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We can say that this is a premier multiplier drag racing game wherein you need to pick a car, boost it and challenge the world. You can also join a team  and invite your friends and become the top racers in game. The exciting part here you can also trade car parts, discover new blueprints and challenge other players through online world of Nitro Nation (from the title itself.) To make the game more interesting you can access dozens of licensed cars with stunning detail. Plus you can upgrade and do some awesome customization with no fuel, no pay-to-win. Now if you are ready to play this game, you better check out first some tips and tricks below:

1. Specialize your car with blueprints. The good thing to consider especially when you think you need to excel with your current set up, you can specialize your car using blueprints. Aside from normal upgrades, you are able to win blueprints from races. This provide bigger boosts than the normal upgrade in return of expensive cost. To maximize it, you can play your car around to specialize in just a single category so you can boost your arsenal under this category. Just ensure to weight the stat changes before doing some upgrade. Also you can sell your blueprints if you don’t have in your mind to use it as you can exchange it with gold or premium currency. So don’t you don’t need to download Nitro Nation Online cheats anymore to get unlimited gold coins.

2. Just keep your eye on the speedometer. It is really important for you to be aware on the speedometer’s needle so you are able to hit a perfect shifts. You can also watch the number gauge in terms of perfect timing. So when you are approaching perfect shifting zone, you will see that the yellow light start to blink under the numbers. And upon reaching it into optimal zone, it will turn to green. Just keep in the mind that the early shifts which come usually the hardest as your speed fluctuates faster at lower gears. The trick here is to make a quick action to land a perfect shifts. Still practice is the key for it.

3. Start with gently revolution. Just like with typical racing game that you can play on Android and iOS you can have a jumpstart boost and so with this game. But then the beginning boost is a touch on this game. First the slightest tap of the game will skyrocket your speed, so you’re going to timing it perfectly. The trick here is to wait until you see the “3” countdown appear and after that just try to time your revolution with the countdown. Upon doing it right you will be able to time your last revolution so that you speedometer’s needle is in the middle of it and that is how a perfect jumpstart would be.

4. Be compensated by joining a team. Just like what we mentioned above, you can join a team and this is a player-created group that ofer all the members special benefits based on how good the team is. If possible, you should join a high level team but first you need to reach a decent level since there are certain rank requirement before you can join them. Plus the leader can kick you if they don’t feel your presence in the team. Just try to find a suitable one so you are able to claim the rewards. For instance, there is a bonus that gives you that grants you an increased chance to earn a blueprint upon winning the game.

5. Get easy money from racing another player. Upon completing the second story mission, you are able to unlock street races. This is a race that will match you with random player. Just race it out with them and if you are able to win the game, you will earn lots of money. And if you are having trouble with the story challenges, consider earning money by joining random street races. You can use this money to upgrade your car if you feel that you can pass the current stage anymore.

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  1. nikesh says:

    What’s with the ugly horrible looking wheels the guys use. those cars are really fast. how do you get those wheels

  2. doug says:

    its a tachometer not speedometer

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