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If you are asking what is the best immortal heroes to buy on Throne Rush, well here are the answers for your question. But first let us consider those who don’t know what are heroes in game. Heroes are true legends of Adergran where the whole cities tremble with fear upon hearing their name, what a very cool introductions. Actually […]

As we shared Throne Rush tips and tricks for beginners, we never thought that not all players are already have experience in playing real time strategy game like Royal Revolt 2 and Cloud Raiders so instead of pushing another new strategy guides, we are here to give you more about the element of the game, wiki and further explanation on […]

Hands down! Throne Rush is biting the competition between real time strategy based game. Recently Social Point announced that they will shutdown League of Warriors (same game as Throne Rush) now Progrestar’s Throne Rush are willing to dominate it all the way with their updates and expansions. Unlike with other games under the same genre, few from them offers free […]

Thanks to Progrestar upon launching Throne Rush as a good alternative for soon-to-be remove League of Warriors now we have something new to get busy with. With the same concept, all your tips and guides are also applicable to use in Throne Rush only with some minor exceptions. To make it simpler let us put it in a list especially for […]