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We found out that this website already posted about Zombies Ate My Pizza Walkthrough Guides so here we just want to add some tips and tricks of playing this game especially for beginners. This is simple yet I believe that not all players already knew this so once and for all you can consider these advice: 1. Stamina is very […]

We believe that we should included this in our Zombies At My Pizza walkthrough guides but after knowing that this is for limited time only, we need to emphasize it using new post to share to all players of the game that they are fortunate enough to claim newbie pack using promo codes. Now what you need to do is […]

If you enjoy playing action game for PC you will surely enjoy Zombies Ate My Pizza from R2Games (you can read our review.) This is to cater not only iOS and Android but even PC or browser games are accessible here in our website. Now here our Zombies Ate My Pizza Walkthrough Guides that we discovered as we play the game. You […]