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This is game is the world’s first total starship management game which is created by 8bit massive online universe. In this game, you will take command in every aspect of your ship including constructions to battle. You will start by building epic starships using your own design which you are going to use in engaging different races, factions and aliens. Aside from the PvE set up of the game, you can also enjoy competing with real players through a sing massive online universe. So the game is about diplomacy, recruitment, research and exploration. Now if you are ready to play, you can start it with tips and tricks below:

1. Always upgrade your room. Keep in mind that all rooms are important as your starship but also you must understand that just only few stand out. Aside from the resources stuff, you must also focus on the Reactor which is your primary source of energy during fights including shields and weapon. Just tap each room to check the requirements and then plan your moves ahead a little bit and upgrade them completely before upgrading your ships. Here you are able to unlock new possibilities and levels for already built rooms.

2. Add up additional crew members. Though you don’t have enough beds for them, you can still recruit crew members and you should always do it when you have some extra minerals to spare. This will actually helps you to get the best possible stats for crew members upon unlocking a new beds on your ship. Well the crew also observe typical category with their tier. So better crew comes rarer compare to other rares.

3. What is the best fraction in game. This is a the basic question for beginners because this will lead them to their major gameplay. Well as yous tart playing the game, you have to choose a faction to play as and you need to decide on it carefully since your choice would be permanent. so the best thing you can do here is to go for those that you feel you like the most. Different faction has a major difference between ship design, character and so on.

4. You must work with your resources first. This comes with minerals and gas and actually you really need them to progress. So the best thing you can do as just started playing the game is to focus on getting as many of these resources as possible. You can use them to build as well as upgrading your ship as soon as you have them. Just get a gas collector room as soon as possible and then the mineral storage room or else your problem will become really difficult. You can also complete the missions and focus on explorations and not the green highlighted ones in order for you to acquire more resources which you can use to build up your ship. Just stay away from PvP until you really know the tricks of dominating this game especially if you already have lots of resources that you can use for the improvement of your overall progress.

5. Tricks in winning battles. Actually fighting other battleships is the most exciting part of the game and actually it is not really difficult to master to ensure that you are going to win the fight or not. Usually upon destroying the opponent ship’s reactor, it will have no power and therefor it will no longer fire at you. So the first you should do is to look at the reactor rooom and decide if you can defeat it especially if you see that the are don’t have a higher protection against you.

That tricks will work especially on starting phase of your journey, but as you continue progress, you won’t be always able to take down the reactor room and then easily destroy the ship. If that is the case, you have to take to things into account such as enemy crew placement and shields/weapons. Actually the crew in your opponent’s ship works as extra shield so you need to shoot that particular room for you to destroy it. In case that you can’t take out the Reactor room, just aim at the opponent’s weapons and take them out so that they no longer shoot at you. But then, if their shield room has crew inside,k you will have also to clear the crew member first or else the shield will keep replenishing.

Ultimate, just look at the number of green bars on each room and you will see that the more green bars there are, the more shots you need to fire in order to destroy that room. From this trick, you could destroy the Bedroom or resource storage room and keep shooting it down until you destroy the ship. The better you can do here is to find the fastst way to do it.

6. Defending your starship. This is also important the same in attacking other starship. Actually in this game, there are two types of ship defense you have to care about. First is when you are attacking somebody in PvP or even in missions or when you leave the game and other players can attack you. Here you will find out that strategies should be different in each situation so the best thing to do is to cover them both.

First in case that you are tend to log out of the game, you can leave a crew members in the key areas of the ship including reactor room, shield room and weapons room. Actually most players prefer to risk it and have more crew members in the ractor and more in the weapons room while you must have at least one with and this is the fastest weapon you have. With this kind of orientation you will see that this will makes it difficult for attackers to destroy your reactor room or take out your weapons and they will have a much more difficult time to win against you.

Secondly, you might also have to do some repairs when you attack somebody. Your crew won’t die when shot at, and they will repair the room sthey are in. So it is better to start always a battle with one crew in the reactor and one in the shield room and then one in fyour fastest weapon. This will make it a lot easier for you to destroy the enemy ship.

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