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Brace yourselves with this newly released smashing based game, PKTBALL. This game is a bout a hyper-charged arcade smash sport created to test your skills as well as reflexes in to ultimate challenge. Just fight your way through the leaderboard and become a PKTBALL master. You can also collect dozens of cool PKTBUDDIES including DotBoy the retro console, Mixtape the vintage cassette, Brains the zombie and lot more. Every PKTBUDDY comes complete with a new court and unique soundtrack as well as special guest PKTBUDDIES including PUK, ALONE, and HOPIKO.

To ensure that you are going to play this game every day, they including daily challenges wherein you can collect coins and try your luck on the PKTGRABBER mini-game. Just find your perfect PKTBUDDY and break through to the top of the leaderboard. That will be your challenge as you want to keep ahead of your friends and check your ranks on the global leaderboard or you can challenged them to a head-to-head local multiplayer game. Now for your edge of playing this game, you can read some tip and tricks for playing this game effectively.

1. Just keep your score going. This is very important as soon as you score against your opponent, you will see that a bar will shows double points on the left side of your screen. If you can manage to score again, you get two points and the number increases to 3. As for multiplier, you will get 4 as the maximum number but i you can keep on going at 4, you will score lot of points so just try to keep it going and be fast on taking advantage with your score multiplier. Well for you to maximize your multiplier, it is better for you to focus on a single side of the field that will work as sending all your balls to the right side. IN additional you should manage to confuse the AI and you will get more points against using this way. Just try to find a strategy that works for you and just do it over and over again.

2. Understand how the direction works. For you to properly hit the ball and send it exactly where you want to, you should practice a lot on the directions and how to hit the ball that will go on prefer direction. To give you some hint, if you hit the ball while swiping left it will actually go right, and if you hit it while swiping right, it will go left. You can control the angle and speed by means of going at it faster or slower and by coming from an angle or narrowing the angle from where you hit it. If you just started playing the game, you will say that it is very difficult to master but then after hours of playing it and knowing the concept of the game, you can master it and perform better as you go progress.

3. Don’t forget to collect power-ups. Aside from Banana ball which can actually do backfire and cost you a life, there are other power ups that will appear on the game which is very essential so don’t forget to collect them as soon as they appear since they don’t stay for too long. Aside from power ups, you will find extra lives too which is really come in handy so once you see them all you have to do is to send the ball through them.

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