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We already shared to you the tips and tricks of playing Swamp Attack and if you think that is not enough to dominate the game, now we want share to you how to have unlimited energy through cheats. This cheat will not require you to download any trainer tool, etc thus we can assure you that you don’t need to sign […]

Recently we shared walkthrough guides for Swamp Attack as we want to add more on the list, we decided to create a new post for more tips and tricks. For first time players, this game will let them feel playing Plants vs Zombies (traditional not Garden Warfare) with the essence of tower defense. Here you need to defend your house […]

If you missed playing tower defense game especially with a blend of Plants vs Zombies style of gameplay, you can download Out Fit 7’s Swamp Attack for free. In this game you will defend your precious home from intruders using your different weapon available in your inventory. You will encounter vicious animals in game such as raccoon, turtles and even […]