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Earlier today, they announced series of titles from Dragon Nest franchising are soon to be release this year for mobile platform. The four new titles include Dragon Nest 2: Legend, Dragon Nest Origin, Dragon Nest Labyrinth and Dragon Nest Striker. Together with the announcement, they also included previews which we included also in this post below. All four new games from Shanda and Eyedentity, official developer of Dragon Nest are tend to release for mobile, (iOS and Android) which they also want to bring a revolution from a simply mobile entertainment into a high competitive game under their very own titles.

Different titles comes different era and a new twist. As for the story of Dragon Nest II Legend, it is set way back 500 years before the event in the PC version of Dragon Nest Online. The game comes with an action role playing game with different and more mature character style compare to the first release of Dragon Nest as a MMORPG. Together with playable characters in game are the legendary dragon slaying heroes such as Geraint also known as the Gold Dragon, Argenta as Silver Dragon and the very popular Barnac and Karacule and lot more. You can refer to trailer below for some additional details as well as to cultivate your craving with this game.

Just don’t forget to bookmark our website for more info about the release these new Dragon Nest games as well as a link where you can download Dragon Nest 2: Legend for both Android and iOS powered device.

Gameplay 10
Graphics 10
Sound 9
Overall 10