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Zynga known from using big names to ride on their game but now it was them who developed game for such big name. Yes we are talking on Looney Tunes Dash! that Zynga releases for both iOS and Android devices. In this game you will experience the traditional runner game under a level-based objective to complete unlike with endless gamelay set up. With official partnership with Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment you can expect that you are able to see different characters from popular company and you are able to play them in game.

You will start playing the game with Bugs Bunny on his run from Elmer Fuud in an attempt to make it the rabbit hole at the end of the stage. As players progress, they will unlock access to levels starring Road Runner, Tweety Bird and lot more. For each of their own appropriate setting, obstacles and also enemies. You will find that there are some levels may offer secondary goals like collecting carrots in bulk as Bugs Bunny.

For every level of the game, you will find yourself running away from the screen and swiping left and right to move between lanes and swiping up to jump over obstacles or you can swipe down to slider under them. Environment actually split into two separate path to bring twist to a player on which path they will take while there is a difference between two paths. There is a path which marked as expert path and of course you can take it if you are looking for additional difficulty. You will also find that coins are scattered through every environment together with power-ups and bonus point balloons.

When it comes on these power-ups, this include a vacuum for collecting all nearby coins and two which can make characters to become invincible for a time. You will find that this can turns players into Gossamer, a character that can run though all obstaclerzs to destroy them while another will turns the player into a super hero and capable of flying over the path under limited time duration. The duration of these power can be improved using coins.

Plus in every character there is a special power that they can unlock upon reaching a specific level. For example, in case of Bugs Bunny, he has a Super Stomp which let you destroy all nearby obstacles and earn bonus points. You will see charges automatically as players run or can be charged instantly by picking up a boost while running. In addition, you will see special Looney Tunes cads that can be found in some levels while running. As the game’s levels are spit into sections based on episodes from the Looney Tunes universe as you can see the cards themselves contain episode collection.

As you play the game, you can ear up to three stars for every level based on your score and you can view this score alongside with friends on level specific leaderboards. If play players to fail to complete a stage without hitting an obstacles you will lose  life and you can retry the stage from the beginning. Players also have the option paying premium currency to continue running without starting over again. These lives recharge automatically over time while we are expecting that we can also cheat this part through time lapsed glitch but as of now we don’t have confirmation yet so it is better to bookmark our website so you can return here for more updates in the future.

If you are ready to start your 90-level challenge with Looney Tunes Dash, you can visit their official iTunes page if you wish to play it for iOS powered device while for Android platform, you can check Google Play for it.

Gameplay 8
Graphics 8
Sound 7
Overall 8