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This is not actually a new game but it is good to consider writing guides and tricks for this game as for those who already enjoy playing PAC-MAN Friends on their Android and iOS powered device. In this game you will experience the original fast-paced game with the classic PAC-MAN characters. What makes this game new to experience is the tilt control which is not present in original game. Here you can maneuver PAC-MAN through progressively challenging mazes to help your friends from the Ghosts’ Castle. As you continue making progress you are able to unlock new friends, having a new powers such as invisibility, wall crashing and illumination. You will see that every friend has a unique ability to help PAC-MAN on his quest. You can also use cherries as your last resort once Ghosts caught PAC-MAN and Slow Time boost which can give you the edge for the fastest time. To make it more interesting for you to play, the game offers 95 different levels under 6 world and you can unlock 9 friends having unique powers to experience. Excited to play this game? You can start it by check out some guides and tricks below:

1. Check your objective first. As you start playing the game, you need to confirm first your star objectives. You will see at the beginning of each level that you are given a list of three objectives you need to achieve to get all three stars on a level. These objectives vary from stage to stage and unlock with other objective-based game, as you don’t need to do a specific set of things in order to obtain all the stars available in level. For instance, there are some require you to reach a certain score threshold. So from here, you will realize that grabbing fruit would be helpful and it is not a string requirement as if you beat the level faster enough and eat some ghost along the road. Definitely, if you already know what you need to do, you can be a lot more efficient in playing it.

2. Use your invisible PAC-MAN to the fullest. Once you reached the seventh level, there will be a task there which you need to rescue the invisible PAC-MAN. This time he can go through ghosts unharmed so he is very efficient for grabbing pellets that are guarded or too risky to get with normal PAC-MAN. Later on you will experience dealing with levels that requires you to use this invisibility powers, so it is better for you to master maneuvering him around so you can use it to the fullest.

4. Eat pellet in quick progression. Every time you successfully eats tiny pellets this will gives you 10 points each but if you eat them consecutively you will get more points than the normal rating. So you need to do it quickly as you will lose this bonus system once you take too long to eat another pellet. From here, you will realize that once you see a row of pellets, it is your chance to eat them all rapidly as well as preparing yourself on what will gonna happen upon on going straightly on this area. You need to ensure that there will be lesser threat in doing rapid pellet-eating domination to maximize your points.

5.  Earning more stars. As a beginner, it is really difficult for you to manage getting all stars in specific level all at once. So the trick here is to knock off any of the requirement that include time restriction first such as a task where you need to beat the level under a certain time limit or you need to acquire a certain score as your score is constantly draining, so this is about time and the longer you take, the lower your score will be. After the you can take the rest of your objective with less pressure and you can apply your strategy better. You can go back to previous levels to play and earn the rest of stars to get. I believe that this time, it is easier for you to complete and comply on getting all starts as you already completed this level before.

6. Change the game control settings based on your preference. The good thing to think about this game is that you have options in changing different modes of control. By default you can play the game with tilt system control but you can change it on control you like most or what you find ease to play PAC-MAN Friends. Actually when it comes to tilt control, there is no problem on it especially if you wish to experience something new in playing PAC-MAN but if you like to play with more reflexes, you can go for other set up as the default settings act too slow compare with other configuration. From here you can try to increase the sensitivity or you can set the control with joystick option. There is also a d-pad option which can gives you ease especially if you love to play it in basic way. Just try what fits you the best and play with it.

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