 7
Sound 5
Overall 7