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If you are looking for action spaceship battling game for your iOS powered gadget, you better download PlunderNauts for free wherein you will experience adventuring through planets and knocking all kinds of rival fleets that will hinder your exploration. Here you will not only attack different planets and loot their resources but also you need to secure and defend your planet. Below are some cheats and tricks of playing PlunderNauts to the fullest.

1. Hit and run. This is the best strategy you can do especially enemy spaceships take a couples of hit before you can destroy them. So you should not take the damage from them and if you don’t watch out they might blow up your ship first and that is the fact. So the trick here is to release a shot to your opponent and then run away and find another chance to make a hit again until it destroy. You can also charge toward your enemy and just past them so you can shoot them from behind with all of their turrets along the way.

2. Unlimited energy cheat. Every fight encounter will ask you to pay one energy from your reactor and once it runs out, you need to wait for it to recharge over time. Energy recharge automatically for a certain amount of time or you can spend antimatter that seems to be a premium currency in game to instantly replenish your energy. But of course we don’t want to encourage anyone to use their money for the sake of game, and so we decided to share cheat for you to instantly replenish your energy and definitely play the game infinitely. From here we will take advantage from the time lapse glitch where we can control the game time by just changing our gadget time. We believe that most developers figured out a fix for this bug but there are still games like PlunderNauts where we can use the glitch for our advantage. So to start the cheat, you need only to adjust the time in advance based on hours/minutes you need to wait for your energy to refill completely. And then after that, you can change back the time to exact hours so this will not become mess later on.

3. Use your antimatter for spaceship upgrades. We also mentioned that you can use antimatter to instantly refill your energy but actually that is not the ideal way of playing PlunderNauts as you have a very limited numbers of antimatter thus you should only spend this in upgrading your spaceship as one of the most important aspect in game. Actually the most valuable purchase that you can do with your antimatter is buying a new spaceships. If happens that you already spent all your antimatter, don’t worry because you have still an option to do and that is to go with Forge feature of the game instead and find a combination that works with your current spaceships.

4. Better upgrades will be available somehow in shop, just don’t make a rush. If you really need to get even bigger upgrades you must consider taking patience and wait for the shop to refresh and then check out the new additional items in the shop. It is better to aim for the most powerful upgrade that you can do in game than to waste your resources for unnecessary upgrade. Keep waiting until you find better equipment, materials, weapons and other goods.

 5. We mentioned about the Forge, actually you can put just about anything into the forge machine and see the combination you made. You will see if you made a good combination if all three of the elements that you put inside the machine stay lit up. In this method, you can get a very strong weapon that you need for later stage but just a reminder, don’t forge your upgraded weapons all the way together as everything will be based on your luck and maybe all of sudden all your invested weapon will be wasted and become weaker weapon.

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  1. J says:

    Has anyone tried to forge three crews? I’m curious to see the result..

  2. J says:

    What are optics for? The forge cost is much higher than the price of the optics itself when you sell it when it’s done. Forging optics cost about 5000 gold but it will sell only for 2000. So what’s the point of forging these?

  3. Dustin says:

    I found a glitch I did on my iPad you have to open the game go into a battle don’t do any damage but release your fighters and then activate a power up ether the 100 antimatter one or the 2000 coin one them swipe to another app then double tap the home button back and you can’t do anything on the screen and the fighters will damage the other ship and collect it and wait until it’s all collected then double tap the home button exit the game and turn it back on and you will still have the power up and all the money or antimatter you collected, I did this repeatedly and I have the best ship with pretty much every thing on it.

  4. Lukejr08 says:

    Anyone know what blue/green aspect do

  5. Anonymous says:

    Does anyone know what blue aspect do?

  6. Ginga says:

    If you buy three cheap starships with antimatter and forge them together you will get a really good one. Best way I’ve seen to use antimatter so far.

