Warhammer 40,000: Freeblade Strategy Guides and Tips

Warhammer franchise is here and they are very ready to dominate not only PC gaming platform but also your mobile phone. The game will start when a young Imperial Knight sees their noble house destroyed by the forces of Chaos. This made him join together with Dark Angels Space Marines and together they formed as Freeblade. With this new chapter of Warhammer, you will experience an epic story in over 40 single player campaign missions while you are the commander of Freeblade as you lead their way on a journey of honour, redemption and vengeance. In this game, your skills will be tested through special objective missions and patrol the world of Tarnis to fight on endless waves of invaders.... Read More

Pocket MapleStory Guides and Tips

Recently we shared application from Nexon, Fantasy War Tactics as a new strategy-based game that you can play for both iOS and Android and now we are here to share to you a new mobile game from the same developer, Pocket MapleStory. For those who started playing in mid 20s’ they already played MapleStory as side-scrolling MMORPG. So if you love MapleStory, you might also like the mobile version of it. Yes you can do all those things you like from the PC game including hack/slash battle against countless enemies, completing your quest, item and leveling system and lot more. You can also play this game together with your friends and hunt new and powerful equipment with them.... Read More

Fantasy War Tactics Strategy Guides and Tricks

If you want to bring back the memories of those days you are playing Final Fantasy Tactics, you can download and play Fantasy War Tactics for free. Developed by Nexon, you are able to enjoy this game for both Android and iOS platform that comes with a massive system of unlockable characters and strategy based battle.... Read More

Farm Away Tips and Guides

If you miss playing farming game way back on years 2007 wherein FarmVille dominated the entire simulation game on social network, you can now check Farm Away as the newest simulation app game that you can play for both Android and iOS platform. This game is perfect for those who love farming and want to grow the most awesome farm of all time as you break records for taming farm animals such as chickens, cows, pigs as well as raising different crops including potatoes, blueberries, strawberries, corn and lot more. So bring out your friends into the game and together you can enjoy either as a competitors or play the game with their helping hands. And to give you a better jumpstart on it, below are some tips and tricks for playing the game effectively.... Read More

The Last Vikings Guides and Tricks

The game will let you experience embarking on your Viking adventure by means of sailing dangerous seas in order to pillage villages and bring glory to the Viking people. In this game you can build up your army, boats, special heroes as well as powerful weapons to conquer onslaught of attack together with mythical creatures. As for in-game feature, you are about to take your journey in building different Viking boats that you can use to conquer as many villages as you can. The game is largely influenced with magical settings so expect that you are going to encounter mythical and legendary creatures such as dragons, hydras and lot more. Now if you are ready to play the game, it is better to get some advice and tips below:... Read More

Mobile Strike Strategy Guides and Tips

This is about a new exciting action game from modern war that will challenge you to build a base, control the action and as well as training your troops to fight against enemies on the battlefield. As you continue making progress, you are able to unlock cutting-edge assault vehicles, command powerful armies and implement your strategy to win the game against your opponents across the globe. As for the game feature, you can build and customize an elite military base empower either offensive or defensive priority. This is a modern warfare so expect that you are going to play using helicopters, tanks, and modern military units to eliminate your enemies. You can also claim the title of Head of State to grant protect to your allies as well as obstacles to your enemies. When it comes in improving your defense system, you can upgrade buildings and walls to defend your perimeter. Each troop has their own unique capability in game that come into 16 types with 4 lethal tiers. Now if you are ready to dominate the game, you should start playing it with some tips and tricks below:... Read More

Blossom Blast Saga Guides and Tips

Here comes the King again and they want to bring us a new twist from their popular match-3 puzzle game. This time it is Blossom Blast Saga wherein you will be challenge to link flower for fun. In this game you will link your way through bee-autiful gardens full of colorful buds and your objective is to make the buds bloom to clear the flowerbeds before you run out of moves. In linking you can make it 3 connection or even more buds under the same color to grow them. Just sit back and watch as you set off an epic chain reaction of blooming flowers. You will see as the chain begins to shake. Just like with other puzzle game from King.com here you are not playing the game alone but with your friends and compete with them regarding with the best score. The game is free to download but if you really want to earn advantage over your opponent, you can purchase premium boost such as extra moves or lives using your real cash. To ensure that you are going to play this for hours, developer included different environment such as Dreamy Meadow, Carnival Garden and lot more under 120 challenging levels and 4 different game modes. Now if you are ready to step on this exciting game, you should start with some tips and tricks below so you are able to play it effectively.... Read More