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Just another month and it will be 2015 so I guess this is the best time to discuss this one of the most awaited game of 2015, DomiNation. Big Huge Games, official developer of this app in partnership with Nexon has announced that development of the company’s debut mobile title. Yes this is the first game released by Big Huge Games though they are formerly SecretNewCo. This new gaming company founded by Brian Reynolds, a veteran in game industry after 23 years of success. The game described as an epic strategy based game that focus on advancement through time and exploration.

You will start playing it in choosing to lead one of a seven great nations in the history such as Greece, China, Japan, Great Britain, Egypt etc and you need to battle from Stone Age to the Space Age by collecting resources and building an army and researching for advancements. I guess you have already idea, yes it is more like a Civilization but this time, you are able to play the game with your mobile device. Aside from different nations you are able to pick, you will also experience playing with their real cultures and advantage for instance, the Japanese culture, it is being designed to corresponds with the country’s history of military peacetime. So if you a kind of gameplay that leads to own personal advancement than attacking other players, well you can go for this nation. Actually to those who use Japan within DomiNations will receive longer peace treaties as well as fortified defense compare with other nation.

 But if you really wish to go venture from early stage, you can pick China as this nation receive lots of advancement really quickly. In this sense, the starting bonus is an extra citizen for each home that is built which can be sent to complete more actions at once. If you want to play aggressive, you can rely on China but for those who love to see Long Bowmen as a primary troop type, you can go for Great Britain while for those players chose Greece, they are able to construct building more quickly which can gives a new advantage from them.

Your primary gameplay will let you gather more resources and build homes to boost your civilization and this you can convert with more powerful arsenal as your objective to go advance through time. As you continue working your nation, you will move to different ages such as Stone, Bronze, Medieval, Gunpowder, and Space Ages. And as you continue getting advanced, you will find that the game is increasingly getting complex with the introduction of advanced economies and other features in game. But don’t worry, it will takes time for you to reach that chapter and the game is good enough to introduce to you everything starting from the very beginning.

Actually upon moving into different changes, this is not automatic but you need to research for your advancement. So if you are not able to play the game effectively, you will be easily dominated with more advanced nations. So you need to ensure that you are playing with the right time and ages with your enemies upon doing the research. For instance, when moving from the Stone Age to the Bronze Age, new economic opportunities unlock for players and this will be their edge to easily occupy other nations. Aside from economic opportunities, new age unlock more defense and offensive capabilities as well as new world Wonders. For instance, your archers is able to upgrade to gunmen.

We mentioned about Wonder and this is like Great Pyramids or the Colossus which is unique from every nation you select and it has a major effect on the game wherein players are allowed to only build one Wonder per age. Because every Wonder has a unique effect on your gameplay, uses will need to decide on it wisely on which to build based on the effect they’d like to have.

Aside from resource and combat buildings, you can also build house which corresponds to your citizen. This is the basic unit of your progress. Definitely the more people you have in your nation, the stronger you are if you can comply with the ages of your opponent. The game include both game expansion and basic design with actual citizen allocation during resource gathering. So for computation, for every house built you will receive two citizens and these citizen can be assigned to do actions such clearing rubble, upgrade towers, hunt animals and lot more.

I believe that not only us who are very excited on this game, so if you also wish to play this game, you better bookmark our website so you can return here for more updates and be the one to download the full version of DomiNations for your iOS and Android. We also decided to put up upgrades, guides and even cheats (if possible) for playing this app.

Gameplay 10
Graphics 9
Sound 9
Overall 10