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Now MMORPG is available to play on mobile devices with Perfect World Entertainment’s Dawn of the Immortals as never before. In this free-to-play massively multiplayer online role playing game, you will experience battling in fantasy world where goblins have somehow collected the power of machines in their quest to dominate the world. To defend the world from their evil plan, players can use different hero to raise up and battle against on these monster. As you start playing the game, you are able to choose between classes and boost your hero so it can compete with tough battles and opponent while playing the game unveiling the storyline as this require you more effort in grinding your character.

Since you are playing MMORPG in such mobile device expect that you will control your character in variety of ways. The game offers virtual joystick that you can drag for precise control or you can simply tap on the where you want to move your character just like the typical online games. The game also uses auto-move feature where you can just tap on the active quest and your character will move to its corresponding direction/location.

To attack, players need to tap the enemies they wish to attack or they can tap on the attack button in the corner of the screen to automatically attack nearby enemies. As you earn experience points, you can unlock special skills that you can be designate to hotkeys and used everytime it is ready from cooldown.

Developers ensures that you will not get tired in playing this game as you have access for new gear and weapons as you complete different quests and progress through 60 different levels. You can also improve these gear through enhancements and embeds systems. Aside from unlocking new gears, you can also distribute stats to their character to boost them and build dynamic character from one player to another. You can increase your base strength and defense stats of your character.

Finally, just the same with other typical MMORPG, players can compete or play the game with other real players by joining PvP or guild system where you can chat with other parties and access group chat. Of course this is MMORPG so expect that you are able to get advantage if you have lots of friends to play this game with. The game contains world bosses where you need to exert much effort while learning more from Dawn of the Immortals such as guides, tricks and even cheats so you can always have the advantage over it and we found out that joining a community or conversing with other players will help you a lot on this things.

Excited to download Dawn of the Immortals? You can visit their official iTunes page to get the free full version of the game for iOS users.

Gameplay 10
Graphics 9
Sound 8
Overall 10