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This is a mash up of different heroes across the Marvel universe to fill up a new twist that you never seen before. Being a game with different heroes to witness expect that you are going to enjoy a different thing wherein you can harness the power of Hulk, Iron Man, Spider-Man, Captain America and lot more to save the world from villains. In this game you can blend heroes’ looks, abilities and powers with the help of MixLab and from here you can create your ultimate champion. There is also a Smash Mode, where you can activate mighty special moves and let you win the day in rapid-tap masher brawls. Not only heroes but you can also remix Super Villain such as Doctor Octopus and Ultron. To ensure that you going to enjoy this game for hours, you can play with five heroic chapters which involve dozens of levels from it. You can master them on epic, superheroic, and legendary. From the battle, you need to ensure that you have enough strategy to outplay your foes and win it and when it comes on strategy you can combine classic attacks with rhythm combat. Along your way, you can earn special items so you can enter combat with ultimate health and power advantage. Keep in mind that as you continue making progress, the game is getting difficult you really need to update your strategy as well as your arsenal so this can help you complete even those difficult levels later on. Now if you are ready to play this game, you better start with some tips and tricks below:

1. Always do some Mix and Smash. from the title itself, we can say that you need to Mix and Smash and this is for you to have a better stats. Keep in mind that your hero has three different stat values such as strength (fist), special (bolt) and health (heart). In this game, strength determines how much damage your normal attacks can inflict your enemies. Health which determines your maximum health and ultimately the special that will tells you how much damage your special move does. Just mix and smash different hero parts to get the stats you want.

2. Play it fast with your finger. Keep in mind that most of the quick-time events in this game are accomplished by tapping rapidly in certain spots. Just keep those fingers moving and you should able to do maximum damage. So this is all about speed and you need to do it with maximum intense. There are also some schemes wherein you need to control your tapping and this is when you are defending.

3. Arm the suitable head. In this game if you able to equip the character head which matches the chapter in, you will have a passive 25% damage increase. For instance, the first chapter includes Hulk and robots, so you need to equip at least Hulk’s head so you can obtain the damage bonus.

4. Grind on previous levels. If you think that you can’t go on with the game easily, you should replay older levels and grind on it. Upon completing a level on the default difficulty, you can go back and retry the level on a harder one. This will boost up the enemy’s stats which will makes the game more difficult but then completing it, you will have more gold and medal. These are what you need to unlock the next chapter of the game as you need to reach a certain amount of medals and to make it possible for you, you need to go back on those previous levels and get lots of medals there.

5. Don’t forget to bring a pizza. If you are having a trouble with a fight, you can consider playing on easier levels so you can build up some coins. You can use the coins to buy pizzas, they will restore your health during the fight which will aid you to carry on. You can also use more Hulk parts on your hero as they contain more health.





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