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With a partnership with Paws Inc., Pixowl known for making the Sandbox possible, released a newest title under Garfield franchise. Garfield: Survival of the Fattest is a simulation game wherein the game will asks players to help the iconic fat cat avoid losing weight after Jon takes the family into the wilderness to survive off of the land. Garfield known as the world’s famous cat and his enthusiast for food are now available on mobile gaming to let us enjoy a new simulation game. And the biggest challenge for him is when Jon takes Garfield into camping so he can force him to die. Well that is not easy since for Garfield, diet is die with the t. So here you will help Garfield get back his favorite dishes while camping in the wild. Actually it is a survival of the fattest.

As based on Garfield title, expect that you will enjoy the combination of humor of Garfield cartoons with modern gameplay mechanics which is similar to Simpsons: Tapped Out if you already played that game. In this game, you will enjoy collecting multiple characters from the Garfield universe over time and you can send each of this character to work individually to complete your quest and expand your gameplay. Here you will help Jon live a healthier lifestyle as he encourages Garfield to do the same but like what we said this is not easy for guy who really loves to eat.

So your primary objective is to expand your campgrounds as you will start it with a simple tent, well and fruit trees that you can use to make progress in game. And as you work with your campgrounds you are able to improve based on industrialize the forest and unlock additional food options such as coffee, pizza and pies. As you continue your journey, you are able to unlock over 30 food items and can use base ingredients to craft new recipes and this is for the sake of keeping Garfield plump. Aside from coins, you can also collect water as a separate currency and you can use this water to increase the productivity of tree over time in your land.

The game also has a three mini-games for additional gameplay such as Spider Cave which will challenge players from tapping on spiders and other bugs to keep them away from Garfield’s food. Developer also included that there will be more games to be added in the future. To make this game interesting to everyone, it has lots of task wherein you need to complete under a limited time but you can use Lasagna to skip these timers. Lasagna stands as the premium currency in game. Later on you will see players wish to download Garfield: Survival of the Fattest cheats so they can have unlimited Lasagna as this will help you instantly complete your task so you don’t need to wait for it. But actually you don’t need to do that anymore since there are ways in game which will let you to earn free of this premium currency so you don’t need a cheat to have it or to spend real cash for it.

The game has an animated cartoon resemblance which complete with many of characters you like from the series. It provides the most vast and casual gaming experience with the twist of Garfield title. Now if you are ready to play this game, you can download the full version of Garfield: Survival of the Fattest for free. Just visit iTunes for their official app store page.

Pixowl’s Garfield: Survival of the Fattest plays like an animated cartoon, complete with many of the beloved characters from the fat cat’s universe. It provides the most vast, wonderfully casual, immersive experience players will ever encounter in a Garfield game to date.
Garfield: Survival of the Fattest is available to download for free on the iTunes App Store.

Gameplay 8
Graphics 7
Sound 7
Overall 7