  7. fubadub says:

    fubadub. :/

  8. Benny says:

    Put your clock forward by a day….. Easiest way to get turrets….anti matter, in 10 mins I had about 2,000

  9. I have the siren song says:

    What does the aspect black is for ı finish scimitar galaxy and game give it to me what can ı use these aspect materials for(black and orange)actually ı am a Pro by makın g my unstotaple omega battelship of destruction but ı want to use these aspects plase someone say me how to use and when the uqdate comes ı want to finish game but ı couldnt go to hydra because it s not opened yet please say me the time and how to use aspects.

  10. Ck says:

    What is aspect orange for?

  11. PlunderJunkie says:

    Loving this game, but they need to go bigger. The ships need more slots, more turrets, more techmods, more, more, MORE! I’ve got too many cool gadgets to ever settle on the meager slots we are given. Should be a way to add turret/tech/ship slots somehow. The ships in the market look neat and all, but I don’t want to spend my hard earned antimatter on another 3-4-0-1 ship. One idea would be to let us swap out slots for others. Like if I want one less turret I can swap it to one more techmod… Or vice-versa.

  12. The Giver says:

    Really good way to cheat for antimatter, gold, epic weapons, tech mods, and fighters, no download:

    Go to settings
    Make the days go forward by 1
    You will receive daily bonus of antimatter, fighter, tech mod, turret or quality tech mod, fighter, or turret. You can sell the fighters, tech mods, and turrets for gold and keep the quality ones.

  13. abe says:

    A good tip I can give is when you get to the loot crate levels in sector 1 with mines or sentries, or some of the later levels with loot crates and arc fields, DON’T complete them. On the ones with mines or sentries, let yourself die to mines/sentries when only one loot crate is left. If you get stuck later on and you have no gold, you can use these levels to farm up gold (from 1k-3k gold per energy depending on luck and how many crates there are) and you get a bit of exp even when you lose too

  14. Help please says:

    Ummmmm what is a forge???????

    • KingRJ says:

      Forge is basically crafting, you can craft new turrets,tech mods,fighters, materials, upgrading ships, and even combining 3 ships to make a new kind of starship.

  15. Bowman says:

    Dose anyone know what the secret of the aspect,s are?

    • KingRJ says:

      The aspects are really random, i crafted one with a turret and it made a epic rare turret, i did it again to get another weapon but instead i got a common armor techmod

  16. Bill BoB says:

    The energy glith doesnt work for me do you guys have any ideas how to fix this ? Please help me, I would really apprecciate help

    • Anonymous says:

      You may have to change the time back to its original time after fast-forwarding it to make it work

      • Anonymous says:

        Go into date and time, change time, exit date and time, go into plundernauts, exit plundernauts, set back into original time/ automatic time and the exit date and time, not the settings app, THEN EXIT settings app, the go into plundernauts

  17. KingDylan says:

    Does upgradeing your ship give it more weapon slots?

  18. nigel says:

    What happens when you put an epic turret and two rare turrets into the forge… Will it yield an epic or a rare or is there a chance that it will be anything?

    • Anonymous says:

      It’s not gaurentied you’ll get something better

    • Anonymous says:

      Do NOT do that- forging 3 turrets together guarantees uncommon, rare, or epic, but there is no guarantee that it’s level will be higher(3 epics can forge together to create an uncommon, for example).

  19. PlunderNaughts says:

    – Every ship has its advantages, look at the info button when moving to a planet to observe what kind of ships are there, what weapons they have..etc.. Battleship might be good in an open environment, but when its an enclosed space you might get killed fast as battleship does not have any bow (Forward) weapons.

    – You have to click info on the starship and it will show you the combo to level it up, its usually, “Starship Plans”, and another 2 items.

  20. Deadmopo333 says:

    Pls help me to choose a batlship. I can wait and buy last one for 2500 am, but i am not sure that its rly good… 🙂 Thx.

  21. Yolo says:

    For the X-24 Cruiser, what is the combination for upgrading? Because it recommends me to upgrade my ship but I don’t know the right combination. Someone please replay to this, it will help me out a lot. Thanks 🙂

  22. Buttface says:


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