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After the sad fate that happens on Manitobagames and their very popular Weed Firm that took the number one ranking on iTunes for both app categories and the removal of their game on App Store they are here again to return the glory of Weed Firm with RePlanted. Though as now, they game is only available on Android and there is […]

 After removing Weed Firm from the app store, official developer stated that they will bring back the game with more decent content. From that return of the so-called prodigal app, we are expecting lots of newbie player will try to get entertained with this game. And so we are here, having lots of experience in this game as we are […]

Unfortunately we can’t download Weed Firm anymore but according to Manitoba Games (official developer) they will bring back the game with more decent content under the same game concept so we can play it again. From here we decided to continue posting for more Weed Firm cheats, guides, tips and updates for those players who are lucky enough that are still […]

Things happens really fast as last week, Manitoba Games’ Weed Firm topped on App Chart and couples of days ago, iTunes and Google Play removed it. Days passed before the developer of the game cleared the reason behind the removal together with a promise of bringing back the game on App Store with some alteration or with a censored version of […]

From the saddest news we heard from the top application last week, the removing of Weed Firm on app store leads no reason until today as Manitoba Games talk about it. The game removed from the app store without further notice and warning why the game was deleted. We are also shocked about the news as we already enjoying the […]

Sad to say that we are not able to download Weed Firm on iTunes and Google Play anymore as the game officially deleted from the said app stores. Upon hitting the top notch, the game received lots of critics from its content. Actually even us shocked as we discovered more about the game and it is all about weeds, joints, […]

As we discussed how important to gain higher level in Weed Firm in our shared cheats and guides, now it is time to share to you the tricks and tips of getting easy experience in game. In this game, your primary objective is to grow weed and earn cash as we already shared to you how can you make more […]