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We mentioned Crossy Road as we shared some tips and tricks for playing Blocky Raider and now we want to share to you a new app from the creator of Crossy Road, PAC-MAN 256 as an endless Arcade Maze game that you can download for both Android and iOS. If you love playing Pac-Man before, you will surelly like this reinvented version for your mobile gadget. So the same concept with the classic, you need to outsmart ghosts with over 15 different power-ups that will help you beat them such as Giant, Tornado, Laser and lot more. While there are ghosts that will haunt you in your game, there is also a super-villain since the beginning or also as the Glitch. The game is design for touch screen technology but also it supports controller for those who love the classic. From the basic formula, we want to share to you guides that will help you play this game effective as well as for you to earn the highest score possible by simply eating fruits and dots while you running into an endless maze and avoiding ghost.

1. Getting free coins. In this game you don’t need to download PAC-MAN 256 – Endless Arcade Maze cheats to have unlimited coins as you are able to get it easily in game. Actually by simply playing Pac-Man 256 you are able to earn coins. These coins are used to upgrade power-ups which are very useful in game. Aside from the method we mentioned above, you can also earn coins by watching advertisement video once in a while. Take it as your advantage only this requires a little patience from you but definitely this will help you a lot especially you don’t have cheating tool for unlimited coins.

2. Take advantage with the score multipliers. The same with the classic Pac-Man, here you will be able to eat fruits every once in a while while these fruits will let you earn score multipliers so you better keep an eye on the whole screen to find fruits eat them and from the take advantage you can earn lots of points easily.

3. Credits cheats. Compare to traditional Pac-Man game, in this game there is a currency and upgrade system which will help you to remain firm in game even after making hours of progress. Keep in mind that as you continue making progress, the game is getting difficult and you need to upgrade your system so you can still pass it. You can use power-ups by spending your currency on it which you can collect also from the game. And if you still find it really difficult to play and you are running out coins and power-ups you can cheat it using time lapsed glitch. The same with typical way of cheating most apps through time lapsed glitch, just go to date and time setting of your gadget and set it in advance so you are able to restore all credits in game. You can also use this to upgrade your power-ups instantly without waiting for it to complete. Just one thing you should not forget: You must bring back the time of your gadget to exact hour as you verified the cheat so it will not bother you in the future.

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