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As far as I remember, Digimon is the first card battling game way back on PlayStation one. And now the good thing here is that you can play the same excitement using your mobile gadget as they released their newest series with Digimon Heroes that you can play for both iOS and Android. Digimon Heroes is a match-3 card battle adventure wherein you will enjoy the all-start case of more than 1000 Digimon characters. The story begins over the last years wherein Digimon armies have been in a perpetual struggle on their way leaving File Island in ruins and that is your task since this can no longer continue so you need to take action on it. Your adventure will starts with the guidance of Angewomon’s so you are able to digivolve your Digimon team and become the ultimate Digimon Hero! So the game is about strategy and you need to formulate it. Definitely this is not about download Digimon Hero cheats and dominate the game because the real fun is on building your own team and not only by means of winning it. We can guarantee you that if you enjoyed Digimon game before, you will surely like it even before.

One of the most exciting part of playing is collecting all cards from all different tiers. And for you to do it, you need to consider your luck through DigiFuse to get something new. So you will never find this game too repeatitive way to play since there are lots of things you can and that is make any Digimon titles really addictive to play. You need to spend hundred of hours, to dominate and complete this game.

As for the feature, you are able to enjoy the simply yet strategy based action by means of matching command cards for you to form chains and devastate your enemies. From the popular schemes of playing Digimon, you are able to collect 1000 different Digimon from different tiers such as common to legendary. As you collect sets of Digimon you need to empower them since the game is getting difficult as you make progress. The game offers different ways to improve your Digimon through DigiFuse, DigiVolve and Limit Break. To add some excited to the game, developers included events and epic battles as you fight your way through File Island and push your team to its limit with epic events and challenges. Just remember that you need an online connection to play this game.

As of now the game is on soft-release which made this game available only to New Zealand based player but later on the game will be available globally. The game is available for free download and if you are serious and you want to spend money on this game to take edge, you can do it through in app purchase.

To download the full version of Digimon Heroes, just visit their official iTunes page. Don’t forget to bookmark this page for more cheats, guides and tips in the future.

Gameplay 9
Graphics 10
Sound 9
Overall 10