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Dead Trigger

Madfinger targeted more players by releasing their popular mobile title Dead Trigger 2 on Facebook platform. Now not only iOS and Android users but also PC through PC are able to enjoy this first person shooting game based on zombie apocalypse settings. In this game you will encounter 600 missions through 27 environments.

For each stage, you have your control over your character’s movement as well as weapon’s aim (unlike with most shooting game for mobile device) but then this time, what you don’t have in your finger is firing your guns or using your melee weapons. By killing zombies you earn money (most of the time through headshot) that you need for in-game purchases.

Every mission you have different task to do such as defending your environment, killing all zombies, and lot more. With this, you will never find yourself killing zombies over and over again.

In most zombie apocalypse theme, the best thing to know is that you have friends with you, you have team and this is also the same with Dead Trigger 2. In your hideout you have your team who can build healing items, unlock new weapons and other rewards that will come to be so useful for every mission you need to clear with. These stuff will require time to produce before you can use them or you can instantly complete the wait by using premium currency.

In game you have your opportunity to pick under three difficulty settings for every stage that will defend on how much money can you make for that round as well as experience points you can acquire upon completing the stage.

Right now the game is already available to play on Facebook there is only a little problem with Facebook integration as we experienced from the first time we play the game. In all Facebook games, if you are first time to load the game, they will ask you for such notification settings and you will directly go to this page  from that page, you will not find the play button unlike with other application in Facebook instead they will ask you to send the game for your mobile.

For you not to experience that problem you can directly go here to play Dead Trigger 2 directly from your PC/Facebook account. The best thing in this game, is that Dead Trigger 2 implement unityweb, meaning to say you don’t need to download the game over and over again everytime you want to play it on Facebook just like the typical application on the said social network but through unityweb the game downloaded and stored it through unityweb beneath your computer. This is to remove the loading time for and bandwith usage for your internet connection.

If you interest to play this game, you better bookmark us (CTRL+D) or follow our official Facebook fan page so you will be informed for more Dead Trigger 2 updates such as cheats, guides and tips.

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Gameplay 8
Graphics 7
Sound 7
Overall 